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(FM) Green Apple

By: Flavormonks (FM) - Buy Direct

Used in 9 recipes at an average of 3.334%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is an apple profile. it's more of an apple candy but can be made into an authentic by adding a touche of Malic acid. As you may have noticed from my recipes. I tend to lean more to the in your face profiles with full flavors that are hard to miss. This might not be your goto dripper recipe, but it is awesome in a sub-ohm tank in my opinion.

CAP: Double Apple
This is the main star of the recipe. It gives it it's up front apple flavor.

FA: Apple Fuji
This adds a little juice to the apple. It's a more authentic apple flavor but is mainly used for the juiciness.

INW: Cactus
Like the Fuji, it's here for the juiciness. But unlike the Fuji, it doesn't add to the main profile.

FM: Green Apple
This add's a more Granny Smit kind of tartness to the profile. Adding a bit of Malic acid would make the profile tip over more to the green apple side. If flavormons is not available in your country, you can substitute this with another authentic real green apple flavor. But i tested it with this one. Be sure it's an authentic green apple though!

CAP: Super Sweet
Adds some sweetness to the profile and make the apple flavor land more on the palet. Otherwise the flavor with be more in the nose during exhale. This makes the apple noticeable on the inhale as well.


Malic acid:
As discussed above, this would make it more of a tarte, sour green apple.
Would recommend 0.5 - 1%

Koolada WS-23:
This turns the profile into a cool summer vape without drawing to much attention from the main apple profile.
Would recommend 1 - 2%

Flavor Notes