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(FW) White Chocolate

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 541 recipes at an average of 2.584%.


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when i saw skiddlz thin mint frap recipe, i knew i had to mix my own version of it. starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frap is delicious but with mint should be even better. doing my own version of skiddlz recipe for a couple of reasons. first i was missing most of the concentrats and second FA UP is shit imo with its cereal alcohol undertones. so pretty sure skidz recipe wouldnt do it for me.

CAP Cap, FW White Choc and CAP Pep are the main notes here. Caps Cappuccino is actually pretty good, tastes a bit like cappuccino candy, and fits profile better than other coffee flavors i got. i I love FW white choc so that's a nobrainer for me. used with tpa's version to back it up. it is a little bit dry so therefore butter cream and sweet cream come in. both are sweet and milky, they make white choc a bit softer and the profile more creamy. lastly cap peppermint for candy peppermint note.

i find it pretty hard to make complex recipes with mints, because it tends to overpower subtle notes. here in this recipe you can't taste too much of the white chocolate, although fw's version is pretty strong and distinct in most situations. It's subtle but definitely there with its sweetness and cacoa butter powder flavor. recipe is still good, not perfect, but decent. for me i could only taste a stronger white choc flavor without peppermint in the recipe. so i guess that would be an option

FW white choc apparently has sucralose in it and the other conc are also sweet ... so there's not really a need for extra sweetener.

My white chocolate vanilla cream bars with almonds.. I hope you enjoy this recipe open to suggestions..

"Jill's Kiss(Violet Green Tea Ice Cream)"


She's beautiful, she's exciting, and she's totally clueless to how you truly feel about her. Her name is Jill. And this is what it would taste like to finally kiss her...


TFA VBIC was used instead of Capella because I wanted vanilla creaminess. FA Vienna Cream was added more for its' texture than its' vanilla.

FW White Chocolate & TFA Vanilla Swirl add an extra creamy & thick layer to the ice cream. Vanilla Swirl can't be beat when added to VBIC. This isn't Breyer's after all.

FA Violet is fantastic and a very underused flavor. It's absolutely delicious with a floral backnote. (This represents the soft petal-like quality of her lips).

FE Green Tea is THE best representation of Matcha Green Tea ever created!. No other brand's concentrate would have pulled off this sensual and intriguing combination like Flavor Express!

... and after that first kiss, her sweetness lingers. Enter Erythritol.

I love this as a shake 'n vape, though it really gets creamy after 2-3 days. And even creamier after 7 days. Also, I purposely omitted adding Koolada or Polar Ice, but feel free to add either if you prefer. I found the coolness to be too much of a distraction to the delicate flavor balance of this mix.



Trying to think of other recipes where I can use some o the FE green tea I have on hand. If you don't have toasted almond try using a little FA Coconut, depending on your personal preference.

Inspired by one of my favorite mixers, mlNikon. Her recipe for white chocolate berry mocha was the basis for this creation. Thanks Emily!


This was an idea I have to give ID10-T credit for. Back in November, he mentioned his brother bringing a dessert to Christmas every year. Which consisted of raw cranberries covered in molten hot white chocolate and then cooled. This is appropriately called Cranberry Crack. Well, while ID10-T was busy mowing down some competition in the mixer contests, I was still salivating at the thought of this. So I decided to build a recipe around that concept. It was only after a couple versions that I realized that I wanted to take a little different approach.
While I never have tried this Cranberry Crack, I knew raspberries and white chocolate are amazing together. So why not add them to the mix. I thought this was going to be pretty easy and straight forward. But quickly discovered that balancing the white chocolate with the fruits, would prove to be challenging.

FLV/FW White Chocolate - MF White Chocolate I still feel is one the best. But, for the life of me, couldn't get it to work in this. I probably could've made a dilution and maybe make it work, but I moved on. I'm not that big of a fan of TFA's offering, so knew that was out. That left me with the only other one I had, which was FW. I really like their version. It's creamy, buttery and has a nice little vanilla note to it. I originally had this at 3% and was going to be the only WC in this recipe. Then, with a big shout out to Brendon, in came a big box of flavors from Flavorah. Well, white chocolate was the first one I reached for. This did not disappoint. Very rich with a heavy cream. Not sure I was picking up as much vanilla as FW, but this was delicious. I had to have this under 1%, to keep it from bogging down the other flavors. I kept FW in this but just dialed it back a little.

INW Shisha Vanilla - By far, one of the best and most versatile vanillas in my arsenal. This is pulling double duty here. It brings just a touch more vanilla and adds bit of creaminess to the white chocolate.

FLV Cranberry/FA Pom - This got a little tricky. FLV's version is very much like OceanSpray Cranberry juice. Not as tart as you would expect for a cranberry. But, imo, is the best authentic (as apposed to candy-like) offering. Not one of their stronger flavors. I found I had to keep raising the % to hold up to the creams. My goal was to try to bend this into a regular cranberry, instead of a juice. TFA's version wasn't bad but just seemed like a unsweetened juice. CAP's Cranberry was just not that good. But FA Pomegranate had that tartness and has a thickness, I was looking for. It gave the cranberry a sort of cooked feel to it. I just needed to keep it low enough that none of those floral notes would shine through.

FA Raspberry/INW Shisha Raspberry - While I knew I wanted FA all along, Shisha worked surprisingly well with it. I find FA to be one of the best. It's realistic but doesn't carry much tartness. Almost like a cooked raspberry with some sugar. Has some floral and maybe earthy undertones. INW Shisha almost has the same notes. With some earthiness and kind of floral accents, but in a completely different way (if that makes any sense at all). INW has a bit more of the tartness that you would expect from a raspberry.

Steep Time : 7- 10 days


This is a delicious creamy coffee drink you would get at starbucks or something. Sweet blackberry layered in with a buttery cream in a delicious coffee drizzled with white chocolate. The inw milk chocolate is just enough to bring out the white chocolate flavor.


Made on LiveMixing Ep. 12/16/16. This is my take on a White Chocolate Peppermint Bark. Thank and dont steal this recipe or sell it for profit or my Goons will fuck you in your loose butthole....bitch.


Thick pastry cream atop a buttery graham shell covered in bananas, white chocolate shavings and drizzled with caramel sauce. What could be better?


TFA Banana Cream & JF Bavarian Cream:

These 2 flavorings complement one another so perfectly. With these 2 flavors, I was able to bring out the bananas perfectly, as well as develop an incredibly rich and thick pastry cream that is unmatched by any other concentrate I tried previously for this mix. I only needed 4% Banana Cream here. JF Bavarian Cream at 2.5% also made the Banana Cream a fluffy airy delight. Any more of either ingredient, and you throw everything out of balance.

FA Soho:

I have to admit, I had never tried FA Soho before this competition, and actually had to wait on this flavor's delivery before I could begin to formulate this particularly magical mix. This flavoring has a wonderful dessert RY4 scent that immediately piqued my interest. Delicate caramel, vanilla and light tobacco are its' features. Nice. I only used 2% here, as I only wanted to highlight the caramel/vanilla aspect. I've seen this flavoring used from 5-6%(considered "high" for Flavour Arts flavorings), but in this mix anything higher gave it a weird almost purple grape-like aftertaste. Bananas and grape? No thank you.

FW Graham Cracker:

I truly love this flavoring. It's so on point and realistic. This was the ONLY choice for my flakey, buttery graham base! Flavor West's Graham Cracker has all but erased any memory of TFA's version from my mind.

TFA Dulce De Leche:

In every recipe I make, there's that ONE flavor that just enhances every aspect of each mix, making it totally unique. Dulce De Leche was that ingredient that just made everything pop! It adds so many things to a recipe and I'm surprised it's not used more frequently by DIYers. The gifts TFA's Dulce De Leche gave me in this mix were:

Creaminess(to enhance the pastry cream), buttery caramel(that caramel drizzle), and a hint of nuttiness(?) I can pick up that takes an ordinary graham crust from 'average' to 'outstanding'. I tried JF's version of DDL, but holy crapola--nothing "works" quite like TFAs version! TFAs Dulce De Leche is also a true "bridge" between flavorings in every sense of the word. And without this bridge, this mix would've been a confusing mess of flavors & sensations.

FW White Chocolate:

The flavoring I couldn't live without. Flavor West hit this flavoring out of the park. It's creamy. And thick. So much thicker feeling than TFAs version which is partly why I chose FW over TFA here. I also chose this version due to its' nearly imperceptible hint of wafer. I could use that wafer to enhance my graham slightly(not that it needed enhancing, but it WAS a nice feature)!

TFA Sweetener:

I used the sweetener here at 1.5%, which for my recipes, I consider a bit high. But white chocolate is sweet. Even more so than milk chocolate. Sweetener was added solely to make the white chocolate shavings taste authentic.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 2

I've only had it steeping for about a day or so. It's pretty tasty and definitely gets me in the Christmas mood. The White Chocolate gets kind of drowned out by the Peppermint, so I'm considering dropping it down to .75%, but it seems to die down on it's own after a few days. I'm going to let it steep for about a week before I make my final version, but I feel like it's in a good spot to share right now. I may not change anything, but I don't know right now. It's definitely super pepperminty with some creaminess mixed in. It goes great with coffee!

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 90 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 70 / 100

Rich and sweet with a smooth buttery flavor. Creamy with a hint of vanilla and that fantastic Sweet Bitter cocoa butter flavor.

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