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(FW) Yogurt

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: mint tobacco

Used in 373 recipes at an average of 3.027%.


15 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Is this a Yogurt or a Cheesecake vape?
Give it a try and let me and the others know below...
You can test your own power of suggestion by vaping it while thinking of eating one of the two, and afterwards think of the other.

Have fun and enjoy,

Lemon creamy goodness with hints of blueberry.
I wanted to create this as the picture depicts. A creamy desert. Lemon ice cream like but not custard. I invisioned milk and heavy whipping cream based home made lemon ice cream with a little blueberry drizzle. To me the blueberry would only be a slight taste because it’s only a slight drizzle and mostly a semi sweet heavy whipped lemon ice cream base. I used black currant to keep the blueberries bright and the combination of blueberry extra and blueberry wild is a light blueberry combination that isn’t too much on the candy side I added a LA Lemonade because it’s a candy lemon flavor. I used tfa custard because it isn’t as vanilla heavy or as eggy as the other options. I enhanced it with cheesecake graham crust for texture and FA Custard for the Creamy lemon zest notes I added Vanilla Gelato because it has a real good ice cream type cream notes. A touch of yogurt brings a thickness to the ice cream without adding egg notes that heavy custard would bring. I have no idea what brought a buttery note to the table but there is definitely a buttermilk flavor in this mix.
Sweeten to taste. I personally think it would be good anywhere between 0.50% to 1.0% depending on your sweet tooth. (I used 0.5% FW sweetener)

Delicious rice crispy treat crust with a creamy vanilla whipped sugar creamy southern frosting center


A creamy and rich milk chocolate recipe.
Sweetener is not necessary, but makes for a much more authentic experience.

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for the full notes

A unique mix of berries and Pineapple in a tart Cream that will Knock you out ! Sweet taste of strawberry and Raspberry with the tangy creaminess of the pineapple and yogurt that has a unique mouth feel.

Blueberry, Blackberry, and Huckleberry blended together into a wonderful creamy yogurt.

This was my first venture into creamy/yogurt vapes. EdibleMalfunction was kind enough to share his yogurt base with me and that was my starting point.

I wanted to do a blend of a bunch of different berries rather than just one or two. So I started with the always wonderful FW Blueberry and FA Bilberry combo. For me this makes a great blueberry that's sweet but not over sweet and candied but not over candied.

I chose TPA Blackberry and TPA Huckleberry to add a depth of sorts to the mix. The blackberry has a nice tart berry flavor that works well with the sweetness of the blueberries. Huckleberry worked wonderfully to work in a nice sweet jammy flavor into the berry blend. These two took a bit of work to get to a good place as they are very strong flavors. My first attempt with the two was at 1% and .75% respectively and they overpowered everything in the mix. Cutting them down to .5% each helped significantly in allowing them to complete the roles I wanted them to without taking away from everything else in the mix.

Just a nice peaches and cream recipe. Nice and Sweet and really creamy. Needs about 2-3 days Steep. Mixed at 65/35. I mix juicy peach this high as I don’t really taste that peach unless it’s above 6% or higher. The nectarine make the juicyness of the peach more vibrant, without adding an off note to the recipe.

Hello Summer!! So way back I vaped NAKED Green Blast and all I tasted was Honeydew. Like most commercial juice it left a lot to be desired. After looking at the profile I was inspired to come up with something that I think is completely refreshing, unique, and a rad balanced green leitmotif. Some say it tastes like the Airheads Mystery flavor. I just think it's delicious.

TFA Cucumber is just a fun flavor that I think doesn't get the attention it deserves. I really haven't been much for melon vapes but I dig this flavor. I find it brings a melon like flavor that is as cucumber refreshing as it is different. This stuff is pretty strong and the front man at 3%. No subs are possible here.

FA Kiwi at 1% and FW Kiwi at 2% was the preferred candy to realistic juicy kiwi balance I liked the best. If you only have FA go 2%. If you only have FW go 4%. Either of these will turn out tasty without completely butchering the concoction so have at it. Although, I think they are both great concentrates and worth owning.

FA Apple Fuji adds a great crisp apple to pretty much complete the main popping green fruit trifecta at 2.5%. JF and Cap probably work here at an equivalent strength but personally, I never felt the need to try them so YMMV.

FA Pear at .5% is just here to add some sweet juicy love without being intrusive on the overall pop of the profile while maintaining the all green motif.

Although I like this fruit profile alone... adding FW Yogurt just completes it and gives this an amazing finish. At 3.75% the fruits still pop but that finish is just too lovely to go without.

Options: As always, sweeten to your liking. Cap SS is my preferred sweetener depending on the mood at .2-.3%. You can use 2x more FW Sweetener to equal it. I don't recommend TFA because of the added maltol. I add my 10% PG Erythritol solution at 1.5% because I like what it brings to the fruit and the cream. For all you cool heads add some WS-23 if that is your gig.

Buck NAKED on a Big Wheel and feel the breeze... You're buck NAKED on a Big Wheel but it's no Green Machine!


The Yogurt base: Cap Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt is a perfect combo IMO (Inspired from Mopheads channel)
The Peach base using FA White peach, TPA Juicy Peach, FA Apricot and a touch of FA Raspberry creates a sweet peach flavor
Cap super sweet is optional, but I feel it contributes to the authenticity of a yogurt with a sweet peach topping

My first seasonal release in a looooooooooong time, I figured what better season to celebrate than the season of long weekends? So mix this up, let it sit for a day or two, and satisfy yourself with some warm, smokey custard, dusted with pumpkin spice, and a warm-bodied pipe tobacco. It's the season of Long Weekends, so start actually enjoying it.

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