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(FA) Armenia (apricot)

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Moist, juicy and delicious. Ripe tropical Jackfruit and Mangosteen up front and Apricot nectar out the back. Add a splash of vanilla cream and a twist of dragon fruit to get everyone feeling friendly and you've got one hellava toe curling vape. Add 3 drops of super sweet per 30ml, it needs it and it creates it, this is supposed to be nectar of the gods, don’t upset your maker.

This was made as a simple 3 flavor recipe to prove that you can mix something lovely in under 3 mins with only 3 flavorings. The wetness and authenticity of the peach in this mix because the apricot in this small % rounds the flavor and gives the moist lips feel here. The LB VBI is a gorgeous thick rich and lovely ice cream and the vanilla in that concentrate really offers a delectable bonus in this easy recipe. Enjoy! :)


Sweet tea with peach simple syrup.

yellow peach is a nice soft peach flavor. Great when combined with white peach for its sharper notes at lower percentages.
Apricot just to round off the stonefruit.

Since it is a simple syrup, the peaches are cooked down with sugar which is where the liquid amber along with super sweet to make it sweet and syrupy.

Fa black tea is in the background giving this a nice finish

a nice and juicy stone fruit salad with a light refreshing honeysuckle dressing. Perfect for those hot Cali autumn days.

A bright, tasty strawberry kiwi cheesy cream with a hint of caramel from the creme brulee. Feel free to experiment with it. I really enjoy this one and hope you do too


This to me is a nice light dessert type tobacco Flavor. The Ry4 can be harsh but when used in lower percentages work well here. The red burley gives off that well balanced tobacco flavor. The White Peach and Apricot works well with the Burly to make a nice hint of peach while not overpowering the tobacco. The vanilla swirl just adds a nice touch of creaminess to the recipe. Steep 3-10 days for best results.


"If only I could be so grossly incandescent..."
A tribute to the Knight of Astora who never found his sun; and a play on a popular summer Icecream Lolly that we Brits like to suck on.
Sweet and refreshing tropical Icecream vape.
Praise the Sun ☀️

FA Storm is a light English style tobacco flavor with notes of apple and pear. This recipe is not intended to be super heavy on the fruit notes, they are more of an accompaniment to the tobacco flavor.

Adding a little extra pear with the complimentary flavors of apricot and white peach, this is a lightly sweet fruity tobacco with a bit of menthol. It's a nice change from heavier caramel dessert tobaccos.

I have no issues with this as a shake and vape, but the flavors do come out more after at least a 3 day steep, and the tobacco blooms at 2 weeks, giving this a darker green earthy note after the full steep which is equally as good as fresh, just slightly different.

photo credit: www.tomlight.pl Krajobraz deszczem malowany via photopin (license)

Updated: Version 5, I'm calling this finished.
In Glendale, CA there is a Cuban Bakery called Porto’s. They serve literally hundreds of different baked goods but among them is a favorite of my Fiancé and I, their fruit tart. The crust isn’t your traditional pie crust—it’s more like cake. The cream tastes rich like custard but isn’t too sweet. On top they put blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, and dragon fruit. They top the whole thing with a very light apricot glaze. It’s amazing.
I used FA Kiwi as it was more of a real Kiwi flavor as opposed to a booster. At 1% it is present without being overbearing.
CAP Dragon Fruit was a bit different from my normal use of TFA Dragon Fruit but once again I’m looking for candied pieces of fruit and not flavor boosters so this worked well at 1%
FA Forest Fruit is just wonderful and covers the whole range of berries I was looking for. FA Fuji Apple complements all the fruits and brightens them up.
For the crust I used a mixture of TFA Pie Crust which is what you would normally expect from a fruit tart and mixed with the classic FW Yellow Cake. It represents the unique crust of Porto’s fruit tart perfectly.
And that cream--- not just any cream would do. I’ve fallen in love with OOO Cream (Milky Undertones) because it can be used in just about any recipe that needs a cream note without added vanilla tones or sweetness. I took this almost as high as one should possibly use it and it works great. Combined with a light use of everyone’s favorite VC, CAP Vanilla Custard v1, this made the cream rich but not too sweet just like the real deal. The vanilla notes of CAP VC fortunately get lost in the mix and is just barely detectable.
Finally to top it all off, a very light usage of FA Apricot for the glaze.
Best after two weeks. This one benefits from a steep but if you insist on S&V, microwave it for 5 seconds.


This is my new all day vape Its a kiwi banana custard, But it truly becomes its own sweet fruit by the times it steeps. Definitely not an authentic fruit but delicious all the same. This Is a custard for those people that dislike capella vanilla custard v1 or those who don't want to wait the two weeks for it to steep. This custard combination needs half the steep time of capella vanilla custard v1 at 7 days it. Is completely blended I love it after 3 days but I also like capella vanilla custard v1 after 7 days so its fair to say you may want the full 7 day steep??? This Is definitely one of my favorite mixes I have made to date its a Sweet Creamy candy custard leaving only one question KIWANA U WANA??????

Use any VG/pg % you prefer it has plenty of flavor as a max VG but will be great at whatever % you prefer.

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