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So when I started mixing a couple of years ago, I saw and heard that coffees were not the best to mix with so I took it upon myself to come up with a coffee that I used to drink ever morning. mixers and vapers I bring you my revised mix from the first mix that is over on my ELR. Brazilian Coffee by WF is a highly stout and quickly aging ingredient which is why I put it at a somewhat low percentage. The yogurt, french vanilla creme, and dx sweet cream all play the role as the dairy creamy mouth fell. This is one recipe that will take me time to prefect, but until that time comes please try to enjoy this lovely bottle of mixed coffee lol

Well today fate gave us mango indian special.

Now I want to start by saying that I'm not a big mango fan. I've been scarred by some pretty foul and funky mangos in the past. However, FA Mango Indian Special is not that. It's a very natural tasting, ripe, sweet and kind of pulpy mango. It doesn't really have any of that funk and no christmas trees either.

So what I was trying to do here was just make a real simple and realistic mango yogurt. The FW Yogurt and FLV Greek Yogurt together give you that thick kind of sticks to your mouth, creamy dairy note. They're very daapy and have just tons of texture. For the Mango note I wanted to boost that mango a little bit so I added some JF Honey Peach. That may not have been the ideal peach to use for the application but dang it's good.

I would expect this to get even better after a few days steeping.

Sweeten to taste.

Watch the Replay here:

The Banana Cream is doing a great job as the main profile with a mouth full of creamy banana and the Yogurt by FW is helping the creaminess out tremendously. Both Butterscotch and Butterscotch Ripple are present altogether along side the Banana Cream and Yogurt.
I have let this sit to the side for about a month and it already reminds me of a banana butterscotch sort of yogurt which is exactly what I was aiming for! I am loving it so far but it could be better as always.

So, yes, I am Obsessed with trying to get this confection or combination of ingredients down. I have had Wayne's Strawberry Lite Cream and it has literally inspired to do the same thing but with blueberry. It will constantly be a work in progress but until then enjoy and please leave some feedback on what might make it better! Thank You!

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 26 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

Oops! All Berries 2.0 is an adaptation from a recipe I created some time ago. It’s a delicious bowl of berry cereal with milk.

For the cereal note I used a combination of the sweet corny crunch of Capella Cereal 27 and CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. The cotton candy has a really good kind of non descript berry note but the reason it works here is because its dry, not sour or juicy, none of that. It's just a blue/red flavor. The cereal really starts to come through after the 4th day of steeping. That berry note is really good but I needs just a little something to give it more dimension. I settled on WF Strawberry Cheesecake, just using it at 0.5% for little more berry and some cheesy dairy to boot.

I like to have milk with my cereal recipes and I've found that the combination of FA Fresh Cream and FW Yogurt work really well here to get a nice light dairy note while adding just the right amount of texture.

There are two more ingredients in here that make cereal recipes xtra special. FA Meringue to make that milk more than sweet and grainy and FW cake batter dip to saturate the cereal in the milk.

Sweeten to Taste

Watch the Video Here:

A South African dessert of milk pie, and pie crust. Simple. Tasty.

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The idea for the recipe I had one afternoon, when I was with our daughter in a frozen yogurt store and have put together a cup.

There was a topping which was called Coconut Almond Dream.
Ingredients were coconut, almonds and cookie crumbs. This was given as a sauce between the frozen yogurt.
As a second topping I chose chocolate sprinkles on top.

I found this combination so delicious that I wanted to make it as a liquid.

For the almonds, I went with Almond Fa because I find them to be very authentic.

The coconut I made from Coconut Fa and Sweet Coconut FLV, because I think the coconut of Fa needs some help to really stand out, and the sweetness of the Sweet Coconut FLV lends itself very well to that.

For the yogurt I took FW, because this comes closest to the yogurt which is taken for frozen yogurt, slightly sweet, no real acidity to be seen and nice and creamy.

Finally, the second topping, the chocolate sprinkles, for which I took Chocolate German FLV, because the flavor is a nice strong chocolate which in itself already has a little coconut flavor, so very very well fits into this profile.

For the coolness of the frozen yogurt feel free to add some cooling, I personally don't need it.

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a simple but delicious banana cream yogurt with some ice cream notes and a bit of peanut butter, add sweetener to your liking, give it a 3 day steep

Copied developed peaches and cream yogurt base and made it strawberry. I’m a S&C fan from way back and this is now one of my top fav recipes.

simple strawberry cream with coconut, simple easy daily vape... go on

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