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Not My Recipe
We are going back old skool with this mix... One of the my OG vape liquids...This is a remix of GLV's El Kamino! It's a dark Tobacco recipe with a lil Banana and CDS thrown in to take it to the next level.
I found this a long long time ago on Reddit when I first started mixing... It's in a thread of solid clones that came from u/icecreamterror over at Planet of the Vapes (is what the thread says). Other than that I don't know who to give credit & thanks to.

For all I know this might not even be a remix but the Real Deal it tastes that good... 🤤

Talking with Eric Buss (Squid Vapor LLC), he mentioned a savory custard tobacco, and that got me thinking of a brew. So this is my tribute to him for all he does for the community.

Let this one steep 7 days minimum for the custard to settle into the mix.

(Cap) Vanilla Custard - The main custard note.

(TPA) Pecan - Added for that savory nutty note to compliment and take a little of the sweetness off of the RY4. I initially thought of using (TPA) Pistachio, but I thought that may make the recipe too much like Wayne Walker's Stacio-RY4-U with a hint of pipe tobacco added.

(TPA) RY4 Double - Used here for that caramel tobacco note. I started at 3.25%, but it was too far forward. This version is dialed back to 2% with the (FE) Captain bumped up from 2.25% to 3.5%

(FE) Captain - (Using ECX's description) sweet pipe tobacco flavor with hints of maple and coconut. I needed to round out the tobacco with a nice pipe blend, and I really enjoy FE Captain.

(FE) Tobacco Absolute - Added to "dirty" up the tobacco and round off the edges of the coconut, maple and caramel notes from the Captain and RY4 Double.

All credit to ChemicalBurnVictim.
I bumped up the Magic Mix and Graham cracker while cutting the captain flavor, and Dedert Ship in an attempt to get a little closer to AVE's Boba's Bounty.


Many have tried. All have failed. I just really wanted to be part of the long history of failures.

HS Magic Mix: This is my raisin note. At first I didn’t really taste it with the real thing. I thought everyone was crazy. But after a few months of forgetting about it after my first round of frantic clone attempts, I licked some off the back of my hand, and there she was. I’ll be damned, it has a raisin note.

FE Tobacco Absolute: Many have claimed that there had to be an NET in there, but I am throwing my hat in to say I think it’s a TA. I would assume that the TA was the ingredient that was no longer available and that’s why it went for its little vacation. I also believe that when AVE claims to use 40% flavoring, it is because they are making a super weak concentration of the Tobacco Absolute and using it at like 30%. I’m going to make sure the foil doesn’t fall off my head here, but I also have a hunch that they are diluting their TA in PG. They can consider it a “flavor” and still get away with saying they have no “added” PG. I mixed this up max VG and it just wasn’t quite right. 60/40 was much better. There was also the GCMS that Bobbysavage had done on some Boba’s, and it came out pretty much 60/40. I don’t think I trust any of the other results of that sample, but I’d think that the VG/PG ratio would be easier to determine. Just pure speculation, really. Just wanted to throw some of my own conspiracy theories out there to build the lore ;)

CAP Graham Cracker: It’s rich and has a hint of cinnamon. I think a lot of the flavor bending and confusing notes comes from the way all the tobaccos blend with this graham cracker.

The real pain in the ass part of trying to do a true clone was finding out what flavors were available at the time it was created in 2009. ECX was around back then, but I used the way back machine to look at the site in 2009, and the only DIY stuff it seemed like they had was PG, VG, and menthol crystals. The flavors that ECX sells as FE and everyone else sells as Super Concentrates I believe come from the Chinese company Xi’an Taima, and the only post on ECF asking about them was from 2010, so for the sake of just being done with this shit finally, I’m going to say they were probably available if you were creative back then. I did find a LinkedIn profile for the company that stated that they were founded in November of 2008, so there’s that. If everyone else uses Black Mile or Black Mile Plus, then I think I’ll be ok throwing out my own ideas on some FE tobaccos to use.

FE Captain: Not only does this flavor give me some of the same vibes that Boba’s does, it’s also pretty complex on its own. There’s so many things happening with it that others seem to pick out of Boba’s that I think I’d be stupid not to use it. Is there caramel? Vanilla? Coconut? Pipe tobacco? Chocolate? All depends on what your tongue wants to taste that day.

FE Desert Ship: When I first tested this I thought it was just begging to be thrown in a Boba’s clone. It’s got a pretty generic FE tobacco base with maybe a hint of some spices.

So the Captain takes care of those Base note subtleties, and the Desert Ship does the top note spices. The graham cracker blends them together, and also brings the raisin in to more of a bakery type of raisin, if that makes sense. And the Tobacco Absolute provides the real tobacco taste with a hint of ash.

And now I can rest easy knowing that I have thrown my name in to the bottomless pit of failed Boba’s Bounty cloners.

Note on the steeping: 7 days is the point that the Captain started to fall in to place a little more and the whole thing started to taste closer to Boba’s. It’s going to keep changing after that, but the 7 days is the point you should start saying, “Chem has lost his mind, this isn’t close at all.”

FE Captain: a very full flavor by itself. Hard to describe exactly what it tastes like. Almost bold cocoa notes with little dark fruit and coconut. But not strong at all on the coconut or fruit. One of my favorites from the ECX line. Great base to layer things on. Got around to ordering SC Old Captain, and I am 98% sure it is the same as FE Captain. I suspected as much, but now I have both and can confirm. So use either.

Tobacco Morning Rain: tobacco is kind of hard to detect here, but the citrus sweet cooling part of it is very obvious. In this recipe I'm using it mostly for the cooling sensation like Polar Blast or Koolada, but also to add a bit of brightness to the mix. The cooling seems to be a little different than Polar Blast, as I start to feel it about halfway through the inhale, as opposed to on the exhale with Polar Blast.

Flue Cured: just there to kind of sweeten things up a bit. Not a whole lot to say about it other than it's sweet.

This would have probably been a better recipe to make coming in to summer, but the seasons really have no impact on how I vape, so I ain't mad about it. I smoked Camel Lights all year round, so I vape whatever all year round. But if you're a seasonal type of person and this looks good to you, get it in before winter.


This one has had so many different iterations that it raises philosophical questions as to whether it's even the same thing it started as. But I think it's finally where I wanted it. I really wanted a bold Tobacco with chocolate and leather undertones. Originally, the chocolate came from INW French Pipe, but it was rather weak in the mix, so I started throwing in some FE tobaccos with it. Eventually, it became clear that it was better without.

FE Captain doesn't necessarily have a strong chocolate note to it, but it is very rich and has an almost chocolate feeling to it, if that makes sense.

The Western was the hardest part of this mix for me. My first test of the TFA version had a cough medicine taste to me, so I've always avoided using it. The first attempt at this profile I used INW Western, which also had a very offensive taste, but I was hoping that mixing it super low and steeping would help it. It did not. To the trash that mix went. Next up was FA Cowboy. It didn't have the cough medicine taste, but it also didn't have a good taste. On to v3 I went. I finally gave TFA Western another shot, and this time things went much better. Either something with my tastebuds changed, or I just had to find the right place for it. Either way, it provides a nice bit of leathery taste here, and also adds a bit of that chocolate nuance.

FLV Red Burley is in there to add a bit more tobacco and a little bit of earthiness for the Western and Captain to mix with. All together, it ends up a nice strong, bold tobacco flavor.

DNB and Black Fire in there just doin their thang. Adding a bit of smoke and ash to the mix. As far as steeping goes, the Black Fire will dominate the first couple of days, so bare minimum is about 4 days. Optimal is 2 weeks.

This sumbitch may have taken a few months to finally get it where I liked it, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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