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Yada Yada Yada Bla Bla Bla....Blue Raspberry Marshallow Peeps Vanilla Ice Cream Wafer Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles. Steep for five days it's not gonna melt. enjoy!


Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with Icing and Sprinkles
I use an RDA single coil about 0.16-0.20 ohms and 50 Watts.

Thanks to Pippa for the review here https://youtu.be/_RGvzfe4RjE?t=6126
Read reviews here https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3650274/Vanilla%20Buttermilk%20Cake

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A Banana Marshmallow Salt Water Taffy.

I also tested this recipe with Lorann's Banana Cream. Lorann's Banana Cream was just as good as TFA's but it just overpowered the recipe.

TFA Banana Cream is a great banana candy flavor. Very creamy and smooth. I added WF Marshmallow (Gooey) to give the recipe a sticky and gooey candy like feel. I ran across some taffy a few months back that had Sprinkles in them. The sprinkles made it taste even better. It made my recipe stand out. FW Sprinkles is a great additive to ice creams and yes, taffy. FW Salt Water Taffy is a great tasting Taffy. You definitely get the mouthfeel of Taffy with a hint of vanilla. All around I'm very happy with the results.

Please enjoy and give me your feedback!

A fluffy vanilla cake batter covered with hard meringue and sprinkles. I made this one with 1% FW sweetener....use your sweetener of choice or don't. Enjoy! Occula rda dual fused Clapton SS .11 110 watts

Congratulations Australia! When people come together they can get things done. This is a throw you you guys! A nice and simple vape based of a nice and simple snack. White bread with some butter and sugar sprinkles. Sweeten to taste. I will say I have not tried this, but I have Sprinkles on order right now so I will try it. This is more of a theorycraft mix.

Just like the picture shows. A smooth vanilla cupcake with whipped topping and sprinkles on top. Enjoy!


This is a blueberry poptart mix with light floury bakery and sweet blueberry filling.
NOT DONE - 1.17.20

Who can resist donuts, sprinkled cookies and milk? Why not have all 3! The picture chosen was as close as I could get to what I was thinking of. One look at that picture on the box and I was into making this happen.

Take some under-rated CAP crunchy frosted cookie and sugar cookie combo and coat it with extra buttercream frosting and then infuse it with some light donut flavoring. Dunk these into some creamy milk base of FA milk with VT vanilla cream and add in some sprinkles to start off your morning.

Don't expect this to be crunchy though - lets get real!

This goes great with a coffee by the way.

WF buttercream frosting was used here instead of VT as it is less "hard" . There was enough waxiness coming from the CAP crunchy frosted cookie.

Optional sweetener - try FW Sweetener 2 drops per 15ml should do it.

I use an RDA about 50-60 Watts, 0.2-0.3 Ohms.

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It took me a long time to get a good cake that I could taste ALL parts of. WF really has the be all of cakes.

WF angel cake and fluffy white cake Feel free to use one or the other here at 2% instead of both at 1%. I just can’t ever decide between the two. So we compromise. :)
LA cake batter is just such an amazing flavour. Way better than FW cake batter dip IMO.
LB Ice cream, FA meringue and FLV frosting make up the full mouth feel of the frosting and back up the moistness of the cake.

FA cookie is in there as a back note to take the mix from a cake batter to an actually BAKED cake. Feel free to sub this for biscuit (JF or INW). I just have an aversion to it.

FW Sprinkles and OOO powdered sugar give us our sprinkles and sugar linger.

I like to load this with super sweet but sweeten to your liking.

If you mix it, please review it. It’s just good etiquette. :)

Life got you down? Dive into Cherry Garcia!

You can use either Lava Cake V1 or 2.

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