(FW) Papaya

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Summer is coming, time for some tropical goodness! A simple and tasty mix to get you into the mood.

FW Papaya can easily be subbed with FA Papaya, thou I would reduce the percentage a bit.
I tried it with TPA Coconut Candy before, but the papaya is sweet enough on it's own. CAP Coconut is a way better fit for this recipe.
Strangely enough, TPA Banana Cream is by far the best banana flavor for this. Every other banana I had available tasted a bit off in here.

I like to add 1% WS-23 (10% dilution in PG). You can decrease the amount or leave it out completely, you call.

Let it steep for at least three days!

Hope you enjoy. Have a nice vape!

Delicious papaya dessert, very fruity with a touch of cream to it and the sweet juicyness of the black currant makes it perfect.
You can use The Perfurmer/Flavor Apprentice in all the ingredients if you have them.

PS1: If you like more papaya you may go up 1% if you like it more sweet increase 1% of the black currant and 1% of the bavarian cream.
PS2: Inspiration taken from Victor de Campos Couto
PS3: If you choose to use TPA's papaya please go down to 5% since it is a strong flavor, but the FW papaya (natural) really needs to be at a higher % like 9% or even 10%
PS4: It is a floral recipe since all papayas taste like that, if you don't like floral notes you may decrease the papaya and increase the black currant.

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