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(FW) Sweetener

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Smooth and a little sweet RY4 recipe based off of Glas Basix Butterscotch Reserve. The RY4 is very much forward and blends well with the butterscotch. My first attempt at an RY4 recipe.

Home made vanilla Ice cream with strawberry swirls is what I'll call this mix. The rose enhances the strawberries in a very nice and sweet way. It brings a certain airiness to the recipe. FA Red Touch combined with TFA Strawberry is one of my favorite strawberry blends when I'm not looking for a candy strawberry. Rose in this recipe is very delicate and not floral. I considered bumping the rose but chose against if because while it may have added additional floral notes it also can add a pungent green stem note if used too high.
I Used almond to enhance my vanilla notes because I tend to be vanilla blind unless I enhance with either coconut or with almond. FA Creme fresh to add the homemade aspect of the recipe, FLV Custard (not to be mistaken with their Vanilla Custard) is a very nice smooth cream the Vanilla swirl adds the vanilla notes I was looking for and the silky ice cream texture.

additives :
WS23 - because Ice cream is supposed to be cold or its just cream but feel free to omit it if you don't like cold creams.

Sweetener : Just because I like it a little sweeter than the flavors I chose provide

This is a super simple DIY mix for a frozen lemonade because sometimes we just need a break from the ADV and the Heavier flavors. Sometimes we just need to reset the taste buds. I made this for my son since he only vapes menthol but ended up vaping it all myself. Works well on AIO pod systems. Works well in MTL tanks and smooth enough for DLH tanks.
I prefer to steep this at least a week to let the mint note in the menthol settle in and the sharp notes from the lemon smooth out a bit but it can be S&V I just prefer to steep.
The menthol can be bumped to 2% or you can add a little WS-23.
If you mix for MTL or Pods adjust the VG PG Ratio to 50/50

Strawberry Ripe and Juicy raspberry make up my jelly center accent is the Fa raspberry for a deeper berry taste. Then I build the cookie out of lemonade cookie for a zing and cap Vanilla Cupcake for the white vanilla delicious aspects it has. A cookie recipe isn’t a cookie with Fa cookie so of course I added that in and my icing is made up of Bavaria cream and meringue with added sweetener for the confection aspect.

Be prepared to get a bit drunk on juice. Not really, but, I swear it tastes like I should be.

This is a mango lemonade with booze, now I don’t drink anymore, so I cannot tell you how authentic it is to the actual one that is sold, but that is ok, because I am not trying to make it taste like that. I am making it taste good for me.
So, that is why the name is Tam’s.

The base: This is Lemonade, VT Lemonade Clear, this is a solid lemonade to use as a base lemonade flavor, added to this is VT Mango Juice and VT Passion Fruit and Mango.
To add the boozy aspect, I used VT Russian Vodka. What can I say, but this is something VT has nailed, booze.

vT Fizzy Sherbet is used to add a bit of a wow effect to the drink.
The sweetener is optional,
This is good as a shake n vape, but is better after 3 days.

taste pretty good i think it need's little bit more cookie if anybody try's it let me know what you think


Berry Pounder: Crunch berries, Pound Cake, and Milk.
No substitutions.
Enjoy and thank you for mixing, please leave a review!


So I thought why not give a try my hand at a Cronut (which is a fried croissant in the shape of a donut- it is very much like a french crueler dounut) - with some of the croissant flavors now available. The challenge is getting the buttery fried Croissant with light flaky airy inside to stand out and be noticeable especially when adding a strong sweet jam filling

WF fried dough, croisant and glazed donut along with some cap butter get close to that cronut pastry .. The bakery in this takes a 5 - 7 day steep to come forward and for the contrasting fruit to settle in a bit

I really love VT jam fruits they are really a true jam but will tend to fade a wee bit. Although for this application that is fine

powdersugar because well I love powder sugar and more is better for me

Sweetner of choice for that super sweet - teeth rattling donut filling sweetness
Made for Mixn in the kitchen sunday youtube show


Mango is the main profile but it is balanced with a peach back note the Papaya adds a chewy note and the cantaloupe binds all the flavors together. I softened the mix by adding 1.5% of vanilla swirl with and added a bit of a stronger vanilla note to the ream portion with a bit of Vanilla classic. This isn't necessarily a creamy mix with the swirl added in but the swirl adds a nice soft finish. I recommend at least a full week steep but its decent as a shaker. I'm one of those people that firmly believes every juice needs some steep time. so you will rarely see me post a straight up shake and vape.

This is a cucumber yogurt recipe
Made on "Live Mixing: Cucumber Vapes"

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