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From @Queuetue : The Derringer is my choice for testing, in a mix or with a single flavor. Please support creative people by buying authentic atomizers, but I also keep a number of these clones from Fasttech on hand so I always have a an atomizer ready to go while I'm mixing.

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(FW) Hazelnut

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: creamy easy nutty rich simple smooth

Used in 1286 recipes at an average of 1.0%.


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I'm going to start by saying this is not my recipe, it is just one I have been making for a while that is not on all the flavors, it's only available here http://makemyvape.co.uk/blog/peace-pipe.

This is an amazing Ry4 recipe, I have been making this for friends that also fell in love with it.

The original recipe calls for 4 day steep, I feel it's best after at least 2 weeks. But I've also vaped this right after mixing and it is delicious.

A fairly straight ahead, rich and tasty vanilla custard leveraging the awesomeness that is CAP VC (and JF Dulce de Leche). Needs at least a two week steep before the magic happens.

this is going too be my first crack with the white chocolate peppermint and I hope this will be good

My attempt at a Ferrero Rocher chocolate hazelnut treat e-juice

No Description.

A Caramel Mint Cappuccino...

HIC's public recipe of Halo's "Twisted Java". Halo no longer produces this juice, I know this because i recently contacted them to purchase some. Twisted Java was one of my very first e liquids, and brings back that era of vaping... when I contacted Halo about why they dropped this flavor from their line they said that it wasn't a big seller... So I asked them for their recipe and they said that they wouldn't give it out, getting kind of rude about me asking them... So here it is! For the whole free world to have! Thanx again to HIC! This is spot on!

FW Candy Cane: This is the backbone of this flavor...A twisted candy for a twisted java...

TPA Caramel Cappuccino: A nice sweet caramelly coffee for the java aspect

FW Hazelnut: HIC recommends this for the authenticity of the profile... Also adds that it's not a necessity other than for authenticity....

I sincerely hope anyone looking for this lost jem enjoys mixing it up and taking a trip to the past! 😤💨💪

Sugared nuts, creamy butterscotch ripple ice cream and a hit of dark tobacco on the exhale...Utter decadent indulgence.

This recipe is still in the developmental stages, but tastes pretty damn good at this point so I thought I would share. My favorite treat as a child was a butterscotch milkshake from a little mom and pop ice cream shop. This is my attempt at recreating that experience and is coming along nicely. This is a very rich, heavy mouth feel type vape, the same thing you would experience with a nice thick milkshake, I think I have the milkshake base down pretty well, now perfecting the butterscotch is my mission. I have found FW butterscotch ripple to be the closest tasting butterscotch to what I had tasted in the milkshake, so I am working on deepening the butterscotch flavor. It's pretty good as a shake and vape, but the butterscotch will start to come out more after a couple days of steeping. Any input is welcome, let me know what you think. I will update any revisions I make in the comments section.


I told y'all I'd do it. That end of year banger that wont necessarily make waves for Recipe of the Year, but should make you feel bad for giving Chrisdvr the crown. This shit is a simple mix with a twist. You already know this was the year of motherfuckers dropping revisions on different strawberry creams. We had Skiddlz dropping a countless flurry of the same recipe. We had Vurve and his dumbass Egyptian Cum bullshit. Can't forget ID10-T and his Game of Thrones dragon juice. Manson dropped Shortdick, might have been last year, I can't be bothered to pay attention, but either way, fuck off. Even the self-proclaimed God of DIY Wayne Walker jerkin off My Man and making a clone of it. Y'all trippin.

So let me bury these fucks in a shallow grave so I can watch them as they become worm food. We got the classic strawberries in here, no reason to fuck around with that. But then the mix of TFA VBIC and JF Bavarian Cream creates a real thick and sweet ice cream base with just a touch of that brown sugar and maple notes. Oh that touch of Butterscotch Ripple? Yeah, put that in your ice creams. Don't ask, just do. Thank me later. Finally, that little touch of coconut and meringue. That's where I'm fucking y'all sideways. I ain't fucked with coconut all that much, but in here, it lightens up everything without muting the heavy flavour. Instead of something with crazy mouthfeel, that coconut and meringue adds not only a punch of coconut milk sweetness, but also the subtle hint that you dropped a handful of those delicious coconut flakes in your ice cream.

Shake and vape certified, since that's what I'm about. But after two days, that meringue mixes in with everything to give the coconut flavours more sweetness and helps emulate more of that coconut milk idea. And it lets the VBIC get to it's prime. But shake it up and vape it and love it.

Fuck 2016. Fuck your resolutions and "2017 will be my year" bullshit. Next year is gonna suck too. Deal with it. Keep mixing. Keep fucking up.


This is a banana creme brulee with a subtle hint of cinnamon. This recipe began as a riff on one of Enyawwreklaw's Live Mixing recipes. I didn't have all of the flavors needed for the recipe. I have also been trying to clone a recipe for a Banana Snickerdoodle Cookie. This recipe was great on it's own, but it didn't quite have that "oomph" that pulled it from the drawing room floor to something that I was ready to release. The addition of the TFA Sweetener gave this recipe exactly what I was looking for. I also added 1 drop per 30 ml of FLV Rich Cinnamon, and there were fireworks going off in my mouth. This recipe is finally to the point where I feel good about releasing it into the community. I would like to ask for any feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section down below. I sincerely hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Pretty good as a shake n' vape, but the vanilla custard really comes out to play after a few days to a week.

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