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(FW) Hazelnut

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: creamy easy nutty rich simple smooth

Used in 4501 recipes at an average of 1.029%.


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Strawberry Poke Cake has been a favorite at our family reunions. Grandma absolutely nails her recipe, And I've been missing her lately so this is my vape iteration of her masterpiece. This recipe takes me straight back to the warm Pennsylvania days at that community park. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoy her cake. :)

Flavor notes to follow soon. I'm too tired after working the warehouse today for full notes. (Sue me)

WF Princess Cake: + WF Fluffy White Cake SC: Cake. (Obvs)

JF Sweet Strawberry: null. (Used to jello up the strawberry a little)
Substitute: CAP Sweet Strawberry @ 1.5%

TPA Strawberry Ripe: Compliments JF Sweet Strawberry with ripe support.

WF Buttercream Frosting SC: Frosting. It's delicious.

FW Hazelnut: Does magical thangz with strawbs.

NO sweetener needed. :)

Steep Time: 10 days. (Worth the wait)

Sharing this in hope some find it useful, add things to your liking. Sweeten to taste.

IMO this has been my only successful coffee mix I've made or tasted. Probably b/c the coffee is so low. If you've had only questionable coffee flavors, try this.
Also, tops off well with any woody cigar/desert tobacco.

VT froth is probably the most coffee flavor you'd want in this.
WF Roasted Pecans isn't accurate, cause that's not the flavor, I somehow have WF Roasted Pecan Latte but I can't see that flavor exists anywhere, including the place I got it from.,
The sweetness here is really just one drop/10ml. Even less. I don't like sweet stuff, but it needed a SLIGHT bump.

Profile: Nutbar covered with chocolate and salted caramel.

TPA Bavarian Cream - A must for the arsenal of flavors of all mixers. In this recipe adds some creaminess and binds with the nuts so they do not get so dry.
FA Hazel Grove (hazelnut) - Pure hazelnut and super concentrated. Add realism to the Hazelnut itself.
FW Hazelnut - A very versatile hazelnut that can be applied to various profiles. Upping the percentage brings notes of chocolate.
FLV Pistachio - A pistachio balanced both in body and texture. The skin is present in this flavor such as TPA Pistachio. Incredibly strong and real.
CAP Toasted Almond - Generic almond like the ones we buy at supermarkets. Not much toast but a noticeable note.
TPA Whipped Cream - Recipe emulsifier. Creates a bond between the nuts and the caramel.
FW Salted Caramel - Caramel that is not salty as the name says but simulates the characteristic flavor of salty caramel. That note of caramel that as it took salt has a distinct aroma, different than just caramel made of sugar.
FLV Chocolate Deutsch - Creamy and melted chocolate from the cakes. It is the best possible description for this flavor. Super concentrated too. 1 DROP IS ENOUGH! Together with FW Hazelnut, it brings notes of melted chocolate to the profile.

Steep: Between 5 to 7 days for the chocolate to calm down and the caramel to be wrapped with the nuts.

I guess I just thought it was about time for me to publish my own scream. This is a strawberry and vanilla malted milkshake type mix. The strawberry combo (Daveberry Trinity) is the best I have found for a good sweet syrupy type artificial strawberry. I used the fw hazelnut both for the maltiness and it just makes strawberries just a bit riper. The vanilla cupcake is there for sweetness and to thicken up the mix.

Crunch BERRY desert with strawberry syrup drizzled on top.
Delicious and creamy dessert/cereal cape.

***I actually forgot about this until I cleaned out "the drawer" today to make room for my newer recipes. This was made back in June. And at 11 months still holds its Ice Cream Sandwich flavor extremely well!

I used LB Vanilla Ice Cream as the base just because it's so true to real Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. No pepper. No plastic. Just pure ice cream. I needed to pump up the thickness a bit more though, so I added 1% CAP VC1. 1% is all you need to perform this task.

RF Cookies & Cream SC was my choice for the cookie part of my ice cream sandwich purely for the reason that as a single flavor--C&C tastes just like the chocolate I was looking for. All the other cookie & cream concentrates didn't have the particular 'chocolate' taste I was hunting for.

Again, this chocolate note needed a slight push in terms of texture. FW Hazelnut not only provided the texture I wanted, but also lended to the creamy texture of the ice cream.

CAP SS...obvious explanation.

You can add FA Polar Ice to this if you prefer. I didn't add it(or any of the other cooling enhancers) because lately I find it distracts from my perception of flavor. This was a personal choice. So, if you want it-add it.

I didn't like this very much as a SNV, it was way too flat. 7 days steep was good. 14 days? Even better.

Please dont use this recipe for commercial profit. This is meant to benefit the DIY Community.

Please dont post this recipe to other websites.

My continued thanks to the "E-Juice Makers" crew for all of their support and love for what they do. They truly give more to the community than I am able to do. I continue to feel very humbled that I am included in such a knowledgeable & generous group of people!!

VT Cafe Latte, not DFS. I’ve been on a quest to mix a good coffee that doesn’t taste like burning tires since I first started mixing. Coffee, lattes, mochas are my Vapes, but good ones in vape form are hard to master. I Love WF Brazilian Coffee, but it’s even better when paired with VT Cafe Latte. Milk &Honey, Hazelnut and Vanilla Swirl give it a nutty body and texture, while VT Chocolate Mousse adds that nice mocha undertone and fluffiness to make it taste like one of those $5 jobbies.

A rich and robust coffee blend with a hazelnut middle note plus hints of sweet caramel and cream.


I am not big on tobacco recipes but i do enjoy a light sweet tobacco if you can even call it that. I wanted this to have an ry4 type of light sweet tobacco flavor where the tobacco is light and nutty with a good caramel, butterscotch, brown sugary type of sweetness and or flavor. I went with flavor west hazelnut well because its the king of nuts of coarse and i threw in a little creme brulee becauseits just good lol. No i put creme brulee in because of its carmalized creamy texture and it just works here. k My tobacco choices were purely based on smell i was looking for the nuttiest smelling flavorah tobacco thats where oriental came in because to me it smells really nutty. Then i was looking for another tobacco to slightly back up the nuttyness so i smelled the other Flavorah tobacco's looking for the one that smelled the best with oriental and i came to choose tatanka. I really like this combination and i dont like tobacco's but i like these in this!! Now the tobacco is super light if you vape this on day 3 the tobacco will be much more prominent than say after two weeks. If you like your tobacco's more prominent you can just bump up each .25% at a time and you should be able to find where you prefer it best. But for me the level of tobacco is perfect just enough to know its there with some flavors that blend perfectly with a light tobacco. The rest of the flavors i feel are obvious to the reasons i used them. I used them to bring out a nice caramel, brown sugar, butterscotch style of sweetness mixed with a prominent hazelnut with a touch of vanilla. I think you might really enjoy this mix and if you like a stronger tobacco you can easily bump them both up until you find the amount for you. Enjoy!!!!

Flavor Notes

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