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(FE) Sweet Rice

By: Flavors Express (FE) - Buy Direct

Used in 809 recipes at an average of 3.815%.


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Sweet Rice give the starchy flavor of the bubbles, with FE Mango working perfectly as a mango pulp. Green tea for a little bit of earthiness, and Vanilla Swirl and Fresh Cream to round out the milk tea, with a little help from the thickness of Sweet Rice.


MIX - 60VG / 40PG - STEEP - Medium / 3-5 Days
Full development notes and flavor notes here - http://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/17/yeo-banana/

This is a take on the dinner lady rice pudding. using using ENYAWREKLAW yeo rice layer. It is raspberry / berry fruit forward with a creamy rice base - the oatmeal cookie to add just a bit of texture and cinnamon - this a strong flavor so keep low, - might be able to sub out cinnamon danish swirl . Meringue, vanilla whip cream and vanilla swirl to get mouth feel without over powering the sweet rice. Used brown sugar to get some sweetness, but could use sweetener to get a more authentic dinner lady juice. STEEP 3 days to get the creamy sweetness to come forward and the raspberry to mellow out. This is max VG
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This is a LAYER (much like a "stone") meant to be used in your recipes as somewhat of a foundation. It has a delicious and fragrant sweet rice top note that takes center stage in recipes. But then followed with the most deliciously milky cream that is light, yet full flavored and flufly. Feel free to tinker with this base and use in your recipes. HTTP://DIYORDIEVAPING.COM for more recipe ideas and full flavor notes.

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