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(FW) Graham Cracker

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Everybody has that recipe that they can make last minute and run out the door with. If you didnt know, I love lemon anything. This is a simple, bare-bones lemon cream with just a touch of graham cracker as a textural accent. Medium bodied; S&V certified.

Summer- To me it means time for the annual camping trip with fire and alcohol and food that can be cooked on a stick. All the best stories and ideas start with alcohol involved. This one would be the later. We had all the makings for a traditional smore on my last camping trip as well as the liquid ingenuity on tap. We also had Reese's peanut butter cups and bananas. Get where I'm going with this now? You would think the combo was thought up by someone under some other flammable influence.
Chocolate-peanut butter-banana smore
3% tfa peanut butter I get creamy generic peanut butter from this when the batch is a good one.
1% cap peanut butter brings the creamy peanut butter closer to the jif or Reese's type I know and love.
.25% flv milk chocolate this gives the Hershey's type milk chocolate syrup note to help give the melted milk chocolate taste of a smore.
2% tfa double chocolate clear while flv milk chocolate is good on its own right it can be a bully and we want some of that chocolate bar-not quite melted all the way taste.
3% fw graham cracker used this more than the usual 1% I tend to use it at to keep the crunchy Graham cracker present in this Uber smore.
2% tfa toasted marshmallow tgives you that perfectly even browned ocd compliant toasted campfire marshmallow taste.
3% tfa banana cream if you haven't tried putting sliced banana on a smore I recommend giving it a try. There isn't a plain ripe banana concentrate (that I've had to date) that doesnt get a "runty" note. This a treat and as such I want it to be candyish in terms of sweetness but creamy too to compliment the marshmallow.
1% .9% saline solution optional but I feel if you have any recipe with chocolate in it you'd be doing yourself a disservice without it.
.5% cap super sweet another optional one but the malic acid that it has and maltol tend to be another must have to help chocolate flavors.

Best after 5 days mainly due to the banana cream and peanut butter but surprisingly shake and vapeable.

My very first run at this, I've been trying to find a solid idea in which I could try the LB White Chocolate Peppermint. Give this a try and see what you think.


Creamy custard heavy on rich vanilla with a subtle cookie crumble.

This is another belly button recipe. I'm probably 20 iterations in. Since January I've been altering it an ingredient at a time, however the past few times I haven't changed anything. It's what I'm looking for. An easy vanilla vape. Ol' faithful. It's mild yet rich, and it won't assault your senses. When I've spent the whole day tasting and testing, I can kick back and enjoy this After the Party.

Flavor Notes:

4% CAP Vanilla Custard v1 is the base. It's buttery, thick, eggy, and robust. I don't like too much egg though, so it stays kind of light. If I'm doing a custard, it's gonna be with this guy. I tried INW Custard for awhile but it has the same note that I don't like in INW Creme Brulee. CAP has a better flavor for my basic bitch American palate. It's just good. There. That's why I used it. The vanilla part is meh at best, but that's okay. We have a secret weapon:

1.5% DFS Holy Vanilla is elevating that vanilla into uncharted planes of nirvana. That creamy, mid-baking, vanilla extract essence with its full bodied aroma absolutely has to be here. This will solve all of CAP VCV1's vanilla problems, and take it where it never knew it could go. I've pushed this to 3% without regret, but the custard starts to thin out. At 1.5% the vape remains a thick custard with a very authentic and satisfying vanilla.

0.5% HS French Vanilla Ice Cream adds some complexity to the custard. It has a rich cream note that is super buttery. I had 1.5% TPA VBIC in the recipe, but it was too bland. It was flattening the profile. FVIC does the opposite. It fleshes out the creams without emulsifying everything into one muddled flavor. 1% Vienna Cream worked pretty well if you're missing this flavor, but it won't be the same.

1% TPA Bavarian Cream is another supporting flavor for the custard. Along with FVIC, it bolsters the dairy profile around that egginess. It has some of that warm, homely feeling to it that I get from Holy Vanilla. Any higher and this would start to be known, but at 1% it hangs out in the background.

2% FW Graham Cracker has no cinnamon, it's just a fresh graham. It isn't as crunchy as TPA. I didn't want it to seem like a graham crust but more of a cookie crumbled into the custard. It doesn't pop right out; it's just another warm accent to make this feel like a relaxing vape.

Let's talk about steeping. This is actually a pretty good shake and vape... To me. I don't like very forward custards, so 4% VCV1 as a shake and vape works for me. Considering it's fortified by other strong flavors, it's good out of the gate. However, I prefer to let all juices steep, especially custards and bakeries because they tend to bloom with time. I don't mind letting this steep for a month or more. With that said, it comes together by two weeks. The Custard does benefit greatly from that time. Do whatever you wanna do; it's a good vape no matter when you vape it.

Happy mixing. 👽

So this is a recipe I've been playing with for the last month or so... Personally I'm not huge on many yogurt flavors I've tried in the past, they are either way to strong on the fruit and the yogurt is no existent or the fruit gets hidden behind the yogurt which who ever wants that to happen right? Well luckily for us its DIY for a reason we can create recipes that suit our needs or wants, notes are down below. Feel free to leave any feedback or general comments or let me know what you would change for your personal preference.

The Berry- FW Blueberry, in my opinion is one of the best blueberries I've tried and it always seems to pair nice with creams and bakeries so I knew this was the
one I wanted to use here because it holds up in a steep and it taste good right away so its a win win.
FA Bilberry, This is just a special flavor its powerful and such a deep flavor that it can really just lift or finish so many flavors but when used with other
blueberries or dark fruits it just seems to make them more present and up front instead of hiding in the back.
FW Blackberry, this is another similar situation where I think its just the best blackberry at least in this profile, you can tell its a blackberry it doesn't
get lost or have a off floral taste to it and when its put against the blueberry combo it holds up and lets you know its there.

The Yogurt- TFA Greek yogurt, Now this is a flavor that some people like and some people would rather go with Capella and personally I like both. I'm sure that

if you use Capella in here you will like it if its your choice of yogurts and I almost did but I decided to layer this one another one because it just has
a nicer tart flavor on the back end of it in my opinion.
Capella Greek Yogurt, AKA the other one. This was my choice at 1% to throw in and layer with the TFA Greek, the reason I did this is because while I
like the flavor and that tangy bite TFA has it can be a bit much after a while specifically if your vaping it all day and what Capella does is comes in
and smooths and rounds out the TFA just enough to knock down that tang just enough so it doesn't get annoying if you vape this all day and it
also just brings more weight and cream to the yogurt

The Extra-Fw Graham Cracker, now this I added just to give the overall recipe a little more mouth feel, weight, texture, and who doesn't love graham cracker.
This is not a must if you just want a regular fruit yogurt feel free to leave it out or sub with TFA Graham Cracker Clear. I didn't go with GGC because I
Felt it just had too much of a GC pie crust flavor which you may like and it works in alot of things but here i didn't want the confusion of is it a
yogurt? Is it a pie? WTF is it? so this one is up to you guys leave it out change it do whatever you think you will like.

Capella Super Sweet, this ones pretty obvious you can leave it out if you like or bump it up I just like my juice with a hint of sweetener in it and
it does kind of help bring everything together in my opinion.

Thanks for looking mix it up, comment, critique, do your thing. This recipe isn't perfect for everyone but I hope some of you enjoy it or use it as a reference when you decide to make a new yogurt or first yogurt even.

Taste like a thick rich blackberry infused cheesecake. This recipe gets better after it steeps for a few days.


8/12/2017 - I have grown to love this Recipe, it is one of my ADV's. It has changed a lot over the months. It is Very creamy and that is what I like. It is good right after mixing but gets better with age. I always mix a large 250 ml bottle and it lasts about 45 days and after a month it is PERFECTION but still good as a shake and vape. The flavor % is high, like 25%, I am going to experiment with cutting that back a bit, see if all the flavors are truly needed, but now it is really delicious to me....I hope you mix and enjoy. Please leave a Comment if you try it, it would be so appreciated....Love to all...Kitten

4/2017 - Original Idea for this Recipe came from https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/35647#momma_slap_cheesecake_v2_by_folkart , I made it with what I had on hand and it was good. Then I thought of ways it could be better...for me...and here it is. I hope you enjoy, I love it. I steeped it for 8 days and it became so creamy smooth it was wonderful and delicious. It did lose a little Strawberry flavor so the last three days I added a few drops of Strawberry Ripe (TFA), then let it set a few more days and it was great. If you like it sweeter three drops of Sucralose per 10 ML is really good too. .....Love to all...Kitten

Name says it all found this on e-liquid recipes .com


Id say the only sub u can prolly make would be for the FLV vanilla puddin...u can use FLV Vanilla Custard ~3%. They are similar but I do find flv vanilla pudding to be a bit sweeter.
The vanillas in this recipe work nicely together added to the cookie, the oreo filling, and the pudding. Vanilla bourbon is usually my go to in bakeries/cookies but here it was just a bit too "dark" for me...madagascar along with holy vanilla gave me the vanilla to creamy that i was after.
JF cookies is a really great flavor...its somewhere in between Fa Cookie and cap sugar cookie.. the 1:1 worked nicely for me. Of course with some butter and fw graham cracker to just add something special to that cookie.
LA CCI completed the cookie filling for me...


This is basically my V4... So everyone seems to be after this recipe and I was inspired by the last live mixing where we all talked about what to put in the new recipe with Wayne. So my base is completely different but the inspired parts are the FW - Graham cracker (Which could be halfed) and FW - Butter Pecan and to me they seal the deal.. a few tweaks and to me this is spot on the OG Duchess.. I left it unsweetened to see what the body does, but if you want to vape it a little now its gonna need cap ss at 0.5-1%

Flavor Notes