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This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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(FW) Hazelnut

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: creamy easy nutty rich simple smooth

Used in 2397 recipes at an average of 0.988%.


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A relaxing vanilla tobacco vape with a light butterscotch note and woody bite. Vanilla-forward tobacco.


I've always been a sucker for a good NET and Stixx Mixx makes the best! I use SM Havana Prime here at 5%. TFA Red Oak is added to give it a nice woody kick and a hint of smokiness. FW Butterscotch Natural lends a nice contrast at its' position in the recipe. The butterscotch isn't meant to be in your face in this recipe--it's just there to complement the tobacco.

The vanilla/creamy part of this was formed with LA Cream Cheese Icing(which you can actually drop to 2% if it's too much for your liking), Vanilla Swirl, and a smidgen of CAP Vanilla Custard.

FW Hazelnut of course, provides dairy creaminess and a touch of nuttiness that this recipe needed.

Good as a SNV, but surely begins to pop the longer it will sit.

60/40 ratio recommended


Aiming to hit that awsome kellogs frosties taste, and I feel I have succesfully done it! A definate ADV for those cereal lovers!! It's GRRREEEEEAAAATTT

What can make a morning blaze even better? A nice big bowl of crunch berry cereal in milk, and that's exactly what this recipe is.

FW Capt. Crunch berry is the main cereal note and provides a nice grain-like texture and body for the vape, but the fruit notes in it got flattened when paired with any creams. That's where FW Blueberry and TPA Strawberry come in and strengthen those notes in FW CCB.

The milk note is the tried and true FA Meringue and FW Hazelnut which provides a slightly sugary milk flavor. It manages to play with the cereal and make it taste likes its been soaked in it a bit too, which I absolutely love.

I just wanted a simple cereal and milk mix and ended up with this delicious result on my first try, so I wanted to share it with the community. Hope you enjoy!

Banoffee cream sandwiched between two banana nut cookies. I used Caramel v2 but v1 works just as well.

After steep:
At first this tasted sour. like, soured cream almost... but after 3 days it seems to taste like a honey covered caramel cream

The cereal 27 adds a great honey grain to the mix.

caramel original helped mask the high/sourness from the vienna cream and brings out more of the caramel from catalan cream.

bavarian cream is the base. that sweet, custard-y cream.

Hazelnut works magic but you can probably leave it out if you'd prefer.

Why should you mix this up?

If you like honey and caramel and thickness to your vape.

steep this for 3 days minimum or it will be sour and not very good at all.

remember to rate and comment, even if you hate it. Maybe we can figure out why you don't like it and improve it for your tastes.

When using TFA's Smooth: Use only 1 drop per 10ML. so in a 30ml bottle use 3 drops. This blends it all together and puffs it up a little bit. Mutes the sour notes and brings out the more sweetness from the caramel.

Note: This is a first run. there's room for improvement.

Let it sit for 3 days minimum.

Morning Cup 2 is my go to recipe to have in the morning with a good coffee.
It's not too heavy, not harsh, not too sweet.. it's the thing which kickstarts your day without overpowering your coffee beverage.

FA Up - well my go to coffee flavor, tastes like a good cup of dark beans straight out of my Bialetti Coffee Maker
JF Burley tobacco - one of the lighter, slight creamy tobacco flavors, pairs well with the Butterscotch and UP
JF Yellow Cake - boosts brightness, adds the cake into the vape
FW Hazelnut - rounds out whats missing in Yellow Cake
FW Butterscotch - acts as a sweetener, binds both the coffe and hazelnut together

Add sweetener at 1% if you like
1 drop per 10ml of Acetyl Pyrazine for this flakey bakery feel
1 drop per 10ml Liquid Amber to expand the body of the vape

A smooth Starbucks coffee with cream and nuts.
Starbucks coffee is a little on the bitter side, I was able to replicate this with WF smooth cappuccino cream and balance it out with osdiy lotta latte and fa tiramisu.
I used FW Bavarian cream for sweetness and FA cream fresh for its ability to round everything out. Topped it off with some delicious nut flavorings to create that flavored syrup.
This is an amazing all day Vape coffe lovers will be mixing very large bottles at a time

I've been playing around with FLV cookie dough for a little bit, and after Wayne released Obsidian it definitely inspired me. FLV cookie dough is a little weird to work with, at first I really didn't like it. It almost has an RY4 taste to it right away as weird as that sounds, to me atleast. But I can see why Wayne went that route. With some supporting flavors and of course a little time it does come out pretty tasty! I don't add any sweetener here, and it probably would benefit from some, so add .5% super sweet if you want. FLV Cookie Dough, and FLV Frosting are a little harsh right away, so I do like to add a little more VG. This is my spin off from Obsidian, here I present MrColdOnes Creamy Cookie Dough!


"DIYeleos(Pronounced D.I.Yel-ee-ose) Milk":

This is my revision for my "My Milk" recipe. There were quite a few issues I had with that recipe, though others said they really enjoyed it.

Firstly, the inclusion of FW Fruity Flakes really bothered me. Even though it was only at,0.27%(or some ridiculous percentage like that), I didn't want any of that dangerous sugar crap in my recipe no matter how little was present. I don't mind diacetyl...but sugar? No way.

Secondly, there was simply too much lemon in My Milk. Way too much. I mean...a lot. Did I say way too much?

And finally, the correct balance with the custard & brown sugar just wasn't 'there'. Sure, it was palatable. But it wasn't worthy of all the praise(or the 1782 views on ATF) it got, in my opinion.

I've been reviewing the original recipe since its' inception and reformulating on paper over & over & over. Today(05/04/17) I think I finally perfected the flavor. I quickly mixed up a 40ml batch straight away. I'm weird like that. If it doesn't look right, I won't even waste my time or supplies mixing it up. Needless to say, I was very pleased with this revision. Even fresh, this just...rocks. Everything is more balanced than my first recipe. And the lemon doesn't dominate. For those of you who want to enjoy Teleos The Milk without all that sucralose, vendor cockiness, and the SUPER inflated price(even with their new 60ml "bargain" price), I think this mix is for you. This is one of those recipes that you just "know" will get better & better with age. Which is why I am releasing it straight away. My next venture will be to make a close clone of The Crunch, so stay tuned for that one.


The Cereal:

The 1st difference you will notice in this new recipe is the inclusion of TFA Berry Crunch(also called Berry Cereal). This is because the more I vaped on the original Teleos eliquid, I found myself tasting this. Its a weaker flavor than FW Fruit Rings, so in order to be tasted, it was necessary for this concentrate to be higher. ANY less, and it becomes invisible in FW Fruit Rings bold flavor.

FW Fruit Rings is a great Pebbles foundation. At 1%, the citrus flavor(as in the real cereal) is present. CAP Lemon Meringue Pie was used at only 0.5% in order to 'soften' the sharp lemon in the FW Fruit Rings, while not completely killing the lemon. It also boosts the milky part of this mix.

The Milk:

First off we have the tried & true FW Hazelnut/FA Meringue milk base. I used more Hazelnut than Meringue in order to bring out a slight malty cereal feel. I purposely avoided Acetyl Pyrazine because this is more of a 'leftover milk' recipe as opposed to a grainy cereal. I wanted more thickness & milkiness, which is why I included TFA Vanilla Swirl at a low 1.5%.

The Real Stars Of The Show:

For the original Teleos The Milk and this new recipe, TFA Brown Sugar and CAP Vanilla Custard v1 are a MUST. Vanilla Custard is prominent, yet balanced. You cannot have Teleos The Milk without custard or brown sugar. That's just a fact. The key is getting the balance right. My original recipe had the custard at 4%. But the way it was balanced(or UNbalanced) made it TOO prominent in my My Milk recipe. In this new version, I use CAP VCv1 at a HIGHER(6%) percentage. And yet, even though it's higher....it doesn't take over. NEWBS: Notice this when formulating a recipe. Depending on the % of the other concentrates, raising a particular concentrate's percentage doesn't necessarily make it taste stronger! It's all about the balance.

The Sweetener:
If you love Teleos Milk but despise the over-sweet nonsense & its' coil-killing, wick-darkening traits, Erythritol is your savior. I use it here at 1%. But I honestly feel 0.5%-0.75% would be acceptable.

This is just GREAT freshly mixed as I knew it would be, But, as with all milky cereal vapes, 7-14 days steep will benefit it greatly.

70%VG is the way to go for that milky 'feel'.


A soft cookie dough RY4 recipe that's excellent in RDA's but sings in tight MTL tanks like a Kayfun. Also this recipe is meant to be tinkered with and added to. Check out the post for the full flavor notes as well as topping ideas.


Unlike other concentrated flavors that were formulated for candy, beverages and baking, Flavorah's high potency and unique flavor profiles makes it the real choice for vapor.

By making the same undiluted flavors available that are used by many commercial ejuice manufactures, Flavorah puts the power into your hands to blend and customize your vaping experience.

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