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In this mixing session of You Vote, We Mix, Blueberry Cobbler won the vote. We tried a few different versions, but this one was the best. The blueberry in FLV Blueberry Muffin with FLV Boysenberry makes for a pretty accurate natural type blueberry while adding a bit of a bakery note from the muffin. But most of the bakery comes from the buttery bakery in WF Crumble Topping and the JF Yellow cake. The WF Lemon Squares might seem a bit out of place here, but any time you are creating a blueberry recipe, it's a good idea to use some kind of lemon to boost the brightness of the blueberries. We used the WF Lemon Squares at a low percentage just for the lemon note because of the smoothness of that lemon. The FA Custard Premium was what took this from a good mix to a great mix. It adds a thickness, smoothness, and helps tone down the lemon just a bit.

Make sure you let this steep for a few days. The lemon note will subside and the blueberry will increase from the FLV Blueberry Muffin.
See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/esUQEy_b-q4 .

Steep time: 5 days

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Thought this would be a good profile to use FA cheesecake Olympus and Vanilla cookie

After one week steep its delicious . hoping after a few more days the darker notes of FA cookie will crisp up the edges

Give it a mix

I love coffee at the late hours of the night that often keeps me up until the dawn feeling like a Teeeker -(Pur) caramel coffee w/ sweet milk is the best in my opinion paired with (FlV) RY4 gives it more smooth butterscotch smokiness-The pie crust base is simple (Flv) Cookie and (FA ) Cookie and topped it all off with some vanilla goodness (SSA) whipped Cream and vanilla ice cream..

I always felt like FA Cola was missing something, even when paired with Caramel, Vanilla, etc. It has a wonderfully accurate cola taste, but not much body underneath. After picking up a bottle of FLV Citrus Soda, I thought ”here’s my chance to beef that sucker up.”

I had no idea the two would pair up so sweetly. To my palette, it’s like they were meant to work together. Being a lazy asshole, I’m a big fan of simple recipes. So I was super happy when the combination needed little help, save a bit of sweetener.

The citrus soda slightly edges out the cola in flavor, which is fine with me since I dig FLV Citrus Soda just a bit more than FA Cola. If you want more of a Cola Vape, you could probably turn this into a 1-2-3 Cola quite easily by bringing FA Cola up to 3%.

(If you have a sensitive palette, you may want to bring all 3 percentages down a bit... because this recipe has a LOT of flavor as is).

If dragon tasted of something this would be it, nothing like chicken lol. Smooth with a hit of Dragon just at the start and a nice note of lychee.

Add more or less sweetener to ya taste.

Let me know what you think.


just an awesome donut base with a sick ass vanilla buttercream frosting killin it on top. Releasing this per ID10T's suggestion and inspo. Thanks buddy!

Omit the Frostings and Vanilla cream for a pure donut base to work off of but imo swap out the vanilla cream for:

Wf chocolate frosting 2%
Ooo Strawberry jam 2%
Ssa raspberry syrup 1%
Wf salted caramel 2%
Ooo Blood Orange 1.5%

Add FW Sprinkles

Add CAP Cinnamon Sugar

Add WF Bavarian Cream

Add some VTA Vanilla Cream

Top it with .75% wf lemon orange rice candy + 1.5% tpa Crunch Berries for a better attempt at pebz.

Add flv Blueberry Muffin to this at 2-3%

Add rich cinnamon at .2%

Add wf Chocolate chunks at 1.5%

have at it!

I suck at descriptions- its blackberry cornbread- Im still tweaking it
fa corn is a 10% dilution

Its what I thought it would taste like delish, Can taste the orange and the passionfruit and the cake. Cake more on the exhale but just right in my opinion.

Give it a go. let me know what you think

Shared recipe, lowered the fa nut mix, and upped the sweetener.

A fruity sweet and sour temptation.

The KiLi Sour is a deliciously refreshing summer mix for all fans of a green taste.

FA Kiwi combined with FA Lime Tahity cold pressed form the main flavor. The Lime is supported by SSA Sour Lime. The FLV Sour Apple lifts the top note. FA Polarblast & WS23 add a slight freeze and The FLV Ice makes the mix a bit more tangy.

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