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I developed this flavor chasing TNT by timebomb. I did not succeed in cloning that, but i made something better! Strawberry, apple, peach and chilled as cold as Hel. I think this can be better, and have a V2 in the works, but this mix is great shake and vape.


This was mixed at 3% nicotine, 70/30 mixed for 100mil This is my take on an old recipe not sure who the original post came from.
I think this is the best version Ive ever vaped .. just cant get enough

Used cotton candy to smooth out the fuji apple.
Sweet and tart because I like how it brings the forest fruit and jungle juice together.
Added ws-23 this morning just because I wanted a slight cool, tastes a little bit like green apple jolly rancher now.***Edit, I ended up doubling the fuji Originally and forgot to adjust the recipe. It should be good now.😑

made on discord server percentages are found by me
main flavor is spot on Fa Fuji!
and also peach but it seems waay simpler because the real deal was a bit complex
original recipe was:
%3 fuji fa
%2 white peach fa
%1 red touch strawberry fa or strawberry ripe by tfa i dont really know

but since i am a mute i go this way

lol lol needs sum chars to share

It smells like fresh apples and is ridiculously satisfying. An apple a day will keep the doctor away! Enjoy...


Inspired oddly enough by a party recipe from a bougie MLM of cookware for strawberry pineapple salsa, to be eaten with cinnamon pita chips.
Crunchy cinnamon and fruit.

Originally had 2% TFA stawberry and no cap strawberry. Adjust strawberries for your preferred profile if you want.

Tastes a bit like dragonfruit, and otherwise it's just a really fruity delicious flavor. I like my juices sweet so I added 0.5% Super Sweet, but if you like less sweet juices it will do just fine without that. This is my first mix made without any prior recipes, so i'm ready for some feedback. I personally really like it.

This is my first take on an original recipe and I absolutely love a slice of caramel apple cheesecake so my mission was to make it in a vape!

This is good after a SNV however best after a 2-3 day or more steep.

Please comment and critique if you choose to mix this one up.

Vaping in a Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA using the Turbo Mesh @ 70 W

Note: TPA Mild Black is now renamed TPA Cigarillo.

A joke turned serious, a proof of concept that some flavours have such strong off notes that can be capitalised on, and even used as main flavours.

When I was testing TPA Mild Black (it's renamed now to Cigarillo) I found it to be quite fruity (leaning towards peach) and the tobacco is quite leafy (similar to tea aroma), as for JF Boysenberry struck me as a white peach more than anything else, a bit dry and medicinal...

By combining those, accomplishing both covering up the Boysenberry medicinal note by the leafy note in the Cigarillo and reinforcing the fruity-peach note in the Cigarillo, came up a quite interesting peach-tea.

The mix was a bit dry and thin, needed a bit juiciness and depth, that is where the Fuji apple came, adding the required amount of juiciness and sweetness to the mix.

Optionally, you can add 0.25% super sweet for more sweetness, and 0.25% FA Black tea if you like tea to be more pronounced

Testet MTL, Titan TC210* 0.29mm 7loops, with Ammit Amit MTL RDA and Aromamizer Lite 1.5.

  1. I can taste Peanuts and Pistachios with a hint of Sesam , so it was simply Peanut butter DX TFA, Pistachio FA , Sesam INW.

2.At first I can’t taste any tobacco, so I decided to start with Oriental from FLV. But I figured out at the tests with the original that it has to be RY4 Double( it works realy great with DX Peanut Butter)!

3.There is a fruity note in it, I think it’s Apple.
The only apple I have is Fuji FA and it works.

Already realy close to the original, now i wait a few days more to see where it goes.

Edit: in the V2 I missed something it has to be fuller and darker, Pistachio FA came with my last order, and it’s perfekt in this case!

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By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 1.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Crisp and juicy with the perfect sweet-tart snap, a very realistic Fuji apple, (I swear I can taste the skin of the Apple, and the sweet perfect fruit underneath) natural sugar flavor you'd expect from an apple without tasting artificial.

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