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Peach cobber for 11/17. Dedicated to Angry Grandpa (RIP) whose favorite desert was peach cobbler.

madE some major changes. As my aroma collection has grown from under 50 to over 300 and my tastes have matured so has my ability to mix. Not saying I’m a great mixer only that I enjoy my batches much more hope you all do as well.

Further building on my Applebumm pie , and experimenting with different flavors and combinations to find that perfect match

Anise cookie is a traditional sicilian (Italy) cookie. It has a well cooked body, not too sweet, and the refreshing flavor of anise. We use it with red wine for dessert (like Marsala wine). I grove up with this cookie (without wine, of course).
For the cookie, after many trials, I find the perfect combo with an high 2.5% of FA cookie and a 1.5% of JF cookie.
FW pie crust work well to give a brown, hard crust to the cookie.
Golden butter essentially make a wet contrast to the dry biscuit base.
FA Anise is a strong, violent, flavor. So, even if it is the profile of this recipe, you can not use more then 0.75%.
TPA Pistachio at 0.5% is the perfect husband for the marriage with anise in order to give a nutty constituency to the recipe.

This is a Churro recipe with a sweet dough emphasis and a cinnamon sugar exhale. (WiP)

Made on Live Mixing: CHURRO???

Inspired by the classic Apple Buttah from Goldfish18.

SnV certified - seriously, the fresher this juice is the better! Mix this up, give it a good shake and fill or drip to your hearts content!

Cake batter, Pudding base, Pound cake, Funnel cake & Pie crust - this provides a wonderful base of cake batter-y goodness! CAP cake batter is truly glorious, as I was trying to bring out the silky batter side of the flavour VT’s pudding base seemed like it would be a good companion. Oh boy was it a good choice! It really amplifies the vanilla/pudding aspects of the recipe. Pound cake “firms up” the cake side of it, whilst funnel cake adds a bit of a deep fried tinge. Pie crust adds a slight buttery/pastry note for a bit more depth.

Meringue, Dairy milk, Sweet cream - playing again on the cake batter notes of the recipe, these 3 add a bit more of a moist, dairy edge which sets off the vanilla pudding aspects of the juice.

Apple pie filling, Fuji Apple - the Apple portion of the recipe! Apple pie filling is an interesting one, and pretty bang on for what it should be! The only problem is that it doesn’t quite have the Apple “bite” that I was looking for. This is where Fuji steps in! The combination of the two provides a deep, textured, no holds barred Apple pie filling that sits right on top of our batter base. Feel free to sub FA Fuji Apple for CAP Fuji Apple here @ the same percentage!

Super sweet - sweeten to taste, I find 0.25% to be the sweet spot for this recipe though!

An apple cider pudding pie

This is a flamboyantly autumnal recipe that, being shared in the first week of spring, couldn't possibly be more out-of-season. It's also poached entirely from @ConcreteRiver's delicious Deer Lodge recipe, with all of the ingredients being exactly the same, even used at the same concentrations, with just two small additions.

This is not meant to imply that there is anything wrong with Deer Lodge, that it's missing or lacking anything at all. But when FlavorPro Jennifer Jarvis asked for a pudding pie for the #yearofmixing competition, I knew immediately that I wanted to try to wrap Rick's hopped-up apple cider pudding in a delicate, subtle pie crust. Several attempts with various other crusty ingredients did not work. This one does.

I don't get any apple or spice (not that either of them would be unwelcome here) out of FA Apple Pie. It just tastes like a plain ol' pie crust. And it's the only non-graham pastry crust flavor I could get to work as a main crusty competent here. The others trampled the hell out of that that lovely rich buttery pudding base. A light touch of FW Pie Crust provides another layer of bakery, making for a more flaky, less doughy, pie. Its darker sweetness emulates the edges of the crust, where the pie is crunchier and browner. The result? A dessert vape fit for the hunter coming home after a long day on the deer lease.


A tasty blueberry dessert treat.
SNV is pretty good
best after 3-5 day steep

You know which Strawberry Strudel I'm talking about.
Cheesecake (LA) can be substituted by (FW) and lower the Super Sweet if it's not your thing.
Enjoy & comment,

Mixed Berry Cobbler with some Vanilla Ice Cream on top, and its kinda at that situation where the ice cream started to melt a wee bit.

FW Wild Berry Cobbler - This is some seriously good stuff, but also incredibly linear. This is one half of the heart of the recipe (The other being LB Vanilla Ice Cream). Basically this is a bare bones cobbler with notes of blackberry and raspberry. In my opinion it lacks alot of body and fullness, which makes it a great flavoring to build upon.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream - Most ice cream flavors either taste like the real deal or a basic cream to me. This one tastes like the ice cream as melted slightly and gives more of a milk/dairy note. With VWC added, this makes a layer that is my go to for bakery creams.

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream - I went with this flavors mostly because it adds a subtle cream note, not that dissimilar to actual whipped cream, but also to give the recipe more thickness overall. It is a bakery after all, and bakery flavors should be thick tasting to reflect that.

TFA Raspberry (sweet) - This bring the fruit notes more forward, since Wild Berry Cobbler's Fruit notes tend to fall off after a few days.

FW Pie Crust - Acts similarly to how I used TFA Rasberry, however the bread notes dont fall as much as they get over powered by the creams. I find this flavoring prevents that.

Super Sweet is Optional, or you can sub for your preferred sweetener.

Tested with: Hadaly .25 ohm 22g kanthal, 42w, Smoant Charon.
Best vaped warm, not hot, tight air.

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