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(FW) Hazelnut

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Flavor Profile: creamy easy nutty rich simple smooth

Used in 1881 recipes at an average of 0.991%.


90 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Inspired and derived By Dogma. Thanks to ConcreteRiver for the inspiration and his constant work in the DYI community.

This is my strawberry shortcake recipe.

When I first started vaping, sometime around 2011, I tried juice after juice from every website I could find. They all kinda sucked. I stumbled upon a website called Ms. T's Bakery. Everything sounded great, but I only ordered their strawberry shortcake. About 2 months went by and I finally received my 10ml of strawberry shortcake. It blew my mind. I didn't think e liquid could taste this good. Naturally I went through this juice in a few day (on an eGo mind you). When I tried to reorder a message appeared telling me that Ms. T was temporarily closed. They never reopened. The market is much different now. They have everything. Except for what I would consider a solid strawberry shortcake. I was mixing some batches for friends last week when I decided to go for it. No thoughts, just pure impulse, as I picked ingredients that sounded right and percentages that made sense to me.

Here we have what I consider to be as close to a strawberry shortcake vape as I have ever had. Sorry to other shortcake posters, as I have not tried your mixes.

I was not going for an ice cream bar but more of a thick, spongy cake. I wanted it light and gentle. Words like "delicate" or "fluffy" come to mind. I wanted strawberry to sit in the middle to the background a bit. I went with more TFA Strawberry than TFA Strawberry (ripe) to maybe get a more pie filling/candy strawberry. As you draw in you get a bready, possibly cereal flavor. It slowly morphs to a cake then a smooth, sweet strawberry as it leaves you palate. It isn't quite intense enough to stop you from vaping it all day. The lingering strawberry makes you want more and more. Sometimes you can get an excellent strawberry cream cheese type of flavor. Other times it is more cake and cream.

I think every friend and family member that tried it last weekend took a puff and said "shit..that's good!". And trust me when I say they will let me know if it needs to go in the garbage.

Give it a try, I would imagine most people have these flavors in their arsenal after mixing up manson's pebbles and God Milk. At such low percentages too. It might not be the best recipe or a great one, but I feel like I nailed what I was going for and it is an all day vape for me.

I welcome any adjustments you guys feel it could use. If it is just plain terrible let me know too. :P

Berry Pebbles is a strawberry and blueberry cereal covered in a divine sweet milk. It has a perfect balance between the actual fruits, cereal and milk. It delivers a nice crunchy fruity cereal vape with the perfect amount of milk. Seriously addictive and delicious.

This is easily one of the best recipe i have ever created.

The base was inspired by Pebbles from NotCharlesManson.


Chocolate Rain
Worse than swearing worse than calling names
Chocolate Rain
Say it publicly and you're insane

Chocolate Rain
No one wants to hear about it now
Chocolate Rain
Wish real hard it goes away somehow

Chocolate Rain
Makes the best of friends begin to fight
Chocolate Rain
But did they know each other in the light?

Chocolate Rain
Every February washed away
Chocolate Rain
Stays behind as colors celebrate

Chocolate Rain
The same crime has a higher price to pay
chocolate Rain
The judge and jury swear it's not the face

Mass Incarceration has been a Major problem since the War on drugs/ Nixon/Reagan, when drug use and prison population was declining and only 2% of Americas felt that drug addiction in America was a problem during the Reagan campaign. During the Reagan Administration the CIA was involved in trafficking cocaine. Government contracted Prisons to major corporation with a promise of 90% occupancy making profit from prisoners. War on drugs, Minimum sentencing, stop and frisk and Turning marijuana into a felony all had a major role in this issue, all for profit, segregation and oppression.

  • Flavor Notes

Hazelnut fits well with Dbl Chocolate Clear, but just a hint. really brings out the chocolate IMO.... added Cream Fresh for a more milk chocolate boost

For fluff and that creamy smores taste, I went with TPA Toasted Marsh.

Butterscotch for the cookie is probably my new fave, I dislike intense cookie vapes but these settle well together.

Went with Vanilla Classic aka Madagascar as a chance, only because Madagascar fits well with the concept and it worked out bomb!

I wanted to try sadpandavape's apple 'bacco but didnt have most of the flavors as im in between orders at the moment, so i experimented with what i had. Overall, Im very pleased with the results.

Dulce de Leche (JF) - Dense, creamy, sweet, sticky caramel. I could have used a traditional caramel flavoring here, but DdL has a creaminess to it that would be missing had I gone that route. I find TPA Caramel(original) and FA's Caramel a little dry, helped by a steep, but still astringent. This DdL adds a lot of density to the mix and really helps to round off any sharper edges the other flavors may have

Butterscotch (FA)- Thick and sticky butterscotch. Paired with Dulce de Leche, this tastes just like the shell of a candy apple. I know a lot are on the Butterscotch Ripple hype train right now, but i dont think it would be right for this mix. I get way more 'cream' from that flavor than butterscotch. It has a butterscotch kind of flavor, but it tastes a little "off" to me. I want creaminess, but i'll add it somehow else

VBiC (TFA) - And here's that creaminess i wanted to add, but accompanied by vanilla. It get it done at this percentage and shouldnt be high enough to add pepperiness some get, not for me at least.

RY4 Double (TFA) - Never got tobacco from this. Always more caramel, a woodiness almost nut but not quite flavor, and vanilla undertones. Im using this to tie everything together

Hazelnut (FW)/Soho (FA) - The whole mix by this point is approaching sugar-lips level of sweetness. Time to muddy things up and add some nuttiness and a little darkness. Such low percentages aren't majorly changing the overall profile, but you'd be able to tell the difference in the mix without them if tasted side by side

Fuji (FA)- With all the sweetness and thickness from the other flavors, this apple is very bright. It stands out in the mix at 2% but doesnt drown out the other flavors. They exist together. The apple ends up wrapping around the other flavors like an inside out candy apple.

I need my coffee in the morning, and that is how i like it. Sweet and creamy with a nice taste of hazelnut.

Milk leftover in bowl after eating frosted cornflakes and slivered almonds.



Based on the sexiest Borg in the Delta Quadrant(except this one is based on Seven Of Nine when she was still under control of The Collective). Part 2 in my Seven Of Nine/Borg Trilogy


Coolness and incredible arrogance are traits of this Borg Drone. For this reason, an assimilation of Polar Blast seemed relevant. FA Polar Blast IMHO, gives a far more realistic 'cooling' effect than the traditional koolada does here. FA Fresh Cream/FA Meringue was resilient and would NOT "adapt to service us". Therefore, injection tubules infused the distinctiveness of FA Vienna Cream/TFA Vanilla Swirl in its' place. Believe it or not, this simple recipe was far more difficult to perfect than any of my previous recipes. But it was definitely worth all my extra work. Fortunately, taste is not irrelevant."

This recipe, after a 5 day steep proves you don't need VBIC, CAP Vanilla Custard or Meringue to make a thick pudding or ice cream! And this one is simple to boot! Enjoy!!

Star Trek: Voyager & all its' characters are the sole property of Paramount. No profit has been made on this recipe.

I've always loved the good ol staple strawberries and cream. Since I started mixing I've made probably 30 or more recipes in search of that perfect profile. Winding down on a Sunday night I decided to try and keep it simple and base the recipe off of what I know I like when actually eating strawberries and cream. A lot of people think ice cream has no place in an authentic cream recipe but I know I like ice cream and concentrates-wise I like the vanilla profile they bring. I went with LB's Vanilla Ice Cream because to me it's a softer vanilla. Not so spicy like TFA and CAP can be. I didn't want just a strawberry ice cream, I wanted a smooth, yet a little thicker, vanilla cream. I used FA Fresh cream for what it's best used for of course, to smooth things out and kind of mix the creams together, like adding a bit of milk to things. For a little depth and thickness to the cream I chose my favorite density creator- TFA Bavarian Cream. It's perfect here at 2 percent to thicken things up and not bring too much of its spice profile into the picture. CAP vanilla whipped cream for a little airy-ness and a touch more thickness. And we round the cream off with a touch of FW Hazelnut for its creamy properties. In my many chaotic mixing endeavors I have really come to love TFA Strawberry more than Ripe, and love combo-ing with CAP's sweet strawberry and sometimes INW Shisha Strawberry for a really sweet, bright, more artificial strawberry flavor. The combo I used here seems to work great for a commercial, sweet strawberry profile. I added the CAP super sweet because I normally like things quite sweet. I would suggest backing it down to .25% or not using it at all. At .5% here it makes things a little too sickly sweet for me.
Mix it up if ya feel like it. Yeah, I know, another strawberry cream recipe. It's been done dude! Yeah, it has, but this simple mix delivers my friends.
Actually quite decent as a S & V.

This is one of those recipes that worked so well on the first mix I didn't want to change anything. All I did was add 1% sweetener to get rid of some dryness from the crunchies but it's definitely not necessary. This has turned out to be the best chocolate I've tried imo. Always nice to have a new recipe that goes well with coffee too.

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