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(FW) Pink Champagne

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Revised, reformulated, and remixed. It's been almost 2 years since I made the original
and in the last year it hasn't changed. But I'd kind of always wanted to go back and simplify
the mix. When I got my hands on some WS-23 one of the first things I thought after trying it
was that it was the "Frost" I needed in Blue Frost.

With new found inspiration I decided to strip Blue Frost down to the essentials.
I dropped the FLV Raspberry, FW Razzleberry and TFA Sweetener; the first two because they
are superfluous and the last because I never really used sweetener when I mixed it for myself
(and when I do Cap/PUR Super Sweet are the way to go.)
Wayne was right about the Razzleberry watering down the mix and the candied raspberry
effect it brought to the table was already covered by the combination of Raspberry Sweet and
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy.

Cap Hibiscus: I'd seen it mentioned several times that this flavor works well in slushee mixes and
in ConcreteRiver's review he describes a "Lingering sticky sweet mouthfeel, again more pronounced with
higher wattages. Almost like the way the syrup in a slurpee sticks to your mouth long after you take
a sip."

And, of course, he's right. It works well to bridge the gaps and enhance the syrupy aspect of Blue Slush.

WS-23: This stuff is the best coolant I've tried, hands down. I worked my way up from .25% and it kept getting
colder and colder with no perceptible off notes or funky muskiness like I get from Koolada (as low as .5%)
At %1 it's a perfect frost, adding all the cold without affecting any of the flavor. This stuff is amazing and
quite addicting, I kind of want to put it in everything now.

The original Blue Frost was 90% where I wanted it and after working on it so long, I was
satisfied with where it was at. Now it's 100% to my palate and officially done. So if you've
tried Blue Frost, please mix this up and let me know what you think :)

Weekend Assignment: 6/25/2017 BLUE When I think of Blue, I think of Joni Mitchell's album, Blue, that was released in 1971. That was the year I was born. This has been one of my favorite albums since the '90's. If I am 'blue', Joni can always pick me up. In her lyrics of the song Blue:
Well there're so many sinking
Now you've got to keep thinking
You can make it thru these waves
Acid, booze, and ass
Needles, guns, and grass
Lots of laughs
Lots of laughs
Everybody's saying that hell's the hippest way to go well
I don't think so, but I'm
Gonna take a look around it though Blue
I love you
Here in this recipe, I have emulated the time of the album (acid, booze, and ass). This is a Blue Lemonade with some some coolness added with Blue Ice (Acid), fizz of pink champagne( booze), and the Whipped Cream (ass, use your imagination), adds a bit of creaminess and sweetness.

My take on the awesome Lost Art Space Rocks. I would say it is about 98% there.


This has become one of my favorite shake and vape recipes. It started as a clone but strayed so far from the source that it became it's own, completely original, much more delicious recipe. Reminiscent of Pop Rocks but with a more authentic fruit flavor.


A Blue Raspberry Slush with 42 iterations. It's good. It might even be done.

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