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(FE) Sweet Rice

By: Flavors Express (FE) - Buy Direct

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*Rich cinnamon is 2 drops in a 30ml for a forward cinn note, but can be dropped to just 1 drop or left out completely if you don't have it or don't like cinnamon.
Growing up with a family of 5, mom in school full-time and my father a salesman supporting all of us meant we didn't have a lot of money. That all would change later in life when my mother graduated, but that wasn't until I was about 14. Up until that point, there was weekly trips to the fire station for that good government cheese and peanut butter. Most of the times my milk came in a box so seeing my dad putting water in my cereal was normal. However, when we did have real milk breakfast was a little different...It wasn't rice crispys, but actual rice.
You fill your bowl up with cooked rice, add a few scoops of sugar to it and then cover the top with cinnamon, now top it off with some actual milk! As odd as this sounds, it was so good. Good enough that I still eat it to this day every once in a while.

For those who haven’t tried this popular Thai dessert, it’s a beautiful pairing of fresh ripe mango slices with sticky glutinous rice cooked in sweetened coconut milk and honey.

Once Wayne released his Yeo layer consisting of Sweet Rice by Flavor Express, this was the recipe I sought out to make. A big thank you to Wayne for his Yeo layer and learning alot about Mangoes from ID10-T.

Here is the breakdown of the recipe (my 18th version).

Mango Layer:
- Mango (FLV) - wonderful thick almost syrupy Mango. You need this Mango in your life
- Mango (CAP) - need this ripe Mango to sit on the lower spectrum.
- Mango SC (RF) - delicious nectar like Mango
- Mango (FE) - this is another nectar like Mango that sits as the top note of the Mango. This flavor in combination with Real Flavors Mango is delicious.

Wayne's Yeo Layer:
- Sweet Rice (FE) - get it now
- Meringue (TFA)
- Vanilla Swirl (TFA)

Coconut Layer:
- Sweet Coconut (FLV) - absolutely love this Coconut
- Coconut Candy (TFA) - this works so well with Sweet Coconut and completes the Coconut base

Cream Layer:
- Sweet Cream (CAP) - this is a wonderful cream for this recipe. Not to heavy and just works.
*I tried Cream Fresh (FA) but felt Sweet Cream (CAP) worked better.

Mango Enhancer:
- Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed (FA)

- Honey (FA) - this needs to be used sparingly, but done right, it takes it to another level and adds mouthfeel - optional but highly recommended. 1 drop per 15ml (Original FA bottle)
- Sweetener (TFA) - used not only to add some sweetness but also the Ethyl Maltol to enhance the Mango

Mix it up and enjoy. I mix this at 60 to 70 VG and is shake and vape approved. Give it 3 to 5 days for the cream and coconut to come out. As always, feedback is truthfully wanted. This was a very difficult recipe to balance and get to the point of feeling it was ready to share with the community.

*My preferred way to vape this is in a Kayfun V5 or my other various RTA's.


I took Wayne's Yeo Layer crossed with the creams and honeysuckle from ID10-T's Longing, added a hefty dose of Holy Vanilla, and applied a sprinkling of FA Coconut . . . this is The White Hummingbird.
Sweet rice is the main note here layered on top of a warm, sweet honeysuckle-laced vanilla cream. For me, it's a very satisfying vape . . . sweet, savory, warm, and slightly floral. I mixed up 30mL, shook it like hell, and let it rest for 24 hours before trying it. It will be interesting to see what happens as this continues to age . . . as it stands, I'm thinking I should mix up another because this bottle may not last long enough to find out.
Much respect to ENYAWREKLAW and ID10-T for the exceptional resources they provide to the DIY community!

Just a flavor that I like. No rhyme no reason just flavors I like and think compliment each other. I called it Irish rice because the two most prominent flavors are Irish cream and sweet rice. The other flavors are there to help blend those two flavors together. I suggest letting this steep at liest 5 days but its better after a week.


Mixed this recipe up on my live show episode #14 on youtube. I adjusted the recipe a bit to match the most recent version of this recipe that I had vaped all of, as I couldn't remember while doing the show exactly which creams I had used. This recipe is delicious. Tastes just like Basmati rice pudding that I have made at home.
It is a single drop of Rich Cinnamon in a 30ml bottle for this recipe or the cinnamon overpowers everything. If you have trouble tasting cinnamon you could probably increase it to 2 drops in a 30ml, but it will be strong. My first version of this recipe I did 3 drops in a 30ml of cinnamon and all I could taste was cinnamon.

As with my pineapple cake, I've used INW Creme Brulee to give this a baked sugary kind of taste. It is just enough to give a hint of baked, if you want a sugary type of taste to it more than this up the Creme Brulee to 0.8% or 1%.

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photo credit: arsheffield Coconut Rice Pudding with Almond and Cardamom via photopin (license)


Using Waynes YEO LAYER (SWEET RICE/SOY MILK BASE) for this recipe. I drink a lot of loose leaf tea's. Genmai Cha is one of my favorites. This is my first time mixing with FE Green Tea. I have read many places that green tea flavors in general taste like grass clippings. Well that is what my favorite green teas taste like, fresh cut grass. I was worried, but I find FE Green Tea to be spot on. It does taste a little stale or over steeped when compared to a fresh brewed cup. I will update this recipe after a steep if necessary.

FE Green Tea - Since this is my first time mixing FE Green Tea I will need to steep it and see if .75 is right. I am guessing it could be used at 1% or .5%. Green tea is the center of this recipe so it should be up front.

FE Sweet Rice - this has a sticky rice or Jasmine/Thai rice flavor which brings that toasted rice/nutty flavor to the tea.

TPA vanilla Swirl/FA Meringue - I wasn't sure if I should leave this in the mix. After all green tea isn't really a tea to add milk to in my opinion. I think it does help round out the Green tea and rice. It may take away from the authenticity of the recipe, but I don't find it distracting.

"Genmai Cha is a classic Japanese green tea, blended with toasted, popped rice. Originally created to stretch short supplies of tea, now enjoyed by tea lovers here and abroad. Warm and nutty taste, with a lovely savory quality. A hearty cup of tea that is easy to combine with food. Genmai Cha is a great solution for those seeking a substantial, but less astringent, flavor from their cup."


Sweet Rice give the starchy flavor of the bubbles, with FE Mango working perfectly as a mango pulp. Green tea for a little bit of earthiness, and Vanilla Swirl and Fresh Cream to round out the milk tea, with a little help from the thickness of Sweet Rice.


MIX - 60VG / 40PG - STEEP - Medium / 3-5 Days
Full development notes and flavor notes here - http://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/17/yeo-banana/

This is a take on the dinner lady rice pudding. using using ENYAWREKLAW yeo rice layer. It is raspberry / berry fruit forward with a creamy rice base - the oatmeal cookie to add just a bit of texture and cinnamon - this a strong flavor so keep low, - might be able to sub out cinnamon danish swirl . Meringue, vanilla whip cream and vanilla swirl to get mouth feel without over powering the sweet rice. Used brown sugar to get some sweetness, but could use sweetener to get a more authentic dinner lady juice. STEEP 3 days to get the creamy sweetness to come forward and the raspberry to mellow out. This is max VG
LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and your tube channels



This is a LAYER (much like a "stone") meant to be used in your recipes as somewhat of a foundation. It has a delicious and fragrant sweet rice top note that takes center stage in recipes. But then followed with the most deliciously milky cream that is light, yet full flavored and flufly. Feel free to tinker with this base and use in your recipes. HTTP://DIYORDIEVAPING.COM for more recipe ideas and full flavor notes.

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