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(FM) Gin Orange

By: Flavormonks (FM) - Buy Direct

Used in 7 recipes at an average of 2.829%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I wanted to play around with FLV Mimosa and found a good pairing with DV Absinth and FM Gin Orange.
It creates a kind of boozy mentholated vape which is fairly pleasing after 3 days of steeping.
It almost gives the impression that there is koolada in the recipe, but that's just the combo of the Absinth and the Gin.
You can vape it DL, but to me it tastes best when used in MTL.

During Prohibition, the simple gin-and-orange-juice Orange Blossom tipple was a big hit among illicit imbibers. The recipe, which is very similar to a Screwdriver, was a perfect way to disguise booze.......
We are disguising it now as a delicious after dinner Vape .....
I used the Flavor Monks Gin Orange high in this recipe ..not as high as FlavorMonks recommends but higher than i normally use flavors...
The Gin orange and blood orange together gives this recipe a strong orange essence aroma wise, but very smooth taste wise you almost cannot taste the gin or alcohol graininess the grenadine adds a cherriness to the mix and mellows out the Citron notes the blood orange usually gives off but was in a very pleasent and appealling way, the Lemon lime was used for juiciness or add the feel of wetness, to further add alittle depth to the recipe WF champange soda SC Was added to further add wetness to the recipe, I was looking for the tartness but unfortunately these ingredients didn't add that note.. I will have to look for something to give that sweet and tartness I'm looking for poss VT Fizzy Sherbet... I hope you all enjoy this recipe it is quite good even lacking the tart note this particular drink inherently has..... Thanks FM for these awesome flavors...

Rhubarb, orange, basil gin

I wanted too make something with flavor
monks gin, and I went with gin orange.

This was pretty much a firstly timer, and I might change it a bit, but as it is, it’s quite what I wanted.

I know there probably aren’t many people who got the flavor monks gin, but if you do, give it a try😁🍸

Iced Volcano Gin is an interesting recipe which breaks a lot of your weekly routines and your all day vapes

I created it to use is in any good rda, rta or even good sub ohm tanks, just make sure that you maybe lower the VG % if using it in subohm tanks.
I crafted this recipe mainly on a dotmod petri and the hadaly.

The flavor profile is strong, floral, sweet and unusual.
Maybe a fresh breeze in all the creams, candys, custards.

FA Marshmallow - you all know what it does, binding the flavors together, balancing sweet and tart
TPA Cotton Candy - sweetens up your life
FLV Lemon Grass - well it does something to this mix, the exotic floral note really gets me here
INW Sparkling Wine - no seen very often but this also gives you a new tasting sensation
FA Gin - the lower, stronger note of my Gin
FM Gin Orange - suprising cool flavor, floral and unexpected
FA Hypnotic Mist - adds that special something to the mix, used it for the first time and i like it

Mix it at 70/30 and steep for 5 days or more
If the recipe is too strong for you, lower both Gin's a bit

Hope you all like something experimental and new

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