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So this came out of a sleepless night and a search for green pancakes for my restaurant. After some searching, I found matcha and matcha rice crispy treats. Intrigued, I made them the next day and they’re pretty damn good! This is my attempt to recreate the lovely, light floral flavor of the treats. And to find another use for FE green tea besides @exclusivegirl’s fabulous recipe.

This is my first posted recipe. Please try it and give me any feedback!


A nice, not-too-sweet, spiced herbal tea. Still in progress, but still lovely.

RF Masala Chai - SC: Provides the body of the recipe. Delicious.
FE Green Tea: Adds an earthy, herbal flavor while also toning down
the sweetness of the spices in Masala Chai while keeping the flavor present.
FLV Cream & TPA Vanilla Swirl: This combination gives the impression
of a splash of vanilla creamer in your chai tea.

S&V is possible but recommened steep time is 5 days
to let FE Green tea calm down and FLV Cream build up the creamy mouth-feel.

Matcha Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

After becoming obsessed with watching YouTube baking instructional videos (Looking at YOU, Cupcake Jemma (My newest YouTube crush)) I stumbled on one for Matcha Glazed Cinnamon Rolls. Having tried Exclusivegirls Green Tea Kit Kat (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/17404) and loving the hell out of the earthiness that it had (but only getting the pepper that comes with TPA white chocolate), I decided to whip this up. Straight away I loved it, but with a bit of a steep the Green Tea really finds it's place, it mixes really well with the bakery notes and just finds an interesting and nice common ground with an earthiness that for some reason mixed extraordinarily well with all that cinnamon.


FA Joy / CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl / FA Zeppola / FA Nonna's Cake / TPA Brown Sugar / FLV Rich Cinnamon / TPA Caramel
This combo makes up a fantastic Cinnamon roll. CDS forms the base and is propped up by the Zeppola to give it a bit more of a fresh baked and cakey mouth feel. The Nonna's Cake adds a nice denseness and richness to the mix, it also helped tone down a bit of the bakery notes to a bit more of a brownie type texture which helps with the dense middle part of the roll and stops the recipe drying out. The Brown Sugar and Rich Cinnamon are there to bolster up the cinnamon note in CDS and bring it more towards a more authentic flavour. The Caramel helps bring a more caramelized flavour to the Brown Sugar and gives it a delightful gooeyness. FA Joy is there to bring a bit of yeast to the table, as Cinnamon Rolls are made using a yeast activated dough, I felt I could add a smidge to the mix and was pleasantly surprised.

FE Green Tea / WF Butter Cream Frosting SC / CAP French Vanilla / CAP Super Sweet
Wonder Flavours has pulled some sort of miracle with their Butter Cream Frosting SC, it's just such a nice, decedent frosting base, nothing really needs to be added, but I decided I wanted a bit more of a vanilla back note, hence the French Vanilla. FE Green tea is just good, it tastes like a legit Matcha powder, and as well as the earthiness it brings, Green Tea packs a good smooth mouth feel to boot. The acidity from the lemon notes in FA Zeppola and Nonna's Cake helps bring forward the Matcha in the buttercream frosting, they just really help give it a brightness .Cap Super Sweet there because who doesn't want their butter cream frosting to be sweet??

My initial 30ml bottle lasted about 2 days, I didn't even put a label on it. I'm not usually one to bother with steeping, I don't think it really does THAT much the majority of the time; However, after taking my time with the second batch and seeing how it tasted over the course of a week, this recipe definitely benefits from a bit of a steep in some way. I'd say give it a vape after a shake, but remember it ages pretty well.

Let me know what you think! I always welcome constructive criticism


Master Matchi (Green Tea, Ice Cream, Pocky)
Inspired by: Exclusivegirl and ID10T
Matcha Green Tea infused Ice Cream with Pocky bits.
Reminds me a lot of Jazzy Boba.


An iced green tea latte based on that coffee shop one. Needs 10 days before it comes good.


I took Wayne's Yeo Layer crossed with the creams and honeysuckle from ID10-T's Longing, added a hefty dose of Holy Vanilla, and applied a sprinkling of FA Coconut . . . this is The White Hummingbird.
Sweet rice is the main note here layered on top of a warm, sweet honeysuckle-laced vanilla cream. For me, it's a very satisfying vape . . . sweet, savory, warm, and slightly floral. I mixed up 30mL, shook it like hell, and let it rest for 24 hours before trying it. It will be interesting to see what happens as this continues to age . . . as it stands, I'm thinking I should mix up another because this bottle may not last long enough to find out.
Much respect to ENYAWREKLAW and ID10-T for the exceptional resources they provide to the DIY community!

Green Hummingbird quick notes . . . dropped honeysuckle and Holy Vanilla percentages . . . switched FA Coco' to TPA Coconut Candy. Added Basil and Green Tea . . . will probably adjust both a bit higher.

Quick recipe for the Mixathon.

Full bodied cantaloupe green tea

I really wanted to make this a milk tea, but kept it simpler.

Mochigome(Mah-che-go-may) Green Tea Ice Cream Rice Cake is a traditional desert in Japan. Unfortunately we dont have red bean easily available to us, at least not one that doesnt take over like fa red bean which is still not what I'm looking for in sweet red bean paste, but this makes do. Enjoyed my ninja warriors, youll need this in battle.
"I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times side. Stayin' alive was no jive. Had secondhands, Mom's bounced on old man. So then we moved to Shaolin land"


Welp, I finally did it, I made a summer-like recipe that I actually quite enjoy. This is a recipe I've been working on since late April and is loosely based off of SVRF's Satisfying. However, I wouldn't go as far as to call this a remix because it's almost a totally different profile. This is a chilled class of green tea with a squeeze of lemon and a hint of raspberry. Originally, I had wanted to make a clone/remix of Satisfying by SVRF, but it soon developed into a mix entirely in of its own. Prepare to be satisfied.

FE Green Tea - through many bogus testing of different green teas from various vendors, I came back to this bottle from Flavor Express I had bought a while ago from trying Exclusive Girl's GTKK. I use this at 1.5% to stay strong amongst the raspberries I use in the mix. At 1.5%, it holds itself strong without being too weak as to be overpowered by the raspberries.

INW Raspberry, TPA Raspberry Sweet - normally in my bakeries and dessert recipes, I will use Raspberry Sweet and INW Raspberry at a 2:1 ratio to have a nice raspberry syrup with slight authenticity. However, I wanted less sweetness and more authenticity in this recipe; almost like you have some muddled raspberries floating atop of the tea. At this ratio, it achieves exactly what I was looking for without overpowering the Green Tea.

FA Lemon Sicily - this plays two roles: it helps make the raspberries slightly more tart and I personally love my tea mixed with some lemon juice. At 1%, it is enough to boost the raspberries and be noticed throughout the recipe.

Koolada is used at .25% to "chill" the recipe without making it completely an iced drink. Koolada can be adjusted to your preference, or left out completely if you do choose.

Sweetener is always subjective.

This is 100% a SnV, although if you are sensitive to INW Raspberry or FE GT, letting the bottle sit overnight should take away some of that scratchy throat shit.

So there we have it. A recipe that, in my opinion, is better that the source material that inspired it. If you guys have been noticing me as of lately, you probably get that I don't really do fruits/summertime vapes, but this is definitely one that I am proud to have created and enjoy the absolute fuck out of. Please mix this up and let me know what you guys think!

LIVE MIXING 5/26 Tropical iced tea with pineapple and hibiscus flowers.

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