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(FW) Sour

By: Flavor West (FW)
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7 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Flv-cranberry to add the raw cranberries
Fa-Fuji apple, Inw-cactus, and cap-juicy orange for the diced fruit.
Fa-black cherry and cap-super sweet to mimic the sauce mix.
And finally some Fw-sour to add the some dryness and kill some of the sweetness of the cranberries.

I found this recipe, but i do not take credit for it! (forgot where i saw this posted elsewhere) and I thought it deserved a post here! Im not sure what kind of license it should have so I left it as is!

All I can say is this recipe REALLY reminds me of pink starburst....

This is a remix of Carnival Berry Lemonade...Same sweet taste..It's very close to the original. I think the Harvest Berry in this shines in the mix ..LorAnn Lemonade is a Hero here obviously being a lemonade vape..I tried lemon sicily and a few others before trying Lorann and once I tried Lorann I knew It was a GO...May be one of the best summertime vapes and best shake and vapes I've ever had

This was a pretty close attempt at an authentic yellow Mango, more along the lines of Cush Man by Nasty. The HC mango is actually Malaysia Mango by Health Cabin.
It's a spicy, meaty, and overall perfectly pungent yellow mango. Cream soda is actually soda base by rf sc.

A refreshing , creamy citrus mix made of oranges, key limes, tangerines and blood oranges.

Who in the Crap said that bubblegum flavors aren't the beez kneez???

This one is!!!!
And if you liked any commercial bubble gum flavors, then you'll love this DIY'ers example of what a bubblegum flavor should taste like!!!
I'm not tootin' my own horn; I speak the truth, folks!

Inw peach is the peach to have , and strawberry ripe complements strawberry sweet by JF so well. Followed by this minimal amount of sweetener necessary to mimick the powdered sugar when you unwrap the piece and plop it in your mouth. Sour (malic acid) only adds depth and that sour'ish effect that gets your beak slightly puckered, and your mouth salivating for more.

Best Watermelon Strawberry candy recipe I've tasted. Experience the wonderful freaking synergy of Wild Melon and Candy Roll. And what better strawberry flavor for candy than INW Strawberry Shisha??

Get off your bum and mix this up. You won't regret one second of it!!!

If you'd like, adjust the sweetener level and the malic acid (Sour) levels to taste.

The extra sweetness only helps in my opinion, since it's a candy vape.

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