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(FW) Hazelnut

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: creamy easy nutty rich simple smooth

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Needed a Boo Berry vape - one that tastes as close as possible to what I remember from too many years back. Try #1 was up around 20% flavours, tasted good - on the right track. So this is a scale back plus added in some super sweet.

Cereal: FW Cake (yellow), TPA Vanilla Cupcake, AP and Hazelnut is my attempt at the cereal component. My previous recipe was pretty good but I feel the cereal is not 100% there yet.

Milk: Bavarian Cream, Cream Fresh and vanilla swirl and meringue provides the milk.

Marshmallow and Blueberries should speak for themselves, though I think the marshmallow gets a bit lost in the milk. Need to find a way to separate it out. I though the super sweet might help with that...

Trying to find the balance between the cereal, milk, & blueberry with a bit of marshmallow. Any comments/critiques welcome.

A nice simple sugar cookie with hints white chocolate peppermint in the background welcome too fall everyone

getting ready for my fall recipes and this one might start my kickoff of my fall recipes and this is a cinnamon Danish cookie

it is like my pecan cake recipe but i raised the % of bakery and creams a little bit and added apricot and peach.a thick and sweet cake with fruity notes

The Captain will take you on a magical journey through breakfast with a well rounded crunch berries cereal. Don't forget the milk.

Basically a simple and straightforward Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries with a milk aftertaste.

Delicious pecan cake,sweet and thick.hope you enjoy as much as i do

I've been mixing with passion and determination for 6 months now. This is my first share here on ATF because this is the first recipe I've created that I place enough confidence in to share publicly. Just a simple combination that's been running around my mind the last 3 days that pulled at my curiosity enough to have me finally sit down and at least give it a one shot attempt. Turns out that's all it took for myself to be satisfied with the flavor of this mixture. "Chocolate-Hazelnut-Almond", and that's the just of it. That rich, robust, authentic, somewhat tart body you get from a good dark chocolate all the way through initially, and on the back during the inhale. Then an even more rich, "cocoish", sweet chocolate still holding on to its authenticity along side a dark, roasted, nutty aroma that both the hazelnut and almond create; but hazelnut lingers its unique and prominent impression here and throughout the exhale.

I'm very much an entry level novice and would very much accept and encourage criticism and guidance. You kinda have to enjoy hazelnut to find this mix desirable but when considering its simplicity the hazelnut could more then likely be tweaked to sit not so potent. Mix it up, remix it up, and build upon. Please let me know how you've enjoyed this and what changes you possibly made to further enhance it. I have mixed this both max VG and 70/30 it was enjoyable on both attempts right off the scale.

a strong tobacco blend with dry nuts-honey-fig.perfect to start your day with a hot cup of coffee

The Iced Oatmeal Cookie Just Needs 10 words in order to be released.

Simple pecan custard for the DIYorDIE charity mixathon



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