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This is just a test May not be too good Wanting to understand these flavors

Going for an old school hard boiled peppermint lollie. Please not this is a work in progress and any advice is welcome

Shot at the blue jolly rancher hard candy.

The raspberry I am using is FA Raspberry and is the main note with the FW Hard Candy next. The FLV boysenberry levels out the rasp and the ethyl makes it candy. I did not used to add any sweetener but it does make it better.

Might need to tweak the percentages but the flavors won't change.

This my first mix that turned out good enough to share. Almost everyone who has tried it, says they like it. It is very simple but work really well. I have tried adding other raspberry to it but the FA takes the cake.

Always loved INW Cactus but didn't like the recipe I got it for. Mixed this up and have been enjoying it quite a bit. I realize the cactus is way above typical but I found any lower it loses that edge of freshness I love about the smell. Would love to know what you think or ways to improve the recipe!!

Sweet and simple, light and "fresh" candy flavor. Im sure you can make it better.

Also has 2.65% VSO Blueberry - Have requested that this flavor be added to ATF - Will correct recipe once its in.

Felt like something sweet, tart, and dark. This is NOT a SNV. Minimum steep 3 days but really needs 7 days to fully settle down.

Description & Setup

Sweet Strawberry and Kiwi mingled into one nice Hard Candy! I made this mix on a whim, and after a few adjustments, I've been in love with it since.

Tested on a Cthulu 1928 MTL RDA / Pasito Pod RBA 15w 6 wraps 2mm 25mg/mL Nicotine


FA Kiwi - I found this to be a wonderful sweet kiwi flavour. It ended up really mixing in well with CAP Sweet Strawberry and made for a delicious mix on its own, but I wanted to take it up a notch.

CAP Sweet Strawberry & FLV Alpine Strawberry - I've found that these two strawberries are AMAZING in pod / MTL devices. Seriously, if you have these flavours and are a Pod / MTL user, give it a try in any type of mix. These two also mixed very well with FA Kiwi, and laid down the foundation for the mix.

FW Hard Candy - This is a pretty weird flavour to work with, and I had to tinker with it a touch to actually get where I wanted it to be. This brings in a hard candy element that tones down a lot of the more natural notes that come in from FLV Alpine Strawberry, and bring an overall sweetness to the mix.

As always, make sure to leave a review if you can! It helps me develop more recipes and I love feedback.

Coconut haters, don't be scared. It does not taste like coconut. The idea of harnessing a small amount of Lorann's take on Pina Colada to give this blue raspberry the unique richness of a ring pop was the last thing AlfredPudding gave me before he gave up vaping and mixing to go dress up in tactical gear to set farm animals free or whatever he's doing now. I just finally got around to putting the finishing touches on it and tweaking the concentrations for maximum nostalgia-trip authenticity. I don't think you could sub either of the berries or the pina colada and get similar results. But for the little bit of hard candy sheen the FW Hard Candy puts on it, if you don't have that but do happen to have TFA Apple Candy, 0.75% of that should do.

Does not need sweetener. Plenty of that with the WF Sour Blue Raspberry Candy.

Want some tunes to listen to while enjoying this? I might put together an "AlfredPudding left us" playlist.

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That's it at the moment, but I'm open to suggestions on what to add to it.


Revisiting an old favorite, this time making it more watermelon-y and cold. I don't know man.


Inspiration; Spring has come and gone. The trees are now bearing fruit. It's time to pick, add some candy sweetness and enjoy the juice. Mix it up and fill your tank or drip to your hearts content.

Allow a friend to try the blend and as the Apples and Peach prevail a note of... Can they figure it out?

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