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(FA) Banana

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 228 recipes at an average of 1.909%.


15 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a take off of something diy Wayne did. I changed the numbers a bit and added a couple things. Good to shake and vape. All FA

Please don't ask me what I was thinking when I made this. To be honest, I just threw some flavours together and hoped they worked. A couple of minor tweaks and here you have it. For me, the banana and pineapple are at the forefront of this. All the other flavours seem to blend in nicely. I've put 15 days steep time as I made this Nov 25th and didn't like it after 2/3 days so I just left it. Just trying it Dec 23rd and it's pretty damned tasty.

Butterscotch Banana Bread with a twist.
FW Butterscotch for candyish butterscotch sweetness. FW Banana Purée & FA Banana is a great banana combo that mixes well with the butterscotch. OOO Cornbread for that bread/cake flavor. The slight corn note layers nice beside the banana. TPA Acetyl Pyrazine gives it that grittyness and pushes the corn flavor a bit. WF Walnut for a sweet buttery walnut accent that sits in the background. FA Meringue for more sweetness and more mouthfeel. PUR Super Sweet at 0.50% is where I like it, but I like it sweet. Any sweetener may be subbed for PUR. As a lot of my recipes the sweetener may be added at a lower percentage or omitted and it will still be tasty. I understand not everyone has a sweet tooth the size of Texas as I do. It could go off the shake, but I find it a bit harsh and the layers form better the longer it steeps. After a week it is good and after two it is 👍👍

Sweet, fresh, fruity .... an aroma that accompanies the day without tiring!

A refreshing ice cream spider with banana ice cream and a hint of coconut.

I got my inspiration for this recipe from fond childhood memories of enjoying ice cream sodas on hot afternoons and the smooth creamy coolness of a scoop of ice cream floating in the sweet tangyness of my favourite soft drink.

Hey, you can't elope! Who you calling a cantaloupe ya melon head!

Fresh fruit temptations with Pomegranate, Raspberry, Apple, and Banane are the base ingredients for this wonderful smoothie. Coconut for the exotic feeling and sweet cream for a velvet fruity mix.

*Add sweetener and or cooling to your likings.

Steep 5 days


Get that banana out of my face, I don't even want it... JUST KIDDING. Here's my take on a Banana pudding/milkshake. FA Banana is spot on for banana, very smooth wet mouth feel that for me at least really hits the spot when craving a sweet vape.


This is a strawberry kiwi banana recipe that's based around authentic fruits, and not a candy profile. It's actually quite delicious and I ripped through the 10ml's I made pretty quickly. If you want some thing fresh, and refreshing, check this out.

Made on "Live Mixing: Top Ten FlavourArt Flavorings"
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-dmnPMIcH4

This is a remix of Banana Milk with ID10-T's Holy Trinity of Strawberry added. Banana Milk is my favorite banana cream recipe, so I thought it would make the best base. This is based off of a version of Banana Milk I tweaked a little. I have a bit of an issue with both TPA Banana Cream and LA Banana Cream when used alone...they're very much a candy banana flavor to me, and remind me of Runts. I usually use a combo of FA Banana and HS Banana to get what I feel like is a more realistic banana flavor. I tried it with just HS/FA Banana, but I felt like it went too far the other direction. So I ended up compromising by using a mix of the original Banana Cream flavors from the recipe and the more realistic bananas. I also removed the sweetener from the original recipe, which I felt wasn't necessarily. The resulting Banana Milk base was a bit less sweet and more realistic version, but I still felt like it kept the nice creamy flavor from the original.

While i liked this version of banana milk, I didn't feel like I could ADV it. So I decided to try adding some strawberry flavor to it. I'm a fan of ID10-T's "holy trinity" of strawberries, because I find that it doesn't suffer from the vaper's tongue I always get when I use TPA Strawberry/Ripe Strawberry. However, my banana milk already had over 15% in flavorings, and there really wasn't room for more ingredients. I decided to try something I'd thought about a few times before: I took the entire recipe, and scaled down all of the percentages using an Excel spreadsheet to bring the total closer to 10% before adding the strawberry. This step is the reason for the odd percentages in the recipe. Then it was just a matter of getting the best ratio of strawberry to banana milk base.

I'm really pleased with the end result. A creamy banana milkshake topped with sweet strawberries. I ADV this during the summer time. I know it's a lot of ingredients, but I wouldn't recommend subs.

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