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This was an attempt at some odd beverage that I've never had. The result is an odd recipe of a beverage I've never had, so I'm not sure its accuracy to the original. Nonetheless, it was tasty.

I was watching the great british baking show and one of the contestants made an Indian barfi. The main ingredients of plain barfis include condensed milk and sugar A few of the famous varieties of barfi include besan barfi (made with gram flour), kaaju barfi (made with cashews), pista barfi (made with ground pistachios), and sing barfi (made with peanuts).
The ingredients are cooked in a vessel until the mixture solidifies.

Based on this desert I came up the combination of rose and pistachio, which is fairly popular pairing.
On the inhale you get a sweet milky creamy coconut note that transitions to a nutty light rose finish . It is unique and really lovely. tested on a reload RDA at 65 watts on a .16 alien coil

The combination of oak milk and condensed milk is just lovley. Iit is full creamy sweet and slightly nutty and almost woody.
Pistachio note is there at the middle and exhale and is made more noticeable by the oak note of the oak milk
The coconut and Thai rice seem to fill in the middle nicely here and just adds some wonder full fullness and body to the profile with out distracting form the pistachio and rose profile to much

This is fairly sweet on its own so does not really need sweetner - although touch of cap super sweet seem to get the rose to sit a bit more on top

I have no fcking clue how, but this is strawberry quik. Give it a 2 weeks steep.

My first original recipe! I was inspired by the Mixin Vixens challenge, but I am not fond of sweets, so this is a more savory take on an ice cream sundae, so, you may want to add sweetener. I was shooting for a nut ice cream, topped with caramel, unsweetened whipped cream, and candied pecans. It is dense and creamy.

I chose LB Vanilla Ice Cream as the base as it has received great reviews, and added TFA Pralines and Cream and Butter Pecan to add the nut flavor. The FE Oak Milk adds a little depth to the flavor, and brings in that savory note. I love cardamon with dairy, so I added FA Cardamom for spice.

The Dulce De Leche adds a little more cream and backs up the Caramel.

The Whipped Cream because, what would this sundae be without whipped cream?

Tested on ss316 0.5 ohm 40 watts. It needs at least a two week steep, but is best with a one month steep.



This is my take on a Thai Style Coconut Rice Pudding. I ordered the real life version at an Aussie Based Thai restaurant and it totally took me back to when I was in Sukhumvit where I enjoyed some of the best street food in the world in downtown Bangkok.

But how will I make this into something not only enjoyable but vapable?

The VTA Rice Base here has aromas and mouthfeel that could only be described as planting your face a freshly steamed bowl of rice complete with the starchy tones and has a wonderful mouthfeel but it needs friends.
The pairing up with FE Sweet rice really helped to offer a little base of sweetness and to pull the basic pudding rice mouthfeel together.
To bring home the pudding ice base and cream it up I needed to balance the lovely and authentic Purilum condensed milk along with Flavorah Milk.
This worked well but what bridged the creams and the rice together wonderfully was the FA Oak Milk. The Oak tones helped the mouthfeel of the rice wile the milk worked in to this very well.
Finally the coconut simply had to be Flavorah Sweet Coconut for it's sweetness and 100% beauty. It's not overbearing and it plays a linear role that is gently applied in the middle of this profile.
A gentle squeeze of the amazing VTA Persian Lime simply helps cut through the density oh so subtlety and is barely noticeable yet noticed when it's not in the recipe.

All up with a Minimum of a 5 day steep and vaping this on an RDA such as a Wotofo Recurve or similar at around 50-60w on a decent coil
(I tested on a SST Alien) you should experience a lovely dense mouthfeel and gather the different nuances of flavour as described above.

However, while I enjoy this as is, I have also tested versions of this adding with (separate versions)
1/ 2% FA Juicy Strawberry
2/ 2% WF Banana Puree
3/ 2% FA White Peach

and all of these versions were very pleasant. Maybe you may enjoy a little Mango on top or another fruit of your delight for something extra. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy this recipe just as much as I have creating it and let me know what you thought, just enjoy DIY &
Together Let's Discover !!

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It's been a while since I've released anything. Kind of been in a lull where I only make juice to vape not for fun. That being said I've got some ideas. This is something I mixed a while back and didn't really think anything of it. Well after a month steep it is absolutely amazing.

My idea was to make a boysenberry maple syrup based custard as well as try some new flavors out that I hadn't used.

The syrup - the boysenberry can be quite strong and off putting so blueberry was added to round it out a bit, and the maple syrup is there well....to you know make it a syrup

Custard - I believe I had pulled the custard idea from dewey and it works well, Oak Milk i felt bridged the gap between the syrup and the custard to make it a more cohesive flavor.

You can vape this after a week or two, but the boysenberry is strong. If that's your thing absolutely go for it but after a month that rich custard comes through and the maple tones down a bit.

Intended to send this in for my 2nd August's Mixers Club entry but will be sending something else. Still, It's a lazy ass mix that simply tastes good.

I went with the plainest tobaccos I could find. Sweet dessert baccos with fairly simple profiles and medium to light body on top of a malty hazelnut butterscotch pudding base.

Shout out to one of my favorite bands that I was blasting the entire time I was thinking this mix up. If you like groovy, doomy and fuzzy metal, check out Windhand! The sheer heaviness and droning fuzz of their music helped inspire me to create a thick and malty recipe to chain vape while listening to their stuff. The title of this mix is taken from one of their recently released songs.

Breakfast of Champions, or Goodbye Blue Monday. I was going to call this Blue Karma, as it was supposed to be a blueberry-caramel milk. However, I thought that name quite trite (and as it turns out off the mark), and, since it was a Monday when I mixed it . . . and I have an undying love for all things Vonnegut, I decided to go with Goodbye Blue Monday. So it goes. On a side note, the name LonesomeRhodesTN, is an homage to Vonnegut's novel, Slapstick (subtitled Lonesome No More), as well as Andy Griffith's character in the amazing Elia Kazan movie, A Face in the Crowd.

This recipe was an experiment with a few new (to me) concentrates: Oak Milk, Melty Caramel, and HS Blueberry.

FW Blueberry (1%) and HS Blueberry (0.5%) make up the candied blueberry flavor. The Cream Fresh (1%), FE Oak Milk (2%), MB Melty Caramel (1.5%), and OOO Cream Milky Undertone (1.5%) come together to make the Tootsie Roll part of the Tootsie Pop (which we all know is not really a chocolate flavor). I'm assuming the malty milk and caramel come together to create this aspect of the flavor. I didn't add any sweetener . . . but I'm sure 0.5% of CAP Super Sweet wouldn't hurt, if you're into that kind of thing.

I'm not going to lie and say this was the flavor I was shooting for, but this tastes spot-on like taking a crunchy, chewy bite out of a Blueberry Tootsie Pop. Tasting this after mixing it three days ago, it was unmistakable that this had become the familiar candy that I loved as a child.

Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

Let's find out. A one . . . A two-HOO . . . A three..

Listening to Pavement's Cream of Gold off the album Terror Twilight when I started thinking about this recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM4PdlXq3wo . . . for real, listen to some Pavement (aside from Sonic Youth, the only band I never got to see that I would kill to see).

This recipe is an homage to the DIYorDie Discord. From the well-deserved love for Fear's Cardinal to daily (he thought, to himself, hourly . . . tongue-in-cheek) discussion of burl wood by JJ'S_WHOLESALE, the Discord is a place where newcomers (like myself) can rub elbows with the heavy hitters of DIY. A place where someone who just placed their first order for concentrates can get advice from mavens like Kopel, ID10-T, JennJarvis, mlNikon, ConcreteRiver, etc (I really could go on at length naming mixers that frequent the Discord). It's an important tool for mixers of any level, in my opinion.

This is, to me, all things golden. It's a smooth, rich, oaky RY4 . . . creamy dollops of butterscotch and caramel drenched tobacco dripping on fresh, glowing coils.

Oak Milk brings a caramel milk to the, already, rich caramel of Holy Holy Grail RY4. These are further enhanced by the buttery creaminess of Butterscotch Ripple paired with FLV's Butterscotch. Vanilla Ruyan blends into the mix . . . a, hinted-at, smoked vanilla custard. Red Oak brings a woodsy, casked touch. The tobacco is an equally-weighted marriage of Red Burley and Native Tobacco. Cream of Gold is dessert tobacco to the core.

Mixed at a 60vg/40pg mix and aged for 3 days . . . I enjoyed it SNV, and even more aged a few days. I feel like this is ready to be released (or it could be the slight drunkenness of an educator that recently received news of another snow day).

A tribute to Lazarus Vintage Journey. “Rolled in cognac and glazed with but­ter­milk, this warm and sweet fla­vor is reserved for only the most exclu­sive cig­ars of the world. Mas­ter Chef Bruce has embold­ened the essence of this fla­vor into a stately and smooth aro­matic fla­vor that amazes and inspires all who taste the wealth of the Jour­ney experience.” There’s no mention of banana there, but from reviews I gather that there is a bit of banana in there.

I have not tried the original, but created this based off of the description and reviews, and it ended up being pretty delicious. Not so much a tobacco flavor, but it’s good.

A note on FE Cigar and TFA RY4 Double: this is a really good combo. A few commercial juices I have tried taste like they are using this combo. The Cigar seems to fix up the RY4 Double and make it really pop. There’s a few RY4 recipes I’ve been playing with lately that I’m using this combo in, and it’s really good. The ratio used here is around where I like to keep them.

INW Brandy has been discontinued, but FA Brandy works just the same.

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Earthy bitter milk.

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