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Cheery Morning
Brief Description:
This breakfast mix has suprisingly been an all day vape for me. Like most of my mixes, its lighter in the flavors to work for a higher watt device. If it doesn't feel flavorful enough to you, mix it as a concentrate then use a higher overall %. The flavor tastes like cheerios mixed with sweetened craisins turned into a breakfast bar held together with a raw honey cookie butter.
Sweet Rice (FE) 3.5% / Wheat (FLV) .25%:
Ok so if you ever want a great cheerios stone, this is it. Sweet rice is a great flavor. When mixed with a touch of wheat it bends right into the classic plain cheerios.
Honeycomb (VT) 3% / Almond Cookie (WF) 1.5%:
The honeycomb and almond cookie are acting as the glue that hold the cheerios and craisins together. Honeycomb is like a raw honey. Its sweet and with the almond cookie, actually helps turn the cheerios into honey nut style.
Apple Cranberry (FLV) 1.5% / Meringue (FA) 1%:
The apple cranberry is a solid flavor, it doesn't quite have the craisins texture, but the taste is perfect. The meringue sweetens it up while also helping reduce the dryness of the cheerios.

This actually tastes fantastic as a shake n vape. Let it steep a few days though for all the flavors to blend together.

Dark Peanut is a morning coffee vape pairing liquid.
After waking up, i can't vape very strong juices so i went for a very soft version.

FLV Peanut Butter/ FA Pear
the peanut is the main flavor without being up high, the pear turns your attention away from the nut flavor and opens your palette for the other components

VT Pudding Base/CAP Sweet Cream/FE Sweet Rice
The body, the middle note of the vape, smooth but slightly upfront thanks to the addition of FE Sweet Rice. The Riceflavor adapts to the Peanut and binds these two characters into one picture

INW Tobacco Coctail/FA Up
both of these two flavors do their job to add depth and more character, darkens the flavor profile and adds that little surprise at the end of the inhale and exhale
CAP Super Sweet, it's there to boost the pear and adds to the overall sweetness.

Needs a good steep. I liked it around 1 Week.
FA Up could be changed to WF Brazil Coffee, bt i liked UP more cause it's closer to the slight tobacco note

Feel free to comment, critique is very welcome


if you are bored with the same desert vapes then this is for you. This is my twist on a traditional Asian fried dough desert with sesame, and dang . It is usually made with a rice flour and filled with red bean paste. In this case I wanted to use a starchy sweet filling and used banana puree. The dough is made with the WF sesame and FL sweet dough and the FE rice. While you do not get the overt fried oiliness - you do get a nice dense dough with the rice. The WF candy just brings out a sweet sesame note. along with the Kinako soy. The honey and milk helps bring the sesame and banana banana together and fill in the middle a bit by adding some body to the mix . I
Sweeten to taste with sweetener of choice Made for an episode of Mixin in the kitchen

Apollo Feijoa & Peach Pudding.

After ordering Apollo Feijoa from BCF. I started researching culinary recipes that used it, and I came across a AF & Peach Rice Pudding. So I figured I would take a stab a creating an ejuice using that profile. Though i have never taste a feijoa in real life. I think i did a pretty good job in creating a great tasting ejuice out of it.

VTA Apollo Feijoa: This stuff wasn't as potent as I hoped I single flavor tested this at 6% and didn't get any weird off notes. The recommended single flavor range according to vta is 5%-9%. Range for mixing is 1%-5%. So I went with AF at 3% that way I could still taste. Through the vanilla cream, rice, and peach.

FA Peach: it is one my favorite peachs i own. I used it at 1.5% so it would push through the rice and pudding.

FE Sweet Rice: I stole this from @Shyndo. I had a problem with losing this in the steep & to the other ingredients . Shyndo uses it at 5% in his Mango Sticky Rice to ensure that doesn't happen. I tried it in here at it worked out great and solved my rice problem.

FLV Vanilla Pudding: This is my best pudding option I own & I believe it works great in here at 2%


Trying out some new flavors.

What more can I say . . . three rices and two puddings (with a little bit of Caramel Butter for a bit more buttery richness). This works great as a SNV . . . the rices come together to make an extremely accurate rice flavor. Mixed with a buttery, caramel pudding, I find this to be a smooth, sweet, and savory vape. Mixed at 60vg/40pg . . . it will be interesting to see if the VT Rice Base can hold the FE Sweet Rice flavor together (instead of it devolving into a generic stacrch). The WF Caramel Rice Crispy adds a touch of rice but is an important element of the caramel note paired with WF Caramel Butter.

This tobacco is kinda just dirty and nasty. The sweet rice gives it some extra texture. Bourbon is in there to add brightness. Work in progress

It might be strong on the FE Sweet Rice for some of you. I can't really taste it unless its high. Work in progress. Probably might want to add coconut to this.

This is a mexican rice milk with cinnamon and some fresh strawberries smashed up and thrown into the blender.
The base here is TPA Horchata Smooth,which is a really good place to start with.
CAP Graham Cracker has 2 purposes here.To get some thickness and to infuse a touch more cinnamon.The perfect ingredient for this kind of recipe imo
TPA CGA brings some dairy notes and some body as well to the mix
CAP VBIC here as to get some vanilla in there and to thicken up the horchata.
FE Sweet rice is...you guessed right,to get even more rice flavour.you could pump it up to 4 or 5% if you prefer a more ricy taste
Finally the Strawberry mix.Now this one is a classic 2014/15 combo which still works:why change a winning team? But feel free to use your favourite strawberry combo.


So this came out of a sleepless night and a search for green pancakes for my restaurant. After some searching, I found matcha and matcha rice crispy treats. Intrigued, I made them the next day and they’re pretty damn good! This is my attempt to recreate the lovely, light floral flavor of the treats. And to find another use for FE green tea besides @exclusivegirl’s fabulous recipe.

This is my first posted recipe. Please try it and give me any feedback!

This has been one of m ADV's for awhile. I wanted to try something a little different with the sweet rice. Pistachio came to mind from an Asian influence and these flavors just work really nice together. Even with vanilla custard in the mix the FE Sweet Rice still hangs in there as the top note. This has a nice pistachio flavor that lingers through the vape with a creamy vanilla finish. I can't put it down it is addicting and just works.

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