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(FA) Banana

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

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Sweet, fresh, fruity .... an aroma that accompanies the day without tiring!

A refreshing ice cream spider with banana ice cream and a hint of coconut.

I got my inspiration for this recipe from fond childhood memories of enjoying ice cream sodas on hot afternoons and the smooth creamy coolness of a scoop of ice cream floating in the sweet tangyness of my favourite soft drink.

Hey, you can't elope! Who you calling a cantaloupe ya melon head!

Fresh fruit temptations with Pomegranate, Raspberry, Apple, and Banane are the base ingredients for this wonderful smoothie. Coconut for the exotic feeling and sweet cream for a velvet fruity mix.

*Add sweetener and or cooling to your likings.

Steep 5 days


Get that banana out of my face, I don't even want it... JUST KIDDING. Here's my take on a Banana pudding/milkshake. FA Banana is spot on for banana, very smooth wet mouth feel that for me at least really hits the spot when craving a sweet vape.


This is a strawberry kiwi banana recipe that's based around authentic fruits, and not a candy profile. It's actually quite delicious and I ripped through the 10ml's I made pretty quickly. If you want some thing fresh, and refreshing, check this out.

Made on "Live Mixing: Top Ten FlavourArt Flavorings"
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-dmnPMIcH4

This is a remix of Banana Milk with ID10-T's Holy Trinity of Strawberry added. Banana Milk is my favorite banana cream recipe, so I thought it would make the best base. This is based off of a version of Banana Milk I tweaked a little. I have a bit of an issue with both TPA Banana Cream and LA Banana Cream when used alone...they're very much a candy banana flavor to me, and remind me of Runts. I usually use a combo of FA Banana and HS Banana to get what I feel like is a more realistic banana flavor. I tried it with just HS/FA Banana, but I felt like it went too far the other direction. So I ended up compromising by using a mix of the original Banana Cream flavors from the recipe and the more realistic bananas. I also removed the sweetener from the original recipe, which I felt wasn't necessarily. The resulting Banana Milk base was a bit less sweet and more realistic version, but I still felt like it kept the nice creamy flavor from the original.

While i liked this version of banana milk, I didn't feel like I could ADV it. So I decided to try adding some strawberry flavor to it. I'm a fan of ID10-T's "holy trinity" of strawberries, because I find that it doesn't suffer from the vaper's tongue I always get when I use TPA Strawberry/Ripe Strawberry. However, my banana milk already had over 15% in flavorings, and there really wasn't room for more ingredients. I decided to try something I'd thought about a few times before: I took the entire recipe, and scaled down all of the percentages using an Excel spreadsheet to bring the total closer to 10% before adding the strawberry. This step is the reason for the odd percentages in the recipe. Then it was just a matter of getting the best ratio of strawberry to banana milk base.

I'm really pleased with the end result. A creamy banana milkshake topped with sweet strawberries. I ADV this during the summer time. I know it's a lot of ingredients, but I wouldn't recommend subs.


The jam is ready when the bananas are dissolved in a dense syrup
The key is the maple syrup
Give lemon juice
  The Italian [ FA]

Caramelized, fried banana, made for the charity stream. Ten words

DOD Mixing Assignment.
Banana Split Cake: Subtle Graham crust layered with soft bananas and strawberry cream, topped off with a chocolate dusting.
It was tricky trying to balance this recipe but I think I've done it justice. I wanted to keep the banana the main focus and build some gentle bakeries around it. I get a soft, ripe banana and a little graham on the inhale, the strawberry cream on the exhale with a hint of chocolate dusting right at the back.
EDIT: Adjusted Shisha Strawberry and Vanilla Whipped Cream slightly to keep the strawberry from getting lost in the cream. After 1 day the banana settles in nicely. Smooth and delicate desert vape.
Honestly can't stop vaping this right now.
Thoughts and comments welcome!

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