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Hereโ€™s my version of a delicious,simple banana pudding that IMO is decent off the shake and ready to go. I prefer to add 0.5% cap SS to pretty much all my recipes (this one included) however itโ€™s very tasty without so if you prefer not to use sweetener,this recipe is a banger without. Please leave your feedback if you give this one or any of my other recipes a mix, kind regards and stay safe people ๐Ÿ’™

A simple lychee smoothie with a hint of vanilla ice cream and banana to make a natural and sweet flavor to your smoothie

This recipe is formulated to be high level of proplyne so i mix it with 80/20 vg/pg to reduce that.


This recipe has done very well over on ELR with some amazing reviews and feedback so Iโ€™m finally bringing it over here for you all to enjoy. If your a fan of banana nut bread Vapes then this is as good as it gets! Itโ€™s sooooooooo good I promise you. Please be so kind to leave a rating and short review on my work, stay safe guys. ๐Ÿ’™ S&V APPROVED hits its full potential @ day 3.

Not My Recipe
We are going back old skool with this mix... One of the my OG vape liquids...This is a remix of GLV's El Kamino! It's a dark Tobacco recipe with a lil Banana and CDS thrown in to take it to the next level.
I found this a long long time ago on Reddit when I first started mixing... It's in a thread of solid clones that came from u/icecreamterror over at Planet of the Vapes (is what the thread says). Other than that I don't know who to give credit & thanks to.

For all I know this might not even be a remix but the Real Deal it tastes that good... ๐Ÿคค

For all the sweet tooth vaping monkeys out there.
You should let it sit for a week to get rid of the edges.


This is a recipe that aims to do what I did with Blue Mango, except with a banana.

This is a perfect vape for after a big Thanksgiving Meal. Baked banana, warm cookie, light caramel.


A very simple Banana, Strawberry Smoothie. This recipe is part of the DEAD SIMPLE recipe series

Just a real simple treat. Straight up banana cream pie milkshake. Iโ€™m trying to create solid a base here that can be adapted into something more intriguing.

The mouthfeels on this off the shake are on point. Itโ€™s thick & voluminous, just like youโ€™d want your milkshake.

Deep fried banana slices, butterscotch and graham cracker.

This recipe is inspired by one of my friends favourite eliquid which is Fryd Bananas.
I wanted to create one myself and not remixing the original but being close to the profile.

Deep Fried Banana Slices :
WF Deep Fried plantain is a semi cooked banana flavour with brown sugar and some spice but is a quite weak on the banana flavour and needs some more additions to be great.
But one thing i like is that after 2 weeks steep has some fried and bready tasting that is really accurate to the profile.

So to complete the Banana i added :
TPA Banana Cream as its my favourite and also adds a good amount of creamy banana sweetness.
And FA Banรณ to give more "freshness" to the banana mix as it is a greener kind of banana.

With this 3 we have our Sweet Banana Slices cooked in brown sugar. A bit raw a bit cooked, makes the banana closer to the real thing.

FW Butterscotch Ripple: is my go to as its creamy, easy to use.. was obvious for me to choose this one.

The original FRYED on its description says : " buttery cream" but i prefered to use CAP Golden Butter to create that Deep Fried Buttery Banana.

The spice on WF DFPlantain is a bit non descript so to make it better the profile called for FLV Rich Cinnamon which is awsame, sweet , warm, strong .. its perfect.

FW Graham Cracker: Bananas get better with graham cracker specially on the exhale, it just makes them better, and here has a double duty, making bananas better and suporting the fried, bready texture as well as giving a nice graham cracker after taste.

Yo can SNV it as its pretty tasty but its better when rich cinnamon calms down a bit after 3 days and waaay better after 10 days.

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