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(FW) Strawberry

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 474 recipes at an average of 4.78%.


19 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Here's an attempt at Skittles Dips (yoghurt coated skittles).

The fruits - a mix of traditional UK skittles flavours. For a US version I guess you could substitute the lime for a green apple and the blackcurrant for a grape flavour

The shell - For me, FA Oba Oba has a kind of candy shell flavour to it when mixed with fruits.

The coating - I wouldn't say the real life counterparts had a distinct yoghurt flavour to them, so I decided to aim for a mild creamy coating. WF Frozen Yogurt along with MB white chocolate seemed to provide that.

Finally, everything is gelled together with some TPA vanilla swirl.

Creamy Strawberry Cotton candy with hints of melon Fw strawberry is used to emulate that artificial candy vibe the 17% flavoring used to give it that good punch of flavor as tasty and sweet like a premium store bought e-juice great @ Max VG

Just a nice sweet like strawberry milk with a slight Graham cracker taste. The strawberry from FW mixed with sweet strawberry pair so well together to create a sweet vibrant strawberry flavor that is very hard to pass up. Mixed up at 70/30.Add Sweetner to your liking. I prefer .3 super sweet.

My wife actually chose the flavors and I figured the percentages. Nice Strawberry Cheesecake recipe. Need a steep time of at least 2 weeks, though the longer the steep, the better the juice is.


Icy Trio by Yami Vapor is the third flavor introduced into the Yami Vapor E-Juice line, following the bestseller, Taruto. Icy Trio presents a refreshing "trio" of strawberry, kiwi, and lychee with a sweet and cool menthol.

This is my fifth revision of icy trio and it’s getting closer. Please feel free to feedback me, I’d love your input! This is a work in progress.

Per the abstrakt site:

The ultimate in classic fruit combinations – subtle, sweet strawberries and natural, ripe bananas , blended into a light milk and cream base. It's literally like vaping a smoothie.


A new twist on Lychee. Paired with sweet strawberry and guava, this is a surprisingly complex profile from a very simple recipe.

You’ll get strawberry on the inhale with lychee and guava on the exhale. There’s a bit of a bite Day one, but it smoothes out by day 4 and beyond.

It’s really good. Enjoy.

Update* Changed FA Juicy Strawberry to FW Strawberry cos it's just better. :) Also lowered the Lychee and Guava to help smooth it out.

My wife actually chose the flavors and I figured the percentages. Nice Strawberry Cheesecake recipe. Need a steep time of at least 2 weeks, though the longer the steep, the better the juice is.


FW strawberry- this is my favorite strawberry. Was an obvious choice after tasting this be liquid. No doubt in my mind flavor West. I'm certain you could substitute the CAP sweet strawberry, JF sweet strawberry ,or 2-1 combination TFA strawberry, strawberry ripe.

CAP golden pineapple- this is a great flavor and was my first choice. Nailed it 😃😃😃.

FLV sweet coconut & FA coconut- this is where I think my remix is better than the original. I'm certain they are not using FLV, probably TFA. Adding FA coconut makes the coconut more complex, and realistic. Besides I could not resist, this is hands-down my favorite coconut!! (tends to fade a little overtime.)

CAP super sweet- if I was going for a one-to-one clone this would probably be a much higher percentage. Just a Touch does make everything a little sweeter.

Fantastic and refreshing summer time vape.

Pretty straight Fuji and strawberry are always a great combination, and the addition of honeysuckle, make the experience juicier and sweeter .

Finishing the profile off with Rosemary and cucumber for a unique and extremely satisfying Vape experience.

If you do not have shisha Rosemary would highly recommend picking it up not the most versatile flavor but works very well floral situation and pairs well with melon and sweet fruit flavoring.

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