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(FA) Apple Pie

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Baked apples and a touch of cream on top of a biscuit tart.


Buttermilk pie is a custard-like pie. Originally from the United Kingdom, it is now a traditional pie of the southern United States. It is similar to, and sometimes confused with, chess pie but it does not include cornmeal. The basic filling consists of a mixture of sugar, butter, eggs, buttermilk and wheat flour. Variations on the recipe may include flavorings such as vanilla, lemon zest and nutmeg. Buttermilk pies are made with a pie crust. The filling is poured into the crust and baked until the mixture sets. The pie is best eaten at room temperature after being allowed to cool, but may be eaten either warm from the oven or after being chilled.
I’ve been trying to tackle this profile for a long while now and although I’ve had many successful attempts, I feel this is the most accurate and tasty version. The simplicity is what I like about this recipe because it has a farther reach for DIYers and I hope it’s something a few of you might like to try. I feel all the flavor concentrates in this recipe are ones that most mixers will have in their arsenal, and if not, they might be ones they could think about trying. This recipe benefits from an extended steep time of 10+ days so that all of the components can meld together in a proper fashion.
The pie crust consists of FA Apple Pie + JF Biscuit.
The buttermilk consists of TFA Butter + TFA Whipped Cream.
The custard filling consists of INW Custard + TFA Toasted Marshmallow.
It’s thick, it’s buttery, it’s flakey and custardy.
FA Apple Pie is a crazy accurate pie crust flavor. I use this as our main crust note and at this percentage it doesn’t bring any apple notes to the vape - just a thick, delicious pie crust to dump our pie filling into.
JF Biscuit is an amazing support flavor. It adds some depth to our pie crust with tasty, buttery, cookie notes. It works beautifully in conjunction with FA Apple Pie.
TFA Butter is delicious. I know this % seems a tad high but it is needed for the buttermilk that reverberates through our vape. The butter adds some serious weight and richness to our pie crust and filling.
INW Custard is such a good flavoring. It’s one of my favorite custard concentrates because of its short steep time and it really is a nice blank canvas. Here we’re using it as our pie filling to bring eggyness, thickness, a mild vanilla note and a creamy butteryness that is much needed for our southern dessert. This is the backbone of our filling.
TFA Toasted Marshmallow helps the body and mouthfeel of the vape. In conjunction with the custard it adds a touch of that caramelization on top of our custard and brings a nice sweetness to the “filling” of the pie.
TFA Whipped Cream acts as the milky portion of the buttermilk that gives the vape a delicious, velvety and creamy mouthfeel. It helps blend everything together and solidifies the layers.
Hope y’all enjoy.

An apple cider pudding pie

This is a flamboyantly autumnal recipe that, being shared in the first week of spring, couldn't possibly be more out-of-season. It's also poached entirely from @ConcreteRiver's delicious Deer Lodge recipe, with all of the ingredients being exactly the same, even used at the same concentrations, with just two small additions.

This is not meant to imply that there is anything wrong with Deer Lodge, that it's missing or lacking anything at all. But when FlavorPro Jennifer Jarvis asked for a pudding pie for the #yearofmixing competition, I knew immediately that I wanted to try to wrap Rick's hopped-up apple cider pudding in a delicate, subtle pie crust. Several attempts with various other crusty ingredients did not work. This one does.

I don't get any apple or spice (not that either of them would be unwelcome here) out of FA Apple Pie. It just tastes like a plain ol' pie crust. And it's the only non-graham pastry crust flavor I could get to work as a main crusty competent here. The others trampled the hell out of that that lovely rich buttery pudding base. A light touch of FW Pie Crust provides another layer of bakery, making for a more flaky, less doughy, pie. Its darker sweetness emulates the edges of the crust, where the pie is crunchier and browner. The result? A dessert vape fit for the hunter coming home after a long day on the deer lease.

A pie with apricot filling and a meringue top. Tasty by my standards, how bout yours? Try it an let me know.

FA Apple Pie is the base for the crust and INW Biscuit is there to give it a crunch.
TFA Apricot faded into obscurity after a steep so FA Apricot helps prop it up.
FA Meringue is the meringue.

Wanted to use cap double apple but it seemed to get lost in everything i mixed even when i tried pairing it with FA pear. So i mixed it with some FA apple pie and threw in some LB vanilla ice cream. After week steep and some slight tweaking i am happy with what I came up with for the dmc Apple challenge.

Needs atleast a week steep 2 weeks is even better

This is a peach pie tobacco vape for all days. Shisha / Hookah lovers should definitely try this recipe. If you don't have FLV Red Burley, you can sub by FLV Kentucky or Cured Tobacco.
The FA apricot - oakwood adds warmth to the recipe and the FLV Marshmallow fluffins it all up.
CAP Yellow peach is leading fruit here.
Sweeten to your own liking. You can S&V but waiting a good week is better.

Enjoy and any comment is welcome.

This is a red apple pie tobacco vape for all days. Shisha / Hookah lovers should definitely try this recipe. If you don't have FLV Cured Tobacco, you can sub by FLV Kentucky or Red Burley.
The FA apricot - oakwood adds warmth to the recipe and the FLV Marshmallow fluffins it all up.
FA Stark apple does not need Liquid Amber IMO.
Sweeten to your own liking.

Enjoy and any comment is welcome.

This is a warm, rich spiced apple custard tart with notes of caramel, vanilla and a mild touch of tobacco.

I’ve never tried SJM so I have no idea how close Wayne’s remix is to the original juice. I mixed it his recipe then added .5% RF Baked Bread because I wanted more of a toast note, which was gawd aweful. This is a strong pungent flavor that reminds me of stale malty beer. It was sensory overload,... The next day I mixed and immediately tasted that weird note again only not as strong. Did some searching and found Shyndo’s bread stone, which uses Cereal 27 and baked bread at a 4:1 ratio with a dash of toasted marshmallow. I mixed another bottle and added 1% cereal 27 and a few drops of toasted marshmallow that was good.

I suspect the AP in cereal 27 calms down the funky notes in Baked Bread. With that in mind I mixed another bottle and this time added .6% FA Apple Pie. You could probably use it between .5 - .75% depending on your taste. FA Apple Pie provides the much needed AP kick that rounds out the bread and adds subtle baked sweetness without the spice. Of the versions I’ve made this is my favorite.

If you don’t have RF strawberry jam w/toast you could probably make it with a low % of Baked Bread and up the percentages strawberries. This will be a work in progress, but at least I have something more enjoyable for my taste. Thanks Wayne and Shyndo! Definitely a tough one to clone


This isn’t taking away nothing from the original recipe that one deserves its place in the mixing community however I always thought I could improve on the recipe in creating something fuller,simpler and easier to mix and upon development I think I’ve achieved that.
This time I’ve ripped it apart so it shouldn’t really be compared with the original remix and it should be respected in its own rights and not really be compared.

Here’s some quick notes but without writing a biography just mix it up and compare the 2 and I’ll let you decide but in my opinion V2 wins hands down purely over its simplicity and maintaining a fuller pastry and lemon flavour.

Fa Apple pie

A wonderful pastry base that should work when you want some crust. It doesn’t lend a Apple flavour when used low but more a buttery crumbled pastry.

Fa cookie

This compliments the Apple pie perfectly adding another level to the Apple pie adding texture and a deeper baked pastry.

Cap lemon meringue pie

Originally I loved fw lemon meringue pie but unfortunately I feel this is a more balanced profile it doesn’t shout lemon but it’s other properties fit perfectly in what I’m achieving so it’s a given and a perfect base to the recipe to build around.

Fe lemon

If only this was available first time round it’s a perfect lemon which doesn’t fade much when bumped up in percentages. It sits wonderfully in the recipe and I wouldn’t use any other lemon in making this profile. It works great in dessert recipes but may not work in other profiles.

Cap butter

Wouldn’t be a pastry recipe without a little butter it adds additional properties to the pastry as well as curding the lemon.

Fa meringue

It was in the original and it returns this time round. It’s a remix of the original dinner lady and it’s profile states meringue so it has to stay. However this time less is more 1% sits perfectly and melds together the whole recipe.

Cap super sweet

A Remix needs some commercial sweetness.

Flavor Notes