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Flavor pro week 7 the toffee, buttercream frosting, marshmallow and dulce de leche make up the cream, then a couple strawberries, whiskey and bittersweet chocolate backed with coffee to cover the strawberry whiskey cream. liquid amber to back up the whiskey

September MixersClub submission I usually wait for feedback from the guys/gals of MixersClub before I release them but Im pretty happy with how this one turned out.

VTA Barrel Oak: Is fairly light in flavor but it has a really nice slightly charred whiskey barrel flavor.

FA Black Fire: Used it to help boost the smoky charred flavor in the VTA

FW Whiskey: Used it to boost the whiskey/bourbon in the VTA

FLV Cream: Is used as a binder and to help smooth everything over.

My tobacco blend: Red Burley adds to the wood notes in both Black Fire & Barrel Oak. Kentucky Blend pairs really well with Red Burley. The Tatanka I used it for a every so slight sticky chewing tobacco type note.

Going out for drinks tonight?
that's the mix you wanna take with you!😎

What’s up everyone Mamba is back!!!!
I decided to mix up one of my fav. Beverages. Profile is gonna be Crown Royal Apple with GingerAle. Give this recipe a mix and tell me what you think perfect steep time for me was around 2 days but it is also a good shake and vape.


A blueberry cinnamon danish, using my Dogma danish base.

By adding some Acetyl Pyrazine to the base Dogma danish, you turn a flaky, light, layered almond danish into a heavier, breadier, danish base. I then added a variation of @EdibleMalfunction 's blueberry holy trinity and a dash of FLV Rich Cinnamon. It's quite a bit fuller than Dogma solo, and those blueberries do a great job of tasting like a baked in part of the pastry.

Still 100% S&V certified, although if you let the AP settle in for a couple days the danish base gets a little more solid.

It's 10 ingredients, yes. But 5 of those ingredients are currently available RIGHT HERE from Bull City Flavors in one super convenient and dare I say, sexy, package.


It's a danish, with a marzipan filling, light icing, and slivered almonds. My 100% S&V take on a bakery ADV.

FA Catalan Cream- This concentrate really does pull the recipe together. It adds a bit of creaminess, to keep the pastry from reading as too dry. It also lends a subtle spice note to the entire vape, with a hint of bakery cinnamon and nutmeg. The vanilla helps to build the base for the icing.

FA Hazelnut- Not a creamy flavor, more like nearly raw unshelled hazelnuts. It's a strong concentrate, but at .25% it brings in just enough flavor and texture to simulate actual slivered almonds.

INW Marzipan- The almond paste filling for the pastry. Sweet, heavy with that almond-extract bordering on cherry flavor. The sweetness here, even at .5%, is enough to carry over and work with the catalan cream and zeppola to create a light icing for the danish.

FW Whiskey- This adds some warmth to the vape, reinforcing the bakery aspect. The oak notes help to bolster the spices from the catalan cream.

FA Zeppola- Fairly light at .75%, but with enough powdered sugar on top to sweeten up that icing as well as provide a lighter pastry base.

And that's it. I feel like this addresses some of the issues I've had with bakery vapes. It's balanced, letting each component do it's work without turning muddled or cloying.

I went with "Dogma" in reference to the Dogme 95 rules for filmmaking. 1. They're danish and I didn't have a better name, and 2. I think in developing this recipe I finally internalized the fact that I've become some kind of weird jerk when it comes to the way I think mixing should work. I'm the Lars Von Trier of the mixing game.

Happy New Year.... since we're all squeaking out last minute recipes, here's something that I was working on for the beginner blending competition.

Got rid of the banana because it just didn't fit the profile. Milk and honey and Bavarian cream come together to sweeten and give a little body to the rest of the recipe.

Soho and tobacco come together for a fantastic cigar flavor. The addition of FLV peanut butter gives this recipe and almost cigarette flavor.

That little bit of whiskey finishes off the profile what is New Year's Eve without a little alcohol.

Party hard my friends hope you enjoy.


Warm pears over vanilla ice cream with a bourbon/brown sugar reduction sauce

Warm pears over vanilla ice cream with a bourbon/brown sugar reduction sauce

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