(FW) Watermelon

By: Flavor West (FW)
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A nice summer strawberry watermelon for your vaping pleasure.


this taste just like you would get from a slushie truck very refreshing for the summertime coming up give it a shot and mix this up guys even tho everyone hates me give it a shot

This is a super simple, yet stunning mix. DIY Flavor Shack knocked it out of the park with this Li Hing Mui flavoring. It has a nice light floral character with notes of cherry and plum. Naturally, it is the star here. Once I tested LHM it screamed for a pairing with FW Watermelon. The two complement each other so well.

RF Candy Base (The VG version, NOT the SC!) just sweetens the bargain, adds some body, and rounds out this recipe. I prefer this mix a touch sweeter, to really drive home the "candy" feel, hence the Erythritol.

Works well as a shake-n-vape, but 2-3 days allows the flavors to marry and the notes to round off, as with any mix. That's the sweet spot. The RF Candy Base shines through nicely at that point.

well this one I give the credit too ecigexpress for the recipe because they were gonna start the new year with this so I gave it a shot and its better than any bubblegum than I had on the shelf in wisconsin


My final version of the recipe. I still don't think it's perfect, but it's as close as i can get it. Roughly 95-98% perfected

1 drop of CAP Cool mint per 30 ml

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