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(FA) Armenia (apricot)

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An authentic wet juicy and beautiful Peach that has an amazingly full mouthfeel. The Fa White Peach with Caps Juicy Peach make a lovely juicy peach stone but to take it to the next level I round the edges off with a little FA Apricot which also adds a little more moisture as does the INW Cactus. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating this from these fine concentrates.

See it being made here:https://youtu.be/Yd8ch6jNYlM?t=1h15m

Check out what DIY Downunder has to offer:

Just 5 flavors are good enough for an easy and nice sweet peach tea!
You can shake n vape it but it's better after 3 days.

A refreshing blend of stunning summer drupes, celebrating the sweet and juicy magnificence of stone fruit.

"A stone fruit, also called a drupe, is a fruit with a large "stone" inside. The stone is sometimes called the seed, but that is a mistake, as the seed is inside the stone. The stones can also be called a pit. Examples of stone fruits are peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, and cherries."

FA Peach white and INW Peach blends perfectly to provide our peach layer. Combined, they provide an authentic, juicy, drip-down-your-chin peach - skin, stone and flesh all in one!

TPA Nectarine is a fabulous, true, nectarine flavor and, if used correctly, translates nectarine in vape form perfectly. Just a touch is necessary to compliment the peach layer = any more and it becomes florally.

INW Smoked plum brings an intriguing sweet and sour element with a touch of smokiness to keep the juice interesting and balanced.

FA Apricot provides the fresh, juicy and ripe apricot flavor with that slight tang to balance the overall sweetness. Be careful with this one as it can overpower a mix in an instant.

FA Cherryl imparts the cherry stone fruit layer and boosts the sweetness of the mix with it's inherent natural sweetness. Again, just a tad is all it takes...

FA Cream provides a bit of mouthfeel to the overall mix and blends all the fruits together wonderfully!

Feel free to add a touch of WS-23, etc if you prefer a chilled version.

This baby needs at least 5 days (7 days better) for the fruits to meld together and smooth the floral edges.


Profile: An spicy cooked and warm mango sauce.

FLV Mango / CAP Sweet Mango - Both create an pulpy riped mango. The FLV Mango really helps on this task and CAP Sweet Mango brings authenticity.
FLV Eggnog / FLV Rich Cinnamon (1 drop) - FLV Eggnog brings warmness without getting the nutmeg note, which sometimes ruins recipes, and 1 drop of Rich Cinnamon just complements and sweetens a little the overall profile.
FA Apricot / TPA Dragonfruit - FA Apricot is a key ingredient on this profile. It balances the mango out and gives another vibe to the Mango itself.
TPA Kentucky Bourbon - Helps to cook the mango without bringing booziness to the profile.

I can't get where I live but FLV Heat it's probably great here. Just a couple drops is enough.

It's recommended to vape this in an hot temperature to get the full experience.

Give this recipe 1 week steep or you'll just get the FLV Mango.

When it's summer and hot, I love to drink a little bitter soda. And one of those I love, has inspired to this mix. It's not 100% red fanta but it seems to me that I hit well. And the profile is there. If desired, add WS-30, Koolada and, or Sweetner to your liking. Have fun ... 😋💨💨💨

Recipe for week 4 of month 2 of the Mixin Vixens youtube show. Fruity, honey, and cereal bars, held together with sticky goodness.

A sweet and juicy combination of carrot, pineapple, and mango. Nice and refreshing.


A Notoriously delicious papaya macaron with honey cream filling

The theme for Mixers' Club was "duets" - taking two existing recipes and making them sing together. I wanted to try using the macaron base from my Mango Blossom Macaron with a different tropical fruit, and the first thing that came to mind was swiping the top off of the last public recipe by the late, great @NotCharlesManson (May Peace Be Upon Him). That funky papaya, backed up by apricot and presented with a bit of honey, was just so yummy situated in a rich cream. Would it work here too? Yes, I think it does, deliciously, but only after being dialed way, way back to fit subtly into a delicate pastry.

Mix some up, and don't forget to pour a little out for the dearly departed.

Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group.

This is a remixed version of a floral fruity tea I had been making for a friend of mine some years ago, but some of the flavors I had used are no longer in production or I've found better flavors since then. So this new version of this tea utilizes a large amount of flavors at very low amounts each. This recipe isn't going to be for everyone, really it's only for us weirdos who like this type of flavor, like me and Kopel. If you are feeling daring and have all of these flavors give it a mix. If you have no idea if you like floral flavors, this could be a bit much of a recipe to get all the flavors for and not know if you like florals.

You can add a touch of sweetener to this if you want to, I personally don't sweeten it beyond the flavorings that are in there. But if I were going to sweeten it I would go rather low with it so it doesn't turn into candy.

Yes you can shake and vape this, but it will be lacking in notes that take longer to steep. I say give this a minimum of 14 days to steep, 21 will have even more of the tea flavors coming through the fruit and the floral notes continue to calm down until it's steep for a full month.

A pie with apricot filling and a meringue top. Tasty by my standards, how bout yours? Try it an let me know.

FA Apple Pie is the base for the crust and INW Biscuit is there to give it a crunch.
TFA Apricot faded into obscurity after a steep so FA Apricot helps prop it up.
FA Meringue is the meringue.

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