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(FW) Starburst Type

By: Flavor West (FW) - Buy Direct

Used in 139 recipes at an average of 1.867%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Emulated after Mamba Apple Kiwi candies

Made on Live Mixing:


Emulated after a pink starburst.

Made on Live Mixing:

Fizzy,Sour,Sweet,refreshing fruity vape

Shake and Vape certified

A cool melon stone that can be vaped as is or mixed with great results. Unfortunately this recipe does require a substantial steep, but most fruits will blend well with it, like apple strawberry or even banana. I mix it up 200ml at a time and always have a zero nic bottle of it around. I add a squirt of something else like pineapple or menthol and add nicotine. Shake and go. Again, don’t be afraid to vape it solo. It’s good on its own after the steep. Off the shake it kinda tastes like nothing. Definitely needs time but it really blooms.


MIX AT: 60VG // 40PG
STEEP: 3 Days

This is a recipe based around the Mountain Rose Apple, with some extra sweetness and candy infused. It's a great apple layer too, so pair with cinnamon, bakeries, or other fruits.

This is the first variation of the Neon Vaporwave recipe from the Concept to Concentrate series.
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