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(FW) Yogurt

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: mint tobacco

Used in 306 recipes at an average of 3.122%.


14 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Delicious rice crispy treat crust with a creamy vanilla whipped sugar creamy southern frosting center

A creamy and rich milk chocolate recipe.
Sweetener is not necessary, but makes for a much more authentic experience.

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A unique mix of berries and Pineapple in a tart Cream that will Knock you out ! Sweet taste of strawberry and Raspberry with the tangy creaminess of the pineapple and yogurt that has a unique mouth feel.

Blueberry, Blackberry, and Huckleberry blended together into a wonderful creamy yogurt.

This was my first venture into creamy/yogurt vapes. EdibleMalfunction was kind enough to share his yogurt base with me and that was my starting point.

I wanted to do a blend of a bunch of different berries rather than just one or two. So I started with the always wonderful FW Blueberry and FA Bilberry combo. For me this makes a great blueberry that's sweet but not over sweet and candied but not over candied.

I chose TPA Blackberry and TPA Huckleberry to add a depth of sorts to the mix. The blackberry has a nice tart berry flavor that works well with the sweetness of the blueberries. Huckleberry worked wonderfully to work in a nice sweet jammy flavor into the berry blend. These two took a bit of work to get to a good place as they are very strong flavors. My first attempt with the two was at 1% and .75% respectively and they overpowered everything in the mix. Cutting them down to .5% each helped significantly in allowing them to complete the roles I wanted them to without taking away from everything else in the mix.

Just a nice peaches and cream recipe. Nice and Sweet and really creamy. Needs about 2-3 days Steep. Mixed at 65/35. I mix juicy peach this high as I don’t really taste that peach unless it’s above 6% or higher. The nectarine make the juicyness of the peach more vibrant, without adding an off note to the recipe.

I am very happy to say that I am finally done with this recipe. After 8 versions its finally done enjoy.

V2 - added apricot to make the peach and mango blend together better and changed what yogurts I was using because I prefer these ones.

V3 - after watching #noted I switched my peach blend up. ----- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc1gF4slG54

v4- added inw peach, removed wf frozen yogurt, added cap greek yogurt, tweeked percentages, needed more yogurt

v5- further tweeking of percentages still needed more yogurt

V6-Final- Added Island Mango, Added Apricot, and sugar cookie. I tried a cheesecake but it wasn't giving me the sweet thick back note I wanted. Without it the yogurt is a pretty light vape without any mouthfeel

Final for real this time - switched the CAP Sugar Cookie to FLV Vanilla Pudding and it changes the yogurt into a Tricks yogurt. enjoy

Hello Summer!! So way back I vaped NAKED Green Blast and all I tasted was Honeydew. Like most commercial juice it left a lot to be desired. After looking at the profile I was inspired to come up with something that I think is completely refreshing, unique, and a rad balanced green leitmotif. Some say it tastes like the Airheads Mystery flavor. I just think it's delicious.

TFA Cucumber is just a fun flavor that I think doesn't get the attention it deserves. I really haven't been much for melon vapes but I dig this flavor. I find it brings a melon like flavor that is as cucumber refreshing as it is different. This stuff is pretty strong and the front man at 3%. No subs are possible here.

FA Kiwi at 1% and FW Kiwi at 2% was the preferred candy to realistic juicy kiwi balance I liked the best. If you only have FA go 2%. If you only have FW go 4%. Either of these will turn out tasty without completely butchering the concoction so have at it. Although, I think they are both great concentrates and worth owning.

FA Apple Fuji adds a great crisp apple to pretty much complete the main popping green fruit trifecta at 2.5%. JF and Cap probably work here at an equivalent strength but personally, I never felt the need to try them so YMMV.

FA Pear at .5% is just here to add some sweet juicy love without being intrusive on the overall pop of the profile while maintaining the all green motif.

Although I like this fruit profile alone... adding FW Yogurt just completes it and gives this an amazing finish. At 3.75% the fruits still pop but that finish is just too lovely to go without.

Options: As always, sweeten to your liking. Cap SS is my preferred sweetener depending on the mood at .2-.3%. You can use 2x more FW Sweetener to equal it. I don't recommend TFA because of the added maltol. I add my 10% PG Erythritol solution at 1.5% because I like what it brings to the fruit and the cream. For all you cool heads add some WS-23 if that is your gig.

Buck NAKED on a Big Wheel and feel the breeze... You're buck NAKED on a Big Wheel but it's no Green Machine!


The Yogurt base: Cap Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt is a perfect combo IMO (Inspired from Mopheads channel)
The Peach base using FA White peach, TPA Juicy Peach, FA Apricot and a touch of FA Raspberry creates a sweet peach flavor
Cap super sweet is optional, but I feel it contributes to the authenticity of a yogurt with a sweet peach topping

My first seasonal release in a looooooooooong time, I figured what better season to celebrate than the season of long weekends? So mix this up, let it sit for a day or two, and satisfy yourself with some warm, smokey custard, dusted with pumpkin spice, and a warm-bodied pipe tobacco. It's the season of Long Weekends, so start actually enjoying it.

A thick pumpkin spice cheesecake.

TFA cheesecake and TFA graham cracker are in there to help bring the crust out in a sea of creams.

FW Yogurt helps add some tart to the creams, making the cheesecake much more authentic.

INW Custard is the only flavor that I could find that counteracts the two pumpkin flavors' flavor thinning properties. It also makes this a shake and vapeable recipe.

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