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(FW) Razzleberry

By: Flavor West (FW)
Buy From: bcv gremlin

Used in 273 recipes at an average of 3.032%.


24 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This was made for the KINDGROUND fundraiser on the DIY or DIE you tube channel

This is a nice bright sweet berry lemonade with a sour finish

Razzleberry and Blue raz create a bright sweet and sour mixed berry note
VT lemonade clear and VT lemon sour have a bright slightly candy lemonade with nice sour pop ( if you want more sour note feel free to boost this %)
Fizzy sherbert supports the citrus and the bright raspberry of this mix

I like WS - 23 so I added it at .50%

I like adding the cap super sweet to this mix it really round this out and lifts the profile up

A delicious candied out shake and vape. Enjoy my friends! I’d recommend adding a little vanilla swirl in here. Maybe 2-3% to add a nice creamy mouth feel if your into that sort of things!

This is a raspberry iced tea, with light notes of lemon

Made on Live Mixing: Dealers Choice

This is a chocolate doughnut with Raspberry Jam

Made on Live Mixing: Dealers Choice

After I've packed my box as full as it can go, I toss it in the back of the truck and off we go!

Blue Raspberry, green apple, sherbet. Based off of Shijin vapor tortoise blood.

Razzleberry, Boysenberry for the fruity aspect
Oatmeal cookie,Cheesecake Graham Crust for the bakery bottom
FW Bavarian Cream for the moose part
TFA Bavarian Cream to emulsify the fruit and push it into the cream
FA Lavender to add the floral note
Sweetener and polar blast to mimic the sugary sweetness of a fresh out of the refrigerator treat.

I just recently started mixing up some salt nic recipes for my Breeze 2 pod type system. I noticed there wasn't many recipes for pods, so I thought i’d whip a few up. This one turned out quite pleasent! You really have to boost your percentages to get decent flavor in these things. This combo of berries taste great with a bit of apple to brighten them up and give them some texture. If you dont have razzleberry or RF strawberry TPA sweet raspberry and TPA strawberry will do just fine. I hope you all enjoy this recipe! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Summertime Recipe
Tartness of Rhubarb, the fizzy goodness of VT Sherbet, combined with Quince to introduce some water.
Maltol and FLV Cream are used to simulate the smoothness of a creamy icecream.
If you like you can add just a touch of cooling if you like so

Its not Very Cool, its Kind of Cool. Naked 100 says their Very Cool is a mix of Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Menthol. Probably using CAP. This is not that, but its kind of cool. I kept the flavors light and added some WS-23.

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