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(FM) Cohiba Tobacco

By: Flavormonks (FM) - Buy Direct

Used in 3 recipes at an average of 3.0%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Mixer's Club December 2020 - Chocolates

This is kind of a mash up of two incomplete recipes I'd mixed: Dec 26th and Frank's Vanilla Cigar. The former lacked a proper bacco filling and the latter lacks a strong counterpoint to the Cohiba. Together with a few minor changes, this came together for me. Here you get enough accents and such to smooth the heft of FM TB Cohiba and you get the sugary sweet mint from the WCPM boosted by the choc Deutch. It's a little weird, admittedly, and probably definitely entirely too sweet. Vape this in the morning with coffee, after dinner, or voop it up. All tested and true.


FM Cohiba is a strong cigar even at 3% (recommended use on the website is much higher). It gives a gritty mouth and is almost too authentic for me. So i decided to soften it a bit with vanilla for pipe and a little sweetness from ry4 double. Still very much cigar forward, it has a strong vanilla note with a sweeter finish. This was an attempt to make this flavor work after a poorly planned initial sft at 10% that had me ill like i vaped a real cigar. Designed, developed and approved by Frank, my barber, who said, "It's the bomb". Frank's a good guy and he likes cigars.

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