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Clone of bluedots convicted melons. As good as I want to get it. Melon Rind brings some wetness and freshness. Super sweet optional but I like it. Add ws-23 if you like, I have a bottle with and a bottle without. Enjoy.

Inspired by the famous Morning Yogurt from DC (Brazil), this recipe is a well balanced fruit yogurt using accessible flavors. Simple but pleasant. Is more fruity and less papaya on the top. Give it a try! There's more room for improvements, but this recipe was mixed with ordinary flavors to be accessible and easy to mix.

Yogurt FW and Greek Yogurt TPA make the yogurt base, creamy and spot on the sourness. Banana Cream TPA brings more cream and adds fruit to the base. Fuji Apple FA and Strawberry Sweet CAP works to the top note, and Papaya TPA puts a touch of flavor on the body. SS CAP on 0.75 is necessary to make all the fruits shine.

Work in progress. Going for a Pacha Mama Fuji feel with a blast of strawberry.

A Really Nice Sweet & Juicy Flavor. Enjoy a "Slice of Mango" !

Very simple fruit mix of all core AKA Pome fruits. Apple, Pear, Quince. I slapped some percentages together where I thought they would best fit for a rounded mix. Although this is an all fruit mix, it seems to need a few days to mellow out to something enjoyable.

Use cooling agent according to what you like .
This flavor is sweet and tastes like juicy mango
Its addictive

Its named after its creator , osmantheman

I made it with 50/50 vg pg and 3mg nicotine , didnt steep .

Special thanks to NagaSolix and Osmantheman on reddit

This recipe was inspired by NagaSolix hellberry recipe .

Apple / Rose / Cardamom infusion.

I do not own any rights for the recipe's image and all credit goes to the awesome band Orphaned Land.

A family traditional apple infusion / semi-beverage from my mother's side, that my grandmother used to make before Yom Kippur's fast breaking meal.

It is a watery beverage made by infusing thinly sliced apples, cardamom, rose water and sugar with water. It is relatively light in flavor and served in a big bowl (similar to punch bowl). The apple flavor is very light and not so sweet, a bit more on the peel side (rather than apple flesh).

This semi-beverage purpose is to help the body regain liquids and to introduce some digestion activity gradually before the main meal, to prevent stomach aches after a 25 hours of complete fasting (for those who choose to fast).

I don't have many apples and FA Fuji seemed to work well as a realistic apple at 2%, in the right dose. Since it is the base of the recipe, it is tasty and thin enough for this purpose. FA Meringue helps to vaguely sweeten the recipe and fights FA Cardamom's throat hit. FW Sweetener is used in 1 drop per 15 ml.


Ranger Smith left far behind after a long run and Yogi the Bear felt like it's time for another snack. He's found a lovely woodside to have his well-deserved lunch. The usual cupcakes, pies and creamy cakes were gobbled down with a speed of light, however, Yogi felt that it would be nice to have something fruity, yet refreshing. It seemed that the "pic-a-nic" basket was almost empty, though something was still there.

Yogi has stuck his paw into the basket and felt something cold. This turned out to be a cup of Pear Yogurt, which Cindy The Bear mush have put inside to make Yogi's lunch at least a little bit more healthy. Yogi The Bear punched through the package and stuck his nose inside. He felt the refreshing creamy pear with a hint of apples and a touch of almond, which was saturated with dense yogurt. This reminded Yogi of his childhood when Mother Bear used to give him a cup of similar yogurt in the morning.

After finishing the cup in seconds, Yogi looked away and said with his low and silly voice: "Yogi The Bear... Yogi The Pear!".

this tastes like a delicious caprisun to me. pretty banging after 24-48 hours

just a 2 banger apple juice recipe, adjust sweetener to your liking.

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By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 1.0% Mix: 1.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Crisp and juicy with the perfect sweet-tart snap, a very realistic Fuji apple, (I swear I can taste the skin of the Apple, and the sweet perfect fruit underneath) natural sugar flavor you'd expect from an apple without tasting artificial.

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