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(FW) Vanilla Cupcake

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A fairly simple & straight forward recipe...

Your up late on a Saturday night šŸ¤Ŗ and your dying to tame the munchies growling in your stomach šŸ„“ along with your desire for something sweet to feed that ol sweet tooth šŸ¤¤.

You think to yourself "microwave mug cake?" šŸ¤”

So you mix up a cup real quick & on your way to the microwave the demons šŸ˜ˆ in your belly, coupled with your short attention span šŸ¤Æ & inability to wait 45 seconds to cook it take over and you devour the raw cake batter straight out of the cup!

This is basically my Battered Berries recipe (sans berries) tweaked a tiny bit šŸ˜‰ so feel free to add whatever fruit (or other toppings) you might be desiring at the moment... & Enjoy! šŸ˜


As far as Cupcake Batter concentrates go, I believe FLV Cupcake Batter is hands down the winner! It's just delicious! šŸ¤¤
So here is a simple & delicious Strawberry Cupcake Batter vape for y'all to enjoy! Ingredients are pretty self explanatory, but go like this in a simple (3,2,1)&(4,2,1) format...

(Strawberry Ripe / Strawberry Sweet / Juicy Strawberry) provide the strawberry mixture for the batter.

(Cupcake Batter / Custard Premium / Vanilla Cupcake) provide the ooey-gooey raw deliciousness of the batter itself

Meringue bridges the gap between, and Super Sweet because you should...

Believe it or not it was rather difficult to find a pic of a beaten Strawberry Shortcake on the internet, (it's actually taken longer than developing the recipe! šŸ¤Ŗ) but I managed to pull through.... So here's credit for that as well... https://www.deviantart.com/bloodthirstyzompire/art/Strawberry-Shortcake-68796692

Hope you all enjoy this one! šŸ„“
Either way if you mix it up, let me know what you think!

šŸ–• The Flavor Ban! Keep mixing up delicious vapes! šŸ‘Š

A fluffy moist vanilla cake.

Steeping is a must. The Cake batter, Bavarian cream and vanilla swirls need about a week to develop. Sweeten as desired.

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