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I saw a silly Truth ad, which showed a gentleman by the name of "Jerry Purdrank" hating against vaping. The irony. Anyways, I dedicate this recipe to him. Maybe it will help him also kick his LEAN ADDICTION (which I'd argue is far worse than a little vaping).

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A peanut butter and Caramel infused cheesecake, with a spread of grape jelly to end things.

Dulce and Caramel butter to back up the already awesome ssa peanut butter. Sweet yogurt for that cheesecake tang. Graham cracker to really boost that crust note to play with the pb. And a light combo of candied grapes for a light jelly finish.

Here SS plays into the jelly.

Mixing this for a friend who wants the Grape Aloe puffbar flavoring for her subohm. I'm just assuming here that "eucalyptus" is close enough to aloe, as when i vaped her puff bar thats what i tasted. Inw eucalyptus and mint. And grape juice. Enjoy!

Watch out kids....

....he's gonna grape you in the mouth.

Hide yo radiators.

+SS is used high here for a more candied effect, ws-23 is optional as always.

(This is a WKUK reference and is in no way meant to offend or harm anybodys sensibilities...)

P.s. also gotta give credit where it is due, a solid grape trio in here came inspired from J.Jarvis' Epic Grape PB&J, of which i am a huuuuge fan of.

Got some Inspiration from Theo's Grapey Vapey and Pippa's Pop my Grape, and made something for MTL

Another purple Grape BubbleGum, But for MTL!
The Purpz: Mainly FE Grape, this has a potent Purple grape flavor that works well in Candies and artificial grape juice. I then used the TFA Grape Juice and Dragon fruit to give a juicy boost to the grape note.

Tested on Berserker 1.5 MTL with a 0.55 Ohm Nano Fused Clapton
American Bubblegum was an easy choice. I kept it low here as I didnt want to deal with weird notes that I get from ALL bubblegum

SS, I'd say yes. But hey, take it out if you dont like the sweet stuff in life.

I like Grape Bubblegum, I like Yogurt and now I Like Grape bubblegum Yogurt!!

I really enjoy the taste of purple grape combined with Bubblegum flavor, so Used my two grapes with TFA Bubblegum for my main grape note and added my Yogurt combo of Frozen Yogurt and Greek Yogurt to get to my deliciousness.

WS for a Touch of coolness and Sweetener to boost the Grape bubblegum.

I personally enjoy this from the Shake!

We spoke about it in this video : https://youtu.be/nDlyaa2zQ0M

My initial idea for a Blackcurrant layer was that I could work it into a Energy drink type of Juice, Like our PowerAde we have here.

I See this Layer working in:
- Booster for Berries in Beverages or Beverages in general
- To add a bit of Juiciness to a dark Candy
- To use in combo with a Citrus profile
- and even in a bakery like blueberry or Blackcurrant Pie

This layer serves as a great booster to Juices that need a bit more bang on the berries.
compliments a recipe with a nice sweet juicy and Fruity layer.

- I tried this with Blackcurrant at 3.5% and it works well enough, but Felt that it needs a touch more for my Beverage use.
- Could work with some Cream Fresh (low)

I think this can also work well with @thefogvlog Lemonade Layer


I have gone through so many variations of grape recipes to finally get here. The Grape Juice & White Grape combo is great - but can easily read as sweet wine, which is useful, but not what I was going for. I did want a darker grape, without using Grape Concorde. I wanted it to read as a slightly sweetened, blended grape drink that is somewhat authentic, and somewhat sweetened & flavoured.

Grape Trinity
FE Grape - lovely mix between authentic, and slightly candy. Works great to add another layer to my grape
FA White - adds a smidge of body, surypy sweetness
TPA Grape Juice - this is mostly the base of the trinity, extremely underated grape

FA Black Currant - was added very low to bring some body, as most grapes can read quite flat - it also adds a bit of purple to the paler grapes.

Sweeten & Cool as you prefer - my suggestions here is for a more commercial feel sweet grape juice. The WS23 I use is a 20% dilution.

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