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(FE) Avocado

By: Flavors Express (FE) - Buy Direct

Used in 14 recipes at an average of 2.447%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


As most folks in the DIY e-liquid game right now know I am not a big fan of tobacco. That being said I really enjoy RY4 and DIYFS nails it with Holy Holy RY4. This is a very simple recipe but that simplicity does not carry over to the flavor profile. FE Avocado brings so much depth and mouth feel to this profile it is insane. This mix has zero edginess, meaning it is extremely full and rounded making it exactly the tobacco vape profile that I was looking for. Out of all the tobacco recipes that I have vaped it is the closest to feeling like actual smoke. There is a perfect amount of throat hit like you would want from actual smoke and hold on to your DIYORDIE hat..... it is even delicious as a shake and vape all though after 4 days the flavor and fullness has completely saturated the VG. I am definitely going to add this to my ADV line up, and it is another canidate for my extended (6 months) steep batches. So pick up these 2 concentrates turn on your scale and make a big ole bottle you will not regret it. Then sit back and vape it on down. This profile pairs very well with a IPA or a small glass of top shelf scotch. Enjoy it and let me what you think. Thanks, KRUCIAL

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