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(FW) Root Beer

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 40 recipes at an average of 3.012%.


5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a simple, refreshing, flavorful Root Beer that just gets better with age. I have changed the recipe numerous times adding this and that but at the end of the day these five flavors create a vape that I absolutely love. Add some menthol for a cool finish and if you like a creamier root beer then just bump the creaming soda to 1.75% and the vanilla bean to 1% (adding marshmallow works as well)

Ohhh Root Beer you can do no wrong! Fantastic RB flavor with a sweet, fresh, juicy fruit goodness that just blankets your tongue. As if that isn’t enough Boogie for your mouth, the throat is gently pleasured by the koolada coolness. This is an ADV for me and is perfectly worthy as a SAV.


A cool, herbal mix inspired by traditional medicinal soft drinks and small beers. While there is enough sassafras and root beer flavor to remind you of the more familiar supermarket offerings, the creme de menthe, absinthe, and cinnamon give the minty, earthy, and anise notes associated with its traditional, rustic counterpart more of a leading role.

Steep time on this one's really long at least 14 days for the root beer to calm down.


Started out trying to make a rootbeer float recipe never quite got there. It did turn out to be a excellent A&W style root beer. Pretty good as a shake and vape but better after a week.

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