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(FE) Taro

By: Flavors Express (FE)
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Thanksgiving day. Well, since I know we are all looking for that savory meaty vape, figured I'd whip up the next best thing, mashed taters.

Here's the 'development' notes, more like the thought process.

FE Sweet Rice / FE Taro - Needed some starchy substance. While Sweet Rice has a good starch to it, Taro gives that dry earthly like potato note.
INW Yes, We Cheesecake - This is just a decent plain cheesecake. I used it low to give some body to the Sweet Rice / Taro.
OoO Milky Undertones - Add some creaminess / dairy to the overall potato mix.
TFA Butter - Who eats their mashed potatoes plain? You damn savages.

Is it perfect? Oh, hell no. Could I work on it over and over? Sure. Did I just mix something up for the fun of it? Oh yeah.
Really, I just wanted to see if it was even possible with what I have. It's more of a concept than anything. Off a shake, the Taro is just strong and there is an overall mild potato butteryness. Not much in the way of creamy note but the idea is there. Maybe after a few days it will incorporate better... or worse? I don't know.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Hope you get fat, drunk, and pass out in a Best Buy to get those Black Friday deals.

🏷️A rich and creamy Pacific Islander inspired 2 layer ice cream cake with a light sponge cake bottom.The lovely ice cream layer is folded with nutty Taro, fresh Banana, and sweet Coconut.


Vanilla Ice Cream in this mix is paired with creamy Banana Custard & a nutty potato-esque Taro. Balanced together they create a bright, sweet and tropical ice cream flavor.

The Sweet Coconut & Desiccated coconut in this recipe not only complement the Banana Custard and Taro, they add richness to the bottom white cake layer. Love's role has a dual purpose as a cake and ice cream enhancer. With its rich cream, light white chocolate notes, and accents of fluffy white cake it rounds out the base; adding dimension and weight to the overall mix.

This recipe is sweet on its own. If you would like to add sweetener, I would suggest FW Sweetener at 0.25% or under.

🔹Recipe created for: DOD's Noted. Ep. 62 - Yam / Ube / Taro (ft. Fresh03, Leilani, Slasha)

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