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(FW) Sweetener

By: Flavor West (FW)
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This is a solid sweet cookie biscuit. that has a nice buttery cookie taste with some dark sugary notes


I have been messing around with flavor combos for this profile for a while, this is my favorite rendition so far. Its just a simple butter cookie with strawberry and imo its quite tasty. I will continue to mess around with this profile and different flavor combos since its such a tasty profile to experiment with, but this one i think was worth sharing.

Started as creamy mint 3 2 1 recipe. So I twisted it a bit to make a peppermint pattie. I had this mixed up and steeped for a week then added the lava cake. I find lava cake shake and vapeable. I don't remember how lava cake steeps. Its low anyways. I'd give it a 3 to 5 day steep, but this is good as a shake and vape.

Malted Milk adds milky and grainy flavor to the minty center. On the high side to stand up to chocolate and mint

White Chocolate Peppermint and FW CrÈme De Menthe make up the mint. Only two I had and they work well. CrÈme De Menthe being the bridge.

Vanilla Cream Extra Adds a nice soft vanilla and light cream flavor.

Lava cake. Used real low. I might just be lazy.

Sweetener I don't used it much at all, but when I so I use FW and very low. This is optional.

Throw some grainy cookie and bump the chocolate a percent and it might be a good thin mint cookie.

Profile: a thick and creamy vanilla custard with a unique dark creamy note, and topped with a sprinkle of spice.

Ps - goes great with a morning coffee, especially on a cold fall/winter morning.

This was a great creation by McDonald’s for summer 2018 but don’t feel flat knowing summer is over why not vape it instead all year round.

Notes to follow because I’m now leaving to go on holiday in Spain

Leave out ws23 if it’s not your thing but it’s a frappe and a frappe needs ice. Keep low but adjust accordingly however to high and it just doesn’t work with creams etc



i never touched TPa's Black Honey before, but after the first smelling, i thought this could be a good honey tobacco.
So i packed it with cookie notes and some biscuit to turn it towards a tobacco bakery but without making it a tobacco vape.
it needs some time to steep, but the result is a good dark honey with tiny hints of tobacco settled in bakery bit.
you can up the sweetener if you like it more sweet, i like it like this

Loops & crunchy marshmallows in strawberry milk.

Not a clone of Wayne's CMSM or NCV's excellent STRAWB. Promise.


Mixen Vixen Ep 27
for a more personalized explanations you should watch the show
This is a very sweet fruit candy desert mix of Berry Sorbet. It has all the candy elements with s sweet creamy finish.
FW Blueberry is one of the most candied vibrant blueberry I've ever tried blended with TFA raspberry another candies vibrant berry make a fantastic candied type blend I added a tiny bit of FLV Boysenberry for the darker berry swirls in the mix and only needed a little in order not to muddle the other two berries candies effect. The Cap Lemon Lime combined with Flv Candy roll provide the tangy sweet note that is often found in sorbet fro the citric acid and sweetener combination. I finished smoothing it out with a combination of Vanilla swirl and a touch of Vanilla. Sweetener is a must to keep the integrity of the mix in the candy sweet side of things. Yes all the bad notes you think will be here are here off the shake but after an overnight sit it starts to mellow and within 3 days everything blends in well into one solid smooth sorbet blend. I hope you all enjoy! :) If you like creamy candy mixes this one is yummmyyyy!!!

FA Polar blast is optional but not necessary, I used it at 0.25% just for a tad bit of a chill.

Wanted to do something with the lemonade cookie by TPA since it reminds of the lemon girl scout type of cookie.

I was finding that the lemon in this mix did fade after 2 weeks or so ( as most lemons seem to do ) I did not want to add another lemon to it so used the pastry zest to enhance that flavor a tad and also add some sugar like texture to the mix
Lemon meringue while adding more lemon to the mix also adds some of the body I wanted to fill int he middle of the mix

it is simple and tasty
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Quickly threw this recipe together one day when i wanted a mouth to lung juice, didnt really expect it to be anything special. It turned out pretty tasty imo, so i figured i would share it on here in case anyone wanted to give it a shot. After some steep time it turned into a nice creamy vanilla with a tasty citrus lemon lime note. Made for and tested on a Bezerker MTL RDA @ 16mg Freebase nic.

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