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Apparently the queen’s favourite cheesecake used to be lemon and apricot. I’ve not really had a chance to play around with apricot so thought to myself hey, let’s give this recipe a try and see what we can create with today’s offerings...like all of my creations,I put my heart and sole into them and don’t release them unless IMO they are 🔥 so here we have it guys! Lol 😂 I’m really enjoying the flavour combinations here,it’s bright,creamy,biscuity goodness and I can’t put it down! If you enjoy cheesecake recipes then you should give it a try and let me know what you think! 😃💭 feel free to add your sweetener of choice - I added 0.25% CAP SS and for me,it was perfect however if you prefer not to add sweetener ,don’t add it. Give this recipe a min 4 days steep but longer the better. Stay safe guys and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!


Just a nice fruity punch flavor. Great for the summer. Shake it vape it. Enjoy. Add super sweet to taste. I add 1 drop per ten ml.

Apricot and ripe peach combined to make the peach note i added just a touch of the new sweet mango to boost the sweet note in the peach without adding other unfavorable peaches and then using liquid amber at aloe % I gave it the cooked note. Vanilla custard was added more as an emulsifier and for some of those wet center of a bakery that has fruit in it note. The. Adding the appropriate sweetener to add the level of sweetness you get in a bakery. For the bakery part i used sugar cookie and enhanced it with some crumble topping.

If you can see your way past the floral from the BBC, this one will grow on you. TBH, I don't SFT, but rather, approach my recipes through trial and error, and a little guess work! So, that'll be the extent of my description :-) Anyway...lotsa flavor from an overall low flavor total, and an ADV, for me.

The idea for this was a cannoli cream with peach, matcha, and crushed shell pieces.

The flavors are all pretty self-explanatory.

FLV Eisai Tea because it is exactly matcha.
FA Joker is the main shell note.
WF Cannoli Shell adds crunch with a slight spiced anise flavor.
JF Biscuit adds the buttah.
JF Honey Peach is a beautiful, dark peach.
FA Apricot helps brighten it without losing any of either flavor.
LA Cream Cheese Icing has the funk for a cannoli filling.
CNV Vanilla Pudding has the mouthfeel and vanilla note.


Vanilla custard meets cheesecake filling on a crispy wafer base topped with a mix of bright apricots and juicy passionfruit to make for a thick, satisfying, juicy vape

A battenberg type cheesecake flavour.
Not much thought gone into this. Sort of combined 2 other recipes from ELR that i quite like using flavourings i have to hand.
Used Nevens Battenberg for the main notes and Spectrometers Strawberry Fogs cheesecake base. Turned out pretty nice to be honest Find links to the origional recipes below 👊 both worth a mix



Inspired by Banana Backwoods cigars. After much experimentation, this is my perfect RY4 based blend.

RY4 Double TPA can be using in place of INW RY4 TDM, it will be just a bit dryer and less caramelly than the INW stuff.

If you don't have OOO Vanilla Ice Cream, it's good with other cream flavors too. Others I have enjoyed in there include Sweet Cream, CC Devon Cream, Avocado Cream. The rest of the recipe won't be right if others are substituted, though I have a friend who mixes this with TPA Banana Cream instead of VT Shisha Banana and says it's very good.

The menthol is surely variable to your tastes. I'd say 1.0-1.66 for former Newport/Kool smokers. Too much is higher. 0.75 for a more usual cigarette level of menthol. I'd still recommend using at least 0.33 for the flavor even if you are not a menthol vaper. People who aren't typically Menthol vapers have noted that even at 1.66, though the menthol comes through on a finger/knuckle test, it blends in with the mix very well and is barely noticeable.


PPM (Parts Per Millennium)

I was craving something fruity and I knew I wanted peach. FA White Peach is just about the best straight up peach flavor that's out there. It's real artificial and sweet. I've added a little FA Apricot to make it fleshy,

I paired the peach flavor here with a combination of CAP Golden Pineapple for that juicy artificial pineapple taste and WF Island Mango for that dark fruity pulp without the funk.

Here I am dreamin of summer vapes.

Add a little cooling if you like.

I used 0.5% CAP Super Sweet in here because I think it needs it but you can leave that part out if you want.

A sour blue slush with a twist.
The supporting fruits add another dimension to the slush base and give it that something different but they blend nicely at these %'s to not distract from the profile.

The main base is obviously LB blue razz and WF bbrb along with fizzy sherbet and a little malic acid for slight fizz and sour notes, paired with FA lime the slush has a nice citrus note aswel. FA pear does a good job at rounding some harsh edges off and Apricot & Passionfruit help lift and brighten everything up.
Sweeten to taste 👊

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