(FW) Jungle Juice

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used cotton candy to smooth out the fuji apple.
Sweet and tart because I like how it brings the forest fruit and jungle juice together.
Added ws-23 this morning just because I wanted a slight cool, tastes a little bit like green apple jolly rancher now.***Edit, I ended up doubling the fuji Originally and forgot to adjust the recipe. It should be good now.😑

My remix of MBV TJ.

Cool berries and melon.

Less menthol, not a "clone."

Everything combines nicely to give a fruity, refreshing vape. Hope you enjoy it. WS-23 used was at 30%

Layered watermelon with menthol.
Perfect for hot summer I guess. I live in Ireland so what do I know about hot summer weather.
Shake and Vape.

One of my first go to vendors was MBV. I always ordered their Thug Juice. I wanted to take a trip back to the roots of my vaping journey. This is a remix of my first ADV - Thug Juice.
OOO grape is the only grape i currently have in stock. I am quite sure that there are other grapes that may work in its place. If so, please let me know! :)


This is a spin off of MBV Thug juice and I like it 100x better. Juicy cactus, jungle juice vape. After about a week the cactus comes to life.
This is great for cleansing your pallet. My go to juice when I get vapor tongue.
I highly recommend trying this juice. If you don't like thug juice I know you will enjoy this.

Edit: you can adjust koolada to taste.

Jungle juice + cactus is magical the cactus totally enhances the jungle juice with the juicy effects also adding the cactus flavor making it delicious. Koolada for a chilled effect and you can adjust it to your personal preference.


Okay so you mixed Watermelon Crack. You may (possibly) have even mixed Grack Juice. INW Grapes and FW Jungle juice can be difficult to use up. But you know what is easy to use? CAP Sweet Guava. Here we have a cool, candy-ish grape with guava coming through underneath. Definitely better than a codeine lean.


This is the beginning of one of the many attempts at using Watermelon Crack ingredients somewhere else so I can use them for something. I enjoyed watermelon crack but my time with it is over and I'm left with some pretty niche flavors to try to use up.

SO, this is a shake and vape recipe. Tastes pretty good with the cactus being very prominent. After a few days steep the cactus calms down and everything kind of meshes together.

If you don't have INW Anton Apple, bump FA Fuji to 3%.


My final version of the recipe. I still don't think it's perfect, but it's as close as i can get it. Roughly 95-98% perfected

1 drop of CAP Cool mint per 30 ml

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