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Strawberry as we all know is the most common of flavoring that people use so I used Strawberry by FW which to me is not too juicy and not so ripe. Making this the main profile was the goal for this summer mix. Adding the Cranberry by CAP at a low enough percentage is here to dry out the Strawberry just a little bit. The Blueberry by FM is present and delivers a nice sour-ish touch to the mix which make it seem a little juice at the end on the exhale. The Menthol is optional, of course you can also replace it with other cooling flavors like Koolada. Also you can feel free to swap out the blueberry if you want to.
Please enjoy!

Modified version of 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite, this is my preferred ADV for a cold fruit vape that reminds me of autumn! Add super sweet as needed for your preference if you like a sweeter vape.

This one started after a friend of mine wanted a menthol that would 'blow his head off', so I made him one, and it did. Once he recovered he said he loved the taste but it was way too strong, could I calm it down a bit? So I did. Then he asked if I could calm it a bit more and it became this, his ADV for well over a year now.
For me it's a nice menthol vape to clear your pipes, I use it as a reset for my taste buds when my flavours start to lessen.

Inspired by Banana Backwoods cigars. After much experimentation, this is my perfect RY4 based blend.

RY4 Double TPA can be using in place of INW RY4 TDM, it will be just a bit dryer and less caramelly than the INW stuff.

If you don't have OOO Vanilla Ice Cream, it's good with other cream flavors too. Others I have enjoyed in there include Sweet Cream, CC Devon Cream, Avocado Cream. The rest of the recipe won't be right if others are substituted, though I have a friend who mixes this with TPA Banana Cream instead of VT Shisha Banana and says it's very good.

The menthol is surely variable to your tastes. I'd say 1.0-1.66 for former Newport/Kool smokers. Too much is higher. 0.75 for a more usual cigarette level of menthol. I'd still recommend using at least 0.33 for the flavor even if you are not a menthol vaper. People who aren't typically Menthol vapers have noted that even at 1.66, though the menthol comes through on a finger/knuckle test, it blends in with the mix very well and is barely noticeable.


Just a simple menthol style cigarette I made for my stepmom to help her quit smoking. Hopefully it helps others. As a fellow Newport smoker I actually enjoyed this menthol tobacco combo in a vape. The Virginia and Kentucky blend was a perfect cigalike blend and fw menthol for that menthol aspect of a menthol bogie.

Recipe for a coworker. Started as FLV bubble gum, VT bubble gum base, FLV watermelon and wild melon

She wanted to try a sweeter candied watermelon, switched from 1.5 flv watermelon/.75 flv wild melon to 3% pur watermelon.

We've been running this recipe for a while since with no changes, so I am making it public. Adjust menthol to taste(or remove that nasty stuff entirely!)

Outerworld - Arcturus clone. Has taken about 10 goes to get it right, I was overthinking it, and using the wrong pomegranate.. Anyway. Here ya go!


In search of a nice cold minty Candy...Lower the ws23 if it's to high...I'm very high tolerance to the cooling so what is high for most is to low for me..Or just leave it out totally and enjoy just the mint flavors without the ICE

Ice cold 3 mint mix..for the cold hearted..or..just the menthol fans

Now I understand, you'll look at this recipie, and think, whoa thats alot of flavours....

Each one has its own place to create the perfet fruit tea blend, with an extremely subtle mint feel.

It all started with a wonderful cuppa tea from a coffee house here in the uk. Primary ingredients being Apple, Papaya, Mint Leaves and Rose Petals.

The Tea smelt and tasted so good, I recreated it in a Vapable form.

HLQ Black Tea is Chefs Fab MIx Black Tea

If you have the concentrates to mix it up, let me know what you think.

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