(FW) Guava

By: Flavor West (FW)
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My take on the fresh juicy tropical mix. Sweet pineapple and mago rounded with a touch of papaya and guava. Dragon fruit blends all the flavours together nicely.

A remix of Flow by Aqua e-liquid. Pineapple, mango, and guava.

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Really trying to nail this profile down. Getting closer, but I’m not there yet. Any tips and ideas would be appreciated.

Been vaping this one for about 3 months now. Strawberry, nectarine, guava! A great SNV/ADV. Give it a mix and let me know what you think!

I decided to try out my FA pear after watching the latest DIYORDIE Noted episode! Really happy with the way this turned out!

FA PEAR- This is the only pear I have right now and it does a great job of giving you that juicy and sweet inside of a pear while also giving a subtle note of the skin and texture of the outside.

FW GUAVA- This concentrate is so versatile. I have actually never tasted real guava, but i love the way that this helps gives the strawberry a different dimension.

TPA STRAWBERRY- Probably my all time favorite flavor. A sweet candy like strawberry that works almost anywhere.

RF STRAWBERRY- A softer candy strawberry that gives the TPA Strawberry a juicier, chewier quality that I love.

LB VANILLA ICE CREAM & TPA VANILLA SWIRL- These 2 ice creams together add the perfect creamy vanilla finish, while also helping to blend everything together and smooth them out.

If you havent checked out BADESIGN over on ELR yet you are missing out. He showed me the ropes of DIY and helped me really come to enjoy mixing my own recipes.

Lemme know what you all think!

A ridiculously delicious mix of fruits both sweet and sour. This juice is sure to make your mouth water and have you squeezing your bottle to get the last drops.

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