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(FA) Armenia (apricot)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1226 recipes at an average of 1.478%.


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A sweet peachy vape with a hint of Lychee.
Feel free to add some koolada or WS23 on summer days.
Up the (CAP) Super Sweet to 1% if you like it sweet, I definitely do.
Shake & Vape certified.


PEACH TOBACCO with a good throat kick.

I do like a good fresh peach taste that makes the mouth water and i also like the taste of tobacco. So i went on my way for a mix of the two,but which tobaccos was the big question. I find the black mile plus a little weak on its own but i thought itll be good as a base for a better tobacco mix so in steps flv red burley with a little help from kentucky blend. The peach mix ive seen around on a few recipes and have enjoyed them +- %s.

I tried 60-40 which for me gives a good throat hit but on my next batch ill be trying 70-30 to see how it turns out.

Ive put 14 days for steep time as i think i first tried it after around 16 days wanting the peach to settle and the tobaccos to blend nicely .

So to round it off its a mouth watering peach with a nice blend of tobacco backing it up. Hope you like it and leave any pros or cons for me down below.


This is a light cream and fruit mix. Strawberry forward. You can easily adapt this to bring the other fruits out more by substituting say blueberry or raspberry in place of the strawberry
Honeysuckle here is optional. I used it here mainly for the sweetness is provides with the slightest floral at the end of the vape.
Armenia or apricot used to lift the berries and help move them forward
Lemon Sicily. This also helps brighten the berries as well as provide a little tartness at the end of the vape
French vanilla creme. Nice simple cream. To me it doesn’t seem to mute too much over the steep and that’s why I chose it here

This is a peach pie tobacco vape for all days. Shisha / Hookah lovers should definitely try this recipe. If you don't have FLV Red Burley, you can sub by FLV Kentucky or Cured Tobacco.
The FA apricot - oakwood adds warmth to the recipe and the FLV Marshmallow fluffins it all up.
CAP Yellow peach is leading fruit here.
Sweeten to your own liking. You can S&V but waiting a good week is better.

Enjoy and any comment is welcome.

This is a red apple pie tobacco vape for all days. Shisha / Hookah lovers should definitely try this recipe. If you don't have FLV Cured Tobacco, you can sub by FLV Kentucky or Red Burley.
The FA apricot - oakwood adds warmth to the recipe and the FLV Marshmallow fluffins it all up.
FA Stark apple does not need Liquid Amber IMO.
Sweeten to your own liking.

Enjoy and any comment is welcome.

Excellent after 3 day steep. Even better after a week steep. If you don’t find it sweet enough add .25% of your favorite sweetner

A luscious apricot baked custard kissed with toasted almonds. The recipe is based on a classic French apricot tart, Tarte Aux Abricots, but without the pastry base.

I have stuck to my tried and trusted brulee combo of Inw Creme Brulee and Inw Custard. At these %'s, this just works beautifully to create a stunning thick and luscious custard base.

FA Armenia Apricot and INW Apricots does a fantastic job in creating a full, ripe apricot with a perfect balance of tart and sweet. FA Apricot at 1% is more than enough to bring this alive with the INW boosting it just so. I find that INW Apricots gets a little floral over 1%, so I kept it quite low and just enough to linger in the background.

FA Tanger adds that little tartness and intrigue to break the monotony of the Apricot.

Cap Toasted Almond and TPA Brown Sugar was the obvious choice to top off this brulee and marries perfectly with the apricot to create a sophisticated, yet familiar taste sensation.

Let this sit for at least a week for the strong Apricot flavours to meld with the custard. Do not rush this baby...

Clafoutis is a flan-like French dessert with fruit (typically cherries) but can be made with many different fruits. The only version I've actually had uses apricots and is now my favorite dessert. Of course, I had to make this into a vape.

FLV / FA Apricot/FW Butter Rum - When I first tried FLV , this dessert came rushing back to my mind. It has a very cooked/baked warmth about it. Definitely has some sweetness with a subtle tart note. I used FA Apricot to add a bit of fullness and soften up the entire mix. The butter rum just adds a bit of brown sugar and a touch of a boozy note.

CAP Vanilla Custard/INW Creme Brulee/FW Cake Batter Dip - To give you an idea of what I'm going after, this dessert is a very simple batter. It's basically milk,egg, sugar, vanilla and flour blended together. CAP VC seemed like an obvious choice. But I also wanted that caramelized sugar and creme brulee does that very well. It also adds a bit more egginess. Together, these 2 flavors remind more of a flan. The cake batter dip is just adding a bit of texture, while not making it too cakey.

FA Cream Whipped/FW Lemon Meringue Pie - When I have this dessert, I choose not to cover with powdered sugar. Instead, I put a dollop of whipped cream with some lemon zest. Most lemon flavors come off as a lemon juice or is too candied. I needed just a touch of lemon. I settled on FW LMP. It adds a light lemon note that stays in the back round. FA whipped cream is still the closest to the real thing, imo. It's light, airy and not overly sweet.


The Yogurt base: Cap Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt is a perfect combo IMO (Inspired from Mopheads channel)
The Peach base using FA White peach, TPA Juicy Peach, FA Apricot and a touch of FA Raspberry creates a sweet peach flavor
Cap super sweet is optional, but I feel it contributes to the authenticity of a yogurt with a sweet peach topping

Remix i made for my friend who had been vaping this eliquid religiously.

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