(FW) Jamaican Rum

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 35 recipes at an average of 2.2%.


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During Hazelnut week I had an idea and with a collaboration with ID1O-T here is so Let's Get Blitzen!: Hazelnut Rum Eggnog. It's the one Classic Holiday Vape you've been waiting for, with baited breath. Here it is in all its glory, with a Divine Hazelnut Flavor that defies the norm. So get ready Captain and raise your foot to the smooth Jamaican Rum...

This ok on the shake and vape, but flavors really come alive after a week of steeping. On the shake and vape the rum is overpowering it a bit and the cinnamon lacking. Reminds me of cinnamon apple pie filling made fresh.

Not really original as I varied from other recipes out there. To me it is very tasty.

Deep chocolate tobacco. AM4A does the trick. A try to make a pipe style tobacco.

Summer cocktail based on "white strawberry", Pineberry! For history white strawberry is visually a white strawberry with red saeeds, but it smells and tastes like pineapples.
This amazing cocktail based on pineberry and coconut will be achieved by a combination of pineapple and strawberry. A very nice pineberry stone is 70% pineapple (tpa), 10% shisha strawberry (INW) and 20% strawberry ripe (TPA)
In our recipe, besides pineberry, we'll use coconut, jamaican rum for alcohol and sweet straberry ans raspberry for the sweetness.
Have a nice vape!

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