(FW) Lemonade

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Decided to try my hand out at a black currant lemonade.

A refreshing pink lemonade for the summer time!
I have mixed a few different versions of this and I feel this one has just enough "pink" while maintaining the strong crispness from the lemon.

I'm using CAP lemon lime to add more of a carbonated lemonade flavour as FW lemonade in its own is quite watery tasting.
VTA sweet raspberry is at a strange percentage because if I pushed it to 3 percent it forced out the lemonade feel of the recipe and made it a bit more syrupy, but at 2.5 I felt it wasn't present enough in the mix.
The strawberry ripe is adding some more body and inherent sweetness aswell as pinking it up more!
TPA Dragon fruit is of course to juice it up and FLV pink Guava is the magic zap that the recipe needed to really add more authenticity and turn the recipe from "pink" to "PINKKK!!!"

I made this recipe because I love FW lemonade and it suits the hot weather we are getting at the moment.
I'm usually playing more with bakeries but this recipe I find very refreshing and full flavoured.

I'm testing this on a Citadel RDA with a Flat Ni80 Clapton, 0.3 ohms at 60 to 75 watts.

It's great as a shake and vape but certainly benefits from a day or two to let the lemon die down a tad for the pink to push through!

Let me know what you think!

Fw Lemonade is actually Vta Lemonade Solo.
This is just a bright and tart lemonade loaded with lots of dark berries. VTA Bilberry Ripe, Blueberry, Boysenberry and Blackberry make up the berry blend. While VTA Lemonade Clear, Lemonade Solo and Plain Lemonade make up the lemonade.

It took me 14 years to create this recipe

It all started in my backyard in the late 2000s, i was wearing a red shirt and spilled my strawberry milk on it. This sprouted the idea of....jk

i was 134minutes into a edible. Thought of this. Mixed it. TASTY. FE Lemon is not needed

Add sweetness to your preference. I used 7 drops of stevia or cap ss. Hope you enjoy

I have no words.

Add your sweetness to it. As you please. I added 7 drops stevia.

Just a random creation that i created. I have no in depth details of creating it. I just did it. Came out nice. I might work on it a little bit. It's tasty AF but i'm sure i can lower and cut some pointless ends. I just like it because it's different from your average lemonade

Hope you enjoy

Fresh and tasty berry lemonade, good without sweetener but if you like to add some then try 0.5% super sweet. Or your preferred sweetener.

Blackberry Mint Lemonade e-liquid is a refreshing infusion of ripe juicy blackberries blended with lemonade and a touch of fresh mint. This ejuice defiantly makes for an indulgent flavourful beverage vape, any time of day.

It's just a refreshing pink/green lemonade. I put some sugar and ice, and it's easy to make, simple and delicious!
After a few days, lemonade fw becomes less aggressive on acid and the inhale becomes more fruity. It smells so good!

You Voted, We Mixed a Brazilian Lemonade! With special guest Rugly, we mixed what in essence is a Creamy limeade. This version was first mixed without PUR Condensed Milk and was pretty good. So if you don't have PUR Condensed Milk it's fine, but if you do, you'll find it fills out the creamy body much better. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/S_EhltMj9hM .

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CAP Sweet Strawberry is a nice balance of natural and artificial strawberry. FW Lemonade is a natural lemonade, no powdery country time. It's nice and tart and lemony. I've added in the INW Raspberry here to give this recipe some syrupiness. Still a little artificial almost like a strawberry juice.

Sweeten to Taste.

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