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(FW) Pecan

By: Flavor West (FW)
Buy From: gremlin

Used in 41 recipes at an average of 1.574%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

donut de limon con pecanas 10 dias de maceracion...

Nice Canadian holiday pie.. gooey pecan goodness in a vape.
Both of the pecans play off each other with the toasted almond adding the extra hint of smooth nuttiness with the Biscuit, Fried Dough. Golden Butter and Pie Crust bringing up the rear for the flaky crust.. Accented with AP, Sugar Daddy and Vanilla ( Bourbon ) to blend everything oh so well.
This can be a desert vape or an everyday vape with ease...

Just a little idea I have had for a while mulling in my head and then it was down on paper for a while.... Only recently I thought of mixing this up and wasn't so sure if they recipe would turn out to what I was thinking and the fact the low percentages of the overall recipe is something I strive for now in my recipes..
Saline @ .03% would actually be 3 drops for 30ml..

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