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(FW) Sweetener

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) / Vanilla Swirl (TPA/TFA) / Salted Caramel (OOO) – main players of the mix. Vanilla Shisha is creamy vanilla that doesn’t hide easily behind that pretty much buttery Salted Caramel. It’s a rock solid vanilla flavor, exactly what’s required by this recipe. Vanilla Swirl is the type of vanilla that touches your palate before any other flavor, it just sits upfront and rolls the drum.

Butterscotch Ripple (FW) – it’s creamy enough to soften both Vanilla Shisha and Salted Caramel. Butterscotch Ripple is missing that true butterscotch flavor unless mixed with caramel or another brown-sugar-like flavor. It will also make the vape creamy, soft and silky.

DX Bavarian Cream (TPA/TFA) – another source of vanilla and sweetness. Bavarian Cream also provides texture and density. The most widely used cream ever which pairs perfectly with almost any known flavor.

Sweetener is optional. You may rather want to add Cotton Candy or Marshmallow instead, it’s up to you. I just love that straight sweetness on my lips.

Let it steep 7 - 10 days before judging. Two weeks will make it vape perfect!

Original (maybe updated) recipe: http://vapingmule.com/articles/ejuice-recipes/moose-salted-vanilla/


This is a remix of Vapetasia's Milk of the Poppy
The Profile is a Dragonfruit, Strawberry, Whipped Cream eliquid
Made on Live Mixing

damnit wayne! ive been working on this juice for 2 months, then you had to suggest TFA bananas foster. off to BCV i go, tested and holy freholes batman thats the guy! best christmas ever!

in the original im SURE they are using TFA bananas foster as “honey” and it should die off quite a bit after a steep becoming a pretty convincing honey flavor.

this recipe tastes damn close (tested side by side). i am sure TFA VBIC is in there as i am sensative to its cardboard notes, and that funk that i get seems matched at 4% with the advantage of adding weight, and rounding out the throat hit of bananas foster. it does however seem to be missing some bakery??? towards the top end that adds a toasted (almost burnt) bread quality. i used 2% TFA cheesecake (graham crust) because it seems they are only using TFA and it works pretty well bringing a bit of that sour dairy i was looking for with a prominent cookie and just a hint of coconut that i always swore i tasted in M&H - may just need to be bumped up to 3%. still might need a graham cracker, likely TFA’s, but it could be FW’s, CAP sugar cookie, or even just AP. i will be trying a small percentage of TFA gingerbread cookie in the next week.

This my 3rd attempt to create a very rich caramel filling that you might mind in pastries. This recipe doesn't include any pastry/cake notes to me, it's mostly a rich filling. definetly very creamy and rich. Might be too rich for an ADV but I love it.
My notes are these:
FW caramel salted is the star of the recipe, and definetly the strongest flavor, I really enjoy it but I think it needs support
FLV cupcake batter I think it gives the body to the3 salted caramel adding mouthfeel and general sweetness
FA torrone and tosted almond this is my attempt to give some nutty note but avoid the dryness of general nuts, I think torrone and toasted almond do a god job in this
Fa meringue... I put this awsome ingredient in a lot of recipes and I love it, I think it enhanches the almond aspect without muting and adding mouthfeel
CAP butter cream is in here because I'm trying to make a very creamy caramel, very vey rich, and not a too dark caramel
Fw butterscoth ripple in my head acts as an opposite to the lighter tones of the caramel enhancing the deeper sugar notes
TPA vanilla custard is there because I'm a big fan of custard and I didn't want it too hevay as CAP VC v1 but still present. This might be changed with vanilla swirl for a lighter version
Sweetener is there manily because I like it personally in this kind of recipes.
This is a work in progress and what I just wrote might be complete rubbish for most experienced mixers, any suggestion is highly appreciated. I'm a nobody and this is my first recipe published here so don't be too cruel!

Just a simple Shake and vape Strawberry watermelon. Taste awesome off the bat. No steep required. Mixed at 65/35pg love this shit.


RYNGZ: starring Froot, Sweetened Multi-Grain Cereal, and Milk.
Meet the lucky friend of unlucky. To me this is the closest to real froot loops and milk with no power of pine sol. This is as to date as close as I could get to authenticity. Kids havent tested it and your mother probably does not approve.
No substitutions, just mix it up as is and enjoy!
Cap Fruit Circles: Froot Type Blend Flavor
Tpa Meringue/OOO CMU: Milk
Fw Sweetener: Sugar

Tis the season for cranberry sauce. Sweet, cool, full of cranberry flavor with that jelly taste. If you're looking for a holiday flavor this year, give this a try. Can be vaped fresh, but tastes great after several days to a week steep.

Visit flavor-pro.com for more info and recipes.

photo credit: Didriks Libeco Harvest Table Linen via photopin (license)

This is a Remix of Naked 100 Berry Belts. I set out to make a juice similar to theirs and come to find out , I like my version better.
On the inhale you get the Strawberry/Forrest Fruit w/ a splash of Lime. On the exhale you get that gummy candy belt. I am not the best at notes, so mix it up you wont be disappointed.

This recipe is a Dulce De Leche flavor with a touch of malt and cinnamon
Recipe made for "(OOO) Cream PG Milky Undertone" Flavor Book Entry
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/16/ooo-cream-pg-milky-undertone/


BREEK starring: Greek Yogurt and Fresh Blueberries
Theo said just mix it so do that.
"Breeks gotten himself into the blueberries again. We can't allow that now, can we Breek? Drowning you in Greek Yogurt would be a reward."
Creamy greek yogurt front, blueberries in the exhale. To me there is a huge difference between blueberry flavored yogurt, and yogurt that has blueberries in it. This is my take on Greek Yogurt with Blueberries.
Inspired by: Downside by: Schwartz
No there are no subs, i didn't make this that way.
Thank you and enjoy. Sorry not sorry if this is very addicting. Highly recommend pairing with your morning coffee. Coffee first, dank vape after. Trust me.

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