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(FE) Lemon

By: Flavors Express (FE)
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Used in 1841 recipes at an average of 1.395%.


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Actually i was working on a base, but i love this Custard Mix pur to much! A strong vanilla taste, with a lemon zing. I can imagine, the people who like a stronger lemon can add some more FE Lemon and it works fine.

This recipe was featured on thefogvlog Bangers - Custard episode. See the review here

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I'm so glad I participated in this weeks mix because this mix is so delicious! Really enjoying this one

The crispy outer shell layer used CAP Cereal 27, WF Deep fried pastry dough and WF Glazed donut

I feel the Cereal 27 contributes nicely to the crispy outer shell of the pastry with the deep fried pastry dough and glazed donut for the inside portion

The cream base used here is the new FA vanilla ice cream with CAP Vanilla whipped cream for mouth feel. My original thought was to use LB VBIC, but I use that so often, I wanted to try FA in a mix.

I used FE Lemon with FA Custard to make that lemon pop a bit
The first version of this, I used FA Lemon sicily, but it did not come thru the way FE Lemon did. Also, I know the FE Lemon will not fade the way Lemon sicily will after a good steep.

CAP Super sweet is optional but I feel it contributes to the recipe

I created this after mixing 3 versions of a straight up Cream puff. Although I was pretty happy with one of the 3, I feel the profile was a bit basic and needed a little something more for it to be something I would vape a lot of. That is where the lemon comes in.

I was working with another mixer, leptest, on a raspberry/currant profile. He went another direction. This is what I ended up with.

FA Blackcurrant is dominant here, turning the raspberries darker and highlighting the show. It sits on top here very well.

INW Raspberry/TFA Raspberry Sweet gives us a pretty potent Raspberry with a little bit of sweetness (EM) to tone down the floral notes a bit. If you're sensitive to INW Raspberry you can dial it down to 1-1.5% if you want. I can vape it straight all day long at 2%. Some people can't.

INW Shisha Strawberry brings more berry sweetness to the base and keeps the mix interesting, giving it that certain something.

FA Pear is here for juiciness and to lighten things up. I find that it keeps a leash on the syrupy side of Shisha Strawberry.

FE Lemon here in a tiny amount helps to lift and brighten the berries just a smidge.

I like this without sweetener and/or coolant. This mix is really great with a little koolada or WS-23 though.

Tried VT Yoghurt Drink for the first time and this is the recipe i came up with.

Rhubarb stands out with the tartness but gets some help of lemon and apple.
Yoghurt Drink combination of Frozen Yogurt and Yoghurt Drink seems to be a good combo, i'll guess with that base there can be a lot of variations of this recipe.
If you like this with cooling, use WS23 but very low.


FA Metaphor has a creamy vanilla angel food cake flavor, fluffy and light. I decided against Pandoro.
FA Custard premium - some moisture for the cake and it steeps fast. You could use FA custard if you want but I don't have it and don't know what the lemon notes in it will do to everything else already in here.
FW Lemon Mernigue Pie - I originally had vanilla cupcake but it wasn't behaving too low and its all icing too high and its too much vanilla.
VT Buttercream frosting - you need frosting and this boosts the cupcake icing element.
CAP Butter cream - backs up the buttercream frosting preventing it from being powdery
VT Persian lime - some added tartness
FE Lemon - non-fading and decent in bakeries. A low amount due to lighter lemon notes from Metaphor already present.
VT Vanilla cream - This stuff is just great so it has to be there.
Sweeten to taste/ Vape Wizard etc you can suit yourself here but I use 0.5/0.25.
Releasing this primarily for feedback which is rare. Hope it helps someone at least get an idea.

This is a simple recipe for mtl or pod devices.

An ice cold freshly made lemonade.

My vaping style completely changed to mtl.
So after a few years of mixing, i changed my mixing style to mix simple recipes specifically for mtl/pod devices.

The % of flavors is much higher than normal recipes.
But This works great in mtl/pod devices. The flavor is nice and bold.
Mix at 50/50 with desired nic strength.


Bought some Meyer Lemon White Chocolate cookies on a recent trip to Publix. This is my take on them. They were thin with crisp edges (INW Biscuit) and gooey centers (FLV Cookie Dough). The lemon was bright and up front (FE Lemon) . . . riding on top of the sweet sugar cookie dough (CAP Sugar Cookie). They were liberally dotted with white chocolate chips (TPA White Chocolate/LA Cream Cheese Icing) and dusted lightly with powdered sugar (FA Meringue).


Plump blueberries, smooth, custardy creme brulee, and earthy tobaccos.

A little bit of EdibleMalfunction's Blueberry Trinity (minus the Bilberry) with a kiss of FE Lemon to make the berries pop (per EdibleMalfunction as well and as evidenced by ID10-T's Viserion).

The body of the creme brulee is FA Custard Premium and WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard. The OOO Creme Brulee is there to add the torched sugar top to the custard. The creme brulee part of the recipe, with the Vanilla Ruyan and burnt sugar of the OOO Creme Brulee really plays well with the FLV tobaccos. It bridges the gap between the bright, sweet fruit notes and the darker, earthy tobaccos.

Long Gone Lonesome Blues by Hank Williams

Where the name Lonesome Rhodes comes from . . . Elia Kazan's A Face in the Crowd

Mixed at 60vg/40 pg and well-shaken, this performs admirably as a SNV . . . a day later, and it is still great. I literally went to bed looking forward to waking up to try this with coffee . . . the experience did not disappoint.

Toucan Sam finally reached his breaking point! He couldn't take the pressure of show biz anymore. For years he held his beak and wouldn't say what was really on his mind. Those fruity circles had drove him to madness. He cracked over wondering "What kind of fruits are in these fucking circles?". He started drinking heavy and the stress got the best of him. He ended it all with a bullet to the head. All the years of eating those delicious fruit circles had turned his brain into the very thing that drove him to depression and madness. Now you can taste what was on his mind with ...Sad Sam Circles.

Ok, ok, I know, it's corny. But, this has been a serious journey into making a great "Froot Loops" cereal vape. I can't remember how long it's been since I've had Froot Loops but taste memory is so strong, I still remember what it taste like. My quest for a better "Froot Loops" vape started with vaping Looper by ANML. And to be honest I wasn't impressed. I got weird off notes from it and tried to clone it to make it better but I didn't seem to get there. I also purchased Kilo's Cereal Milk. This was a lot better but it still didn't quite do it for me. It had too much of an orange note that I didn't care for. So I decided to create my own to fit my tastes in a "Froot Loops" vape.

Most mixers will start with a fruit circles flavoring as their base. With most of these I get a weird lemon pledge note that I just did not enjoy, so I decided to build my own cereal base.

The Cereal:
I have recently re-discovered CAP Gingerbread. It's a very versatile flavoring for all sorts of bakeries and cereals. It adds a soft chewy ginger cookie when used at higher percentage and at lower percentages a nice sweet soft bakery with hints of ginger. When paired with JF Biscuit, it transforms into a nice cereal base and without the "lemon Pledge" note.

The milk:
I tried several different milk bases including combinations of OOO cream milky undertones, FA meringue, FA cream Fresh, and FA Milk. I settled on FA Milk and FA Meringue. It seems to have the best sugary sweet creamy milk I was going for. I also added CAP Vanilla Custard to give the milk an almost condensed milk note to add some thickness and body to the milk.

The "Froot":

As I mentioned, Cereal Milk by Kilo was a pretty tasty eliquid, however, I didn't like the orange note in the juice. So I decided not to add any orange and base my "Froot" on just the lemon. FE Lemon was the obvious choice. To me, it's the best lemon out there that has the least off notes and will not fade as bad as the others. At .75% it is spot on for what I was shooting for.

The sweetness level might be a little high for some. I did try it without sweetener and it seemed to lack vibrancy. If you like less sweet vapes, I would suggest only using .25% CAP Super Sweet. But .5% worked for me.

Steep time is best at 1 week to let the CAP Vanilla Custard bloom but 2-3 days is good as well.

I hope people that love cereal vapes will mix this and see how close I've gotten to a "Froot Loops". Any comments, reviews, good or bad is welcomed. It makes us all better mixers. :)
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An ice cold blueberry cream.

Yes, that's 19% total flavor. I am not ashamed. I wanted that flavor fully saturated and satisfying and able to stand up to a lot of cooling for summer and here it is.

It tastes kind of like frozen blueberry pie filling topped with rich vanilla whipped cream except turned upside down because of course the cream comes in underneath, as creams do.

FW Blueberry/TFA Blueberry Extra - Blueberry syrup and blueberries.

TFA Dragonfruit - Blends with FW Blueberry to make it more reminiscent of that thick, shiny goop that is blueberry pie filling.

FE Lemon - A little lemon makes blueberries pop just like it does when cooking and baking. Plenty of other lemon flavors would work here at 0.25% but I wanted one that doesn't fade.

TFA Vanilla Swirl/TFA Bavarian Cream - This has long been one of my favorite combinations of creams for a full mouthfeel and richness and a nice bit of vanilla in the background.

CAP Super Sweet - 0.25%, just enough to really carry that sweet cream to the finish line and beyond. I chose this sweetener over others I'd usually reach for first due to its potency, to keep from going even higher than 19%. But FLV Sweetness or FW Sweetener would work just as well in the 0.35 to 0.5% range.

WS-23 - It's 100+ Fahrenheit every day for the past week and for the forecastable future. I need a cold vape. Not all the time, but I need one I can reach for that's mixed up and ready to go. A different coolant will not work here. They'll rip those creams to shreds.

Steep Time - I put 7 days as a minimum, but best after? Not sure. At three weeks here, it keeps getting better.

Flavor Notes