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(FA) Aroma Arctic Winter (menthol Artic)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 376 recipes at an average of 1.525%.


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UPDATE: If you're thinking of mixing this, you might be more interested in my newer recipe "resolver". I'm only leaving this one up because it was the starting point for what became a much better, more fleshed out recipe. Resolver is the culmination of my efforts to improve on this profile. However, if you're the curious type, go on ahead and mix both for comparison's sake. Personally I find this version gets a bit green or "vegetal"- presumably from all of that strawberry ripe mixing with those notes in fa kiwi.

Before I got into DiY, BlueDot Vapors was my go-to juice vendor. They had solid prices and some really good mixes, and most importantly, they never used added sweetener so I could actually get some lifespan out of my coils. The juice I couldn't stop coming back to was Strawkiji Freeze- a simple strawberry kiwi flavor with a bit of menthol. Now that I'm mixing for myself, I want to recapture the magic of my obsession with this juice, and possibly even improve upon it in the process.


This is meant to be used in a low watt device like the Aspire Breeze with Nic Salts. I prefer smooth

A fairly simple wintergreen meant to mimic the O shaped candies. Needs a little more front end bite. Feel free to up the TFA Wintergreen. It's fairly weak.


A third or fourth version of my take on Vapoureyes' Heisenberg (https://vapoureyes.com.au/products/heisenberg).
Icy cold blueberry, some bubblegum in the background. Derived from many of the available Heisenberg clones, tuned towards the VE version. It's close enough that I'll settle.

TFA Blueberry Candy - The base blueberry. Works great here at 5%.
TFA Raspberry Sweet - Adds another dimension to the blueberry candy. More of a dark, fuzzy berry background.
Cap Bubble Gum - There is a clear bubble gum note in Heisenberg, cap at 4% is weak enough but closely resembles the bubblegum undertones.
Cap Double Apple - Slightly crispy, bright apple note necessary in the mix.
Sour - Pumps up the blueberry.
Koolada/Menthol - Cold, icy finish. Clears out the sinuses, even at this low % (yes it's low, I'd even hazard upping menthol to 2%, but that's just me being a fuckwit).
Sweetener - Nothing to say here. Pretty much add this to everything, ties in a sweetness to the other flavours that is vital (imo).

Mixed @ 40/60. Great as a S&V. I wont lie and say it's exact or anything, but it hits the same satisfying notes of the original with some different intricacies. The OG has anise of some sort, and no raspberry. However this will do me fine until VE makes some one shots 👌

LA Lemonade for a nice lemonade flavor. CAP Juicy Lemon for a deeper lemon flavor. Mixed RF Raspberry to TPA Raspberry Sweet to cut the candy raspberry a bit. TPA Dragonfruit and TPA Champagne for more dimension and wetness. FA Arctic Winter for the smooth mint flavor. CAP Super Sweet to of course make it sweeter and pull the fruits. WS-23 30% for that frozen effect. It is a great of the shake but better after a few days. Came up with this one when I was sick and wanted a sweet/tart/fruity/cold/mint flavor that was easy on my throat.

Super menthol, only with flavor! A well rounded mint/menthol mix that tastes like more than medicinal menthol.

I mixed this on a whim for a friend who loves cool cinnaminty vapes. Its surprisingly addictive. The mix of peppermints creates a nice minty base and cinnamon red hots blends it all together. You can use Arctic winter, polar blast, WS-23 or Koolada as the cooling agent, adjust the percentage accordingly. I opted to use two to get the perfect cooling effect without overpowering everything else. Hope you enjoy as much as she does!

Yes this recipe looks like an abomination and the percentages high, but it keeps a relative from smoking menthols. The FW and Capellas are fairly weak anyway.

I worked with her over about 4 months (through the mail) to get her a recipe that she loved and then tweaked it to her own personal perfection.

This recipe gives her the throat hit, cooling, and mint that mimics a menthol cigarette yet tastes like a really good candy cane.

I know this recipe isn't for everyone. I'm posting it in hopes that it may help others stay away from the menthol cigarettes. It's meant for those just stopping smoking menthols using a MTL tank with out of the box coils.

FA Storm is a light English style tobacco flavor with notes of apple and pear. This recipe is not intended to be super heavy on the fruit notes, they are more of an accompaniment to the tobacco flavor.

Adding a little extra pear with the complimentary flavors of apricot and white peach, this is a lightly sweet fruity tobacco with a bit of menthol. It's a nice change from heavier caramel dessert tobaccos.

I have no issues with this as a shake and vape, but the flavors do come out more after at least a 3 day steep, and the tobacco blooms at 2 weeks, giving this a darker green earthy note after the full steep which is equally as good as fresh, just slightly different.

photo credit: www.tomlight.pl Krajobraz deszczem malowany via photopin (license)

Just cool sweet mouthful of vanilla and peppermint. Inspired by u/JohnLaCuenta's recipe here: www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6ei80w/z/diog65o

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